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Why Critics Are Wrong to Scold Evangelicals for Historical Rootlessness
A new book demonstrates the movement has been “a perennial and recurring feature of Christian history.”
Such criticism often comes from adherents of Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy, especially those who were formerly evangelicals. In 2002, observing
The Jesusy Movement
Sure, all kinds of Christians love Jesus. But he’s especially central in evangelical piety.
Some years ago Francis Quinn, then Roman Catholic bishop of Sacramento, and I were talking about evangelicals who were converting to Catholicism.
Don’t Blame Martin Luther for the Evils of the Modern World
Brad Gregory follows the bouncing balls of post-Reformation history—but loses sight of who set them in motion.
This last statement is tantamount to saying that because there were a large number of tiny heretical movements in late-medieval Christendom, orthodox Catholicism was the great
Digging Down Deep into Protestant-Catholic Differences
Two books—one Catholic, one Protestant—show how the conversation should be engaged.
Focusing preeminently on Roman Catholicism, it is written to help Catholics become more informed and to encourage Protestants to more earnestly embrace their rich catholic heritage.
One-on-One with Scholar and Researcher Mark Silk on the Future of Religion, Especially Evangelicalism, in America
Evangelicalism is now the normative form of non-Catholic Christianity in America.
are doing very well, particularly in what we've seen is a geographic shift in the center of gravity reflecting the change in the ethnic composition of American Catholicism from the
How America Became Conversion Nation
When your religion is something you choose, not to choose is not an option.
conscious choice. The dizzying array of religious options in the 19th century led some Protestants down the path to Roman Catholicism. Dissatisfied
Weekend Edition - January 20, 2017
Rural churches, same-sex marriage, ICYMI, and church signs
We talked for a bit about why it is that Evangelicals, who lack the ecclesial structure of Catholicism and Orthodoxy, have an easier time than the rest of us do holding to the orthodox
Hank Hanegraaff's Switch to Eastern Orthodoxy, Why People Make Such Changes, and Four Ways Evangelicals Might Respond
Let's follow Jesus, keep sharing the simple gospel, focus on the Bible, and think like missionaries in order to translate that truth to our modern context.
interested believers often grow weary of two things: a lack of liturgy that ties us to our past and, for some (particularly those prone toward Orthodoxy and Catholicism), the need for a
What John Wesley Would Say to Bernie Sanders and Diane Feinstein
The post-Reformation theologian has suggestions for post-Christian America.
“Catholic,” especially with a lower-case “c,” is simply an adjective meaning “universal” or “unified.” Wesley was significantly more sympathetic to Roman Catholicism than most of his
The (Other) Lord of Martin Luther’s Life
What we know—and what we can guess—about the reformer’s wife, Katharina von Bora.
For instance, I was caught completely off-guard by this: “Roman Catholicism is and was wrong regarding married clergy.” Whatever one believes on that subject, it hardly seems the
A Roman Catholic Appreciation of Justification by Faith
Both traditions can appreciate Luther’s famous dictum as a recovery, not a discovery.
out of fear. Recovery Not Discovery. The pope's teaching on this subject is not an innovation, still less a rejection of traditional Catholicism. It is essentially
Evangelical Distinctives in the 21st Century
The first in a series on the meaning and place of a historic movement.
Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy have a rich liturgical tradition, repeating prayers and chants and customs that reach back far into Christian history.
Weekend Edition—April 15, 2016
North Korea, a Footnote, the Developing World, and more!
But I believe it is important for us to keep an eye on Roman Catholicism's doctrinal developments and pastoral application in part because, whether we like it or not, the pope is the face
The State of The Church in America: When Numbers Point To A New Reality, Part 1
Before you dismiss research as unimportant, read this. If facts are our friends, then it's time we listen to them for the good of the Church in America.
to growth, decline, etc. We will share this in a three-part series, followed by on addendum on Catholicism (that was not in the EMQ artice). In Part One
6 Ways Martin Luther Led Me to My Own Personal Reformation
As a young Catholic, learning about the Protestant Reformation dramatically changed my faith.
As a young Catholic, learning about the Protestant Reformation dramatically changed my faith.
500 Years After Reformation, Many Protestants Closer to Catholics than Martin Luther
Pew finds less than half of Protestants in many countries believe both sola fide and sola scriptura.
Pew finds less than half of Protestants in many countries believe both sola fide and sola scriptura.
Pew: Islam Is Most Official, But Christianity Is Most Favored Worldwide
How governments treat religion in 199 countries and territories.
How governments treat religion in 199 countries and territories.
Faith of the Candidates: Interview With Marco Rubio (Part 1)
I recently talked with Florida senator and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio about his faith journey.
We know you grew up Catholic. You kind of were engaged in the Mormon faith and came back to Catholicism. Where are you now? Catholicism and Evangelicalism.
Protestants: The Most ‘Catholic’ of Christians
New confession by high-profile theologians gives post-Reformation unity a URL.
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Leithart, Michael Allen and Scott Swain, and Kevin J. Vanhoozer, all arguing for a broad Protestant consensus under such names as “Reformational Catholicism,” “Reformed Catholicity
Gleanings: October 2017Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our October issue).
homeland. Born into a Lutheran family before she converted to evangelicalism and then Catholicism, Pfau was inspired to become a doctor after World War II.
The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election
The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election
It’s not Republicans or Democrats, but Christian witness.
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