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Christian Orgs Labeled Hate Groups on Top Charity Site
(UPDATED) GuideStar adopts Southern Poverty Law Center’s controversial designations.
of nonprofits impacted by the new policy have accused the site of favoring the SPLC's agenda over GuideStar's role as a neutral source of information for people researching charities.
Our Hospitality Mandate (Part One)
What Does an Authentic Christian Reception of Syrian Refugees to the United States Look Like?
Refugee host countries (typically including government resettlement, charities, and non-governmental agencies) look to fulfill a global obligation for gathering the vulnerable into a place
Figuring Out the Millennial Christian Giver
Here's what an ECFA survey of 16,500 donors to 17 evangelical ministries learned about generosity.
Figuring Out the Millennial Christian Giver. 1 of 9. Research.
Charity Navigator's Overhead OverhaulSubscriber Access Only
New charity guidelines put ‘support expenses’ in a better light.
That reassurance is necessary because a third of US donors believe charities can't be trusted to handle money well, according to a Chronicle of Philanthropy poll.
Recent Documentaries Look to Restore Faith in a Storied Free Press
A slate of four films highlight journalists' ongoing quest to share truth.
Human trafficking is real, and every dollar that is swindled by fake charities is a dollar that doesn't go toward helping some of the most vulnerable members of the global community.
Turning the World Upside Down, Down Under
As Americans debate the Benedict Option, anti-Christian fervor in Australia has convinced me that we need a more disruptive strategy.
Australian charities like the Salvation Army are well regarded by the public, and the federal government continues to provide partial funding to faith-based schools. Soft Persecution.
Texas Adoption Law Could Jumpstart Christian Agencies Again
Some providers paused services out of fear of legal backlash for not placing children with gay couples.
Some providers paused services out of fear of legal backlash for not placing children with gay couples.
Religion Boosts US Economy More Than Apple, Amazon, and Google Combined
Study offers best estimate yet of the 'value of faith' in America: $1.2 trillion.
estimate takes into account only the revenues of faith-based organizations falling into several sectors: education, healthcare, local congregational activities, charities, media, and food
Immigrants Are Reshaping American MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Latino congregations are launching their own international partnerships to support ministries and churches in their homelands.
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In contrast, private charities spent around $44 billion in poor countries, and the government $33 billion. Christian immigrants may be especially involved in helping the poor abroad.
Mission Drift: The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities, and ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
A summary from Leadership Journal
7. Guardians of the Mission The role of board members in keeping an organization on course is vital. Their top priority is guarding the mission and identity.
Border Crossing: Lessons in Generosity from the Believing Poor
How can your family, and your church, be more generous this holiday season?
Scott serves churches and charities in fundraising, estate planning, and stewardship services, so in a sense, we've practically gone "pro" with the topic of giving.
When Churches Get Burnt by the OfferingSubscriber Access Only
Should ministries return stolen donations?
But the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities member school no longer has the money, having given the funds to charities. What are charities supposed to do?
Border Crossing: Five Habits of Incarnational Giving
There are plenty of reasons we justify NOT giving, but there are just as many reason to give generously anyway.
Moody. [2] Lupton, Robert D. (2012). Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help, and How to Reverse It. HarperOne. [3] John 1:14, The Message.
Ron Luce, World Magazine Debate Why Teen Mania Is One of America's Most Insolvent CharitiesSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Acquire the Fire leader says investigation 'included false statements, errors and misperceptions.' World reveals audit advice as evidence.
Gleanings. Ron Luce, World Magazine Debate Why Teen Mania Is One of America's Most Insolvent Charities. These charities are insolvent, Charity Navigator explains.
Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump’s ‘America First’ Budget
Group of 100 prominent Christians worry severe cuts to foreign aid will reverse progress at reducing poverty.
Jim Lyon, General Director Church of God Ministries. Constantine M. Triantafilou, Executive Director & CEO International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC).
All 240 Family Christian Stores Are Closing
More than 3,000 employees in 36 states will be laid off in the liquidation of one of the world’s largest Christian retailers.
But only $300,000 was contributed to charities over the following two years, exhibiting how slim the margins were on the $450 million in gross sales the chain generated over the same
Farewell, Jesus Junk? Christian Retail Finds a Deeper Purpose
With the closing of Family Christian, stores focus on curation and community involvement.
In addition to giving away its earnings to support global charities, the chain adopted James 1:27 as its ministry calling: “to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep
Missions Sunday: A Passion for Souls: Our Continued Journey in Global Missions
Missions supporting church sought greater stewardship and member mobilization.
was affiliated with a Christian agency that was registered and in good standing with the Canadian Revenue Agency (which oversees the tax-exempt status of charities within Canada
Study: Young, Nonreligious Women Give More than ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
The female dollar and the changing landscape for charitable donations.
With #GivingTuesday coming up, charities are readying their year-end holiday appeals to a changing body of potential donors. Older, married couples
The Icky Truth about Global Clean Water Campaigns
More people have cell phones than access to toilets and latrines. It’s a global problem that can’t be flushed away.
More people have cell phones than access to toilets and latrines. It's a global problem that can't be flushed away.
Top Story August 17, 2017
Facing Our Legacy of Lynching
Cover Story: Facing Our Legacy of Lynching
How a memorial could help lead America—and Christians—to repentance from a dark history.
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