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Scarlet Hope
Louisville-based ministry shares the love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry
industry are staggering: 69% of women in the sex industry experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (1), 85% of women in the sex industry were sexually abused as children (2), and
Perched on the Shoulders of Giants (Part 1)
Building on Legacy for the Sake of Mission
Through the orphan care work, our congregation stepped forward to adopt children who otherwise would most likely never find homes because of challenges they faced.
Died: Russell Shedd, Brazil's Top Evangelical Theologian
Longtime missionary's books trained generations of pastors.
His remarks revealed a deep serenity before eternity. He preferred to spend his last days at home, surrounded by his 5 children, 14 grandchildren, and great-granddaughter.
The Next Iteration of the Black Church
The Church needs Black pastoral leadership.
Geoffrey Canada, the visionary leader who founded the Harlem Children's Zone, posed a haunting question several years ago: “What is our responsibility to other people's children?”.
Five Men Sentenced to Death for Burning Christian Couple Alive
Ruling on 2014 incident is rare moment of justice for Pakistani Christians facing blasphemy allegations.
Meanwhile, the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) reports that the couple's three surviving children and their grandfather, who serves as their guardian, “have been
Sibling Rivalry: From Childhood to the Church
Will they—or will we—ever stop fighting?
But then I became a parent. My children—aged 12, 10, and 7—are not unlike most siblings. Today as I parent, I accept the fact that my children will never stop fighting.
How Do We Parent Our Kids During This Political Season?
Twenty women weigh in with their perspectives.
you responding? What specific Christian virtues do you want to model for and instill in your children as you parent during this political season? The tone
Cradle Christians: Protestants Keep the Faith Better Than Catholics or Nones
Pew examines which parents successfully pass their religion to their kids—and whether mom or dad mattered most.
email; print. American Protestants are keeping their children in the faith at a higher rate than Catholics or the unaffiliated, according to the latest study from the Pew Research Center.
Praying Together
We don’t come to God alone; we come connected to all who also belong to him.
We approach God as his eager and confident children, expecting that he will listen and respond by giving us what is good. Having God as father also
France Punishes Pro-Life Websites for False Advertising
Meanwhile, US states split on disclosures by Christian pregnancy centers.
“Being hostile to abortion is an opinion protected by the civil liberties in France,” said Laurence Rossignol, minister for families, children, and women's rights.
In Albania, the Church Is Overturning Down Syndrome's Stigma
How the country's Christians are bringing long-needed support to disabled children.
How the country's Christians are bringing long-needed support to disabled children. Jennifer Ditlevson Haglud. Cydil Waggoner. 'The Children Are Not Seen as Worthy'.
Died: Scholar Who Made the Bible Kid-Friendly
Adventure Bible and Teen Study Bible editor Lawrence O. Richards reimagined Christian education for evangelicals.
kid-friendly revisions of the New International Version (NIV) include the jungle-themed Adventure Bible, which has sold more than 6 million copies to become the top children's Bible in
Four Life Lessons from the Funeral of Cliff Barrows
Billy Graham's long-time song leader and choir director remembered in North Carolina
4. Cliff was about his family. I'm struck by how his children spoke of him—tenderly and thankfully. They knew him as a dad and eventually a grandfather.
Haiti Hurricane Displaces Sponsored Children
A third of Compassion’s 270 child centers shut down in wake of Hurricane Matthew.
Haiti Hurricane Displaces Sponsored Children. A third of Compassion's 270 child centers shut down in wake of Hurricane Matthew. Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra.
Equipping Hispanic Families to Excel
Parental involvement in schools has a marked difference in a student's success in life.
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As the Hispanic population in this country continues to grow, the need to equip Hispanic parents and children with the tools needed to excel academically becomes even more urgent.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 998 ARTICLES
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A Journey as Old as Humanity Itself
A Journey as Old as Humanity Itself
What’s behind our timeless fascination with religious pilgrimage?
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