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When ‘You’re Pregnant’ Feels Like Bad News
How can the church help those who are grieving motherhood?
The way forward, then, is through repentance and grief. We lay our hearts bare before God, confessing both our sin and our sadness (even the sadness we shouldn't have).
Leadership Development According to Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Bonhoeffer's wisdom on leadership endures.
in church planting so that they can be a part of the Kingdom of God invading into every Although, as the first head of the seminary in the Confessing Church, he was focusing on training
In the Valley of Postpartum Depression
Why is it so hard for Christian women to seek help?
By admitting our need for Jesus, believing that Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins, and by confessing faith in him, we are made new. There
Surviving the Wasteland of FaithSubscriber Access Only
Years after my dramatic, unlikely conversion, it seemed God had gone silent.
on “the circumference of life,” says Demarest, “and God wants us to move from exterior things, external things, down to the depths of the heart.”. A few hours after confessing my anguish
Will Europe's Third-Largest Church Punish Pastor for Multiple Affairs?
Sunday Adelaja loses leaders at Kiev's Embassy of God for not heeding their discipline.
that he “has had several sexual challenges and has by God's grace being was “defrocked” and removed from preaching (among other leadership duties) after confessing to “fornication
Rest Through Dependence
confessing your dependence, you will experience the rest that will come when he supplies all your need. Reflect: Read John 15:5–6. What good things have replaced intimacy with God
Gender and the Trinity: From Proxy War to Civil War
An explainer: the latest complementarian debate isn't over women’s subordination—but Christ's.
On June 3, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE) published the first half of a Seminary) and Wayne Grudem (Phoenix Seminary) for presenting a “novel view of God; a different
Exploring Evangelicalism: The Southern Baptist Convention
Dr. Frank Page, President and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention explains their distinctives and some misconceptions.
regeneration, stands before God as a competent soul, and is able to discern God's will for his of faith, we practice believer's baptism (the immersion in water of a confessing believer in
When Does the Bible Allow Divorce?
Scripture’s guidance for broken, hurting marriages
“But it does mean that we make restitution as best as possible, confessing and doing grace is the most beautiful thing that can happen.” She adds that we can show God our gratitude for
Lauren Chandler: How God Wrings Out Praise During Tough Times
The singer, pastor’s wife, and author opens up about God’s ‘Steadfast Love.’
I start with confessing. I confess that I feel dry. I tell God he doesn't feel close. Sometimes I confess, “God, I haven't even thought about you.” Be honest.
Jesus Only Wants Sinners
Pray: Spend time confessing your sins to God. Allow his grace to wash over you. How can you share this grace you have experienced with others around you?
Salvation and the Mission of God: Derek Thomas Part 1
Helpful thoughts from Derek Thomas on the order of salvation
with The Gospel Project's winter adult and student study on The God Who Saves. and Practical Theology at RTS Atlanta and is Editorial Director, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.
Confessing My Racism
How forgiveness could transform us all. A Guest post by Anna Broadway.
RaceAugust 08, 2014. Confessing My RacismHow forgiveness could transform us all. Each time it happened, I begged God for forgiveness and a change in heart.
The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches
Small groups are key to studying and understanding Scripture.
Here are the eight predictors of biblical engagement: Confessing sins and wrongdoings to God and asking for forgiveness; Following Jesus Christ for years;
There's No Crying on Social Media!Subscriber Access Only
Young adults are desperate not to let peers see any signs of weakness or failure.
The gospel challenges the assumption that confessing weakness and need makes you a failure. It is only here that transformation happens, as God meets us in our weakness.
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The Church's Three-Part Harmony
The Church's Three-Part Harmony
Why evangelical, sacramental, and Pentecostal Christians belong together in one body.
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