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Trickle-Down Evangelism
Are disciples becoming disciple-makers?
field. New Believers and Evangelism. That's why it's vital that we create structures to unleash new believers into the harvest immediately after conversion.
Dispatches from Kenya
Kenyan evangelicals were a petri dish in the grand experiment of public square engagement.
nationhood. From my African origins, through my Christian conversion and then during my political profession, all three have recurred – peace, love, and unity.
Bivocational Ministry as an Evangelism Opportunity
One-third of American pastors are bivocational.
Through offering prayer and spiritual guidance to those hurting and confused, bivocational pastors develop rapport that will, Lord willing, produce fruit of conversion, corporate honesty
Hypocrisy on Display in Hollywood and in Politics: Responding with Anger and Humility
Integrity is the opposite of hypocrisy.
It teaches that when Christians speak of conversion and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, these are not really essential to following Christ if we just put on a good outward appearance of
One-on-One with Josh and Sean McDowell on the New Edition of “Evidence That Demands A Verdict”
First published in 1972, this classic was last updated nearly two decades ago.
persistent. Of course, it is important to keep balance in the relationship so we don't overwhelm people and communicate that we only care about conversion.
Six Degrees of Separation: Why Our Witness Matters
Our lives reach farther than we can imagine.
on the world. It's amazing to look back through history and trace the events that eventually led to Billy Graham's conversion. It's incredibly inspirational
Remember the Other Carey: Unsung Hero of the Modern Missions Movement
Lott Carey was born a slave, purchased his freedom, and carried the gospel to Africa.
adult. The Conversion. Around 1804 in Richmond. This message led to his conversion and baptism. Carey, like most slaves, was illiterate at the time. But
We Need to Take Jesus’ Metaphor of Being Born Again More SeriouslySubscriber Access Only
It’s easy to ignore the painful, messy, universal experience of birth that Jesus was referring to.
to spiritual change. Born again was a label for the moment of conversion, but I had never thought of it as related to the concept of birth itself. That was
The “E” Word: Why Many Avoid It, and How We Can Reimagine It
Part Two in a new series.
but too often what I have seen is Christians and churches that have gone back only to find that perhaps the foundation upon which they stood—belief in conversion and salvation in
A Roman Catholic Appreciation of Justification by Faith
Both traditions can appreciate Luther’s famous dictum as a recovery, not a discovery.
Recently, Pope Francis spoke about the link between conversion and ecumenism to the annual ecumenical delegation from Finland: “True ecumenism is based on a shared conversion
A Punk Rock Rebel Returns to Church
I was parked between “spiritual but not religious” and “New Age dilettante” when depression threw me into God’s arms.
A Punk Rock Rebel Returns to Church. I was parked between “spiritual but not religious” and “New Age dilettante” when depression threw me into God's arms.
Theology for Life (Ep. 10): Protestant Denominations - Similarities and Differences
Dr. Vincent Bacote is Associate Professor of Theology at Wheaton College.
We begin by going back to the Reformation; as time goes on, divergences around various issues occurred (issues like baptism, conversion, the Bible, our response to God, holiness
Christians in Film: Why I'm Going to See The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
Some thoughts on Christian movies... and some hope...
In less than a week, the video about Michaels' conversion to faith had more than one million views across socia media platforms. “We make testimony videos at our church every month.
Missions Sunday: Hermeneutics for Healthy Churches, Part One
Training in biblical interpretation should be an integral part of every missions strategy.
Asia. Thankfully, the missionary already had a post-conversion discipleship plan in place for us to use if any students came to faith during our trip. Unfortunately
Can We Evangelize Late Modern Culture?
We cannot assume a shared foundation.
So you see, everyone evangelizes. Conversion isn't just a Christian activity; it's a human activity. We all proselytize what we prefer. We talk about what we are taken with.
Too Public Baptism: Ex-Muslim Loses Lawsuit Against Church
Oklahoma Supreme Court rules against convert tortured in Syria after Tulsa church publicized his conversion online.
Oklahoma Supreme Court rules against convert tortured in Syria after Tulsa church publicized his conversion online. International.
Henry McNeal Turner: Church Planter, Politician, and Public Theologian
How America's first black army chaplain fought for freedom, justice, and democracy.
His conversion would come three years later in 1851 under the preaching of plantation missionary Samuel Leard. In a letter to Leard, Turner recalled his conversion experience:
10 Chinese Christians the Western Church Should Know
Meet the men and women who have rooted the gospel message within the Chinese soul.
Missionary Society. His subsequent conversion led to the baptism of many family members and a job as the first ordained Chinese evangelist. By midlife
Towards Missional Effectiveness: The Mark of Multiplication (Part 6)
Go where people are, make disciples, plant churches.
According to Eckhard Schnabel, there are [at least] fifteen phases or locations of Paul's missionary work that took place in 35 years between his conversion (31/32 AD) and his death in
Manny Pacquiao, Championship Boxer, Has a New Opponent: Philippine PovertySubscriber Access Only
Why the prize fighter is entering politics in his home country.
joys.”. Dream Conversion. The Philippines evangelical Christianity. Pacquiao's conversion came at the height of his career but at a low point in his personal life. His
What to Make of Karl Barth’s Steadfast Adultery
What to Make of Karl Barth’s Steadfast Adultery
Do the recent revelations discredit his theology?
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