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Forgiveness: Muslims Moved as Coptic Christians Do the Unimaginable
Amid ISIS attacks, faithful response inspires Egyptian society.
“The Copts of Egypt … are made of … steel!” he finally uttered. “In the history and culture of the Copts, there is much taught about martyrdom,” he told CT.
ISIS Attacks Major Christian Monastery in Egypt
Security stops Sinai assault on St. Catherine and its biblical library, but symbolism matters more.
Zuweid. Two months ago, hundreds of Christian residents fled the area, facing death threats and the killing of several Copts in the course of a few weeks.
ISIS Church Bombings Kill Dozens at Palm Sunday Services in Egypt
(UPDATED) Christian leader: ‘During this week of Jesus’ suffering, we will pray to God to give us protection and healing.’
In the aftermath of today's Tanta and Alexandria bombings, Wanis—profiled by CT's This Is Our City project in 2012—prays that Copts won't “explode.” “Like all Egyptians, Copts suffer
Bombing of Cairo Church’s Sunday Service Kills Dozens on Muhammad’s Birthday
Attack on spiritual center of Egyptian Christianity is deadliest modern terrorism against Copts.
Attack on spiritual center of Egyptian Christianity is deadliest modern terrorism against Copts. Bombing of Cairo Church's Sunday Service Kills Dozens on Muhammad's Birthday.
Egyptian Exodus: 100 Christian Families Flee ISIS in Sinai Peninsula
Evangelical church at heart of interfaith and government efforts to provide relief and shelter.
The reason: On February 19, the Egypt chapter of ISIS released a video calling Copts “our priority and our preferred prey.” Three days later, one man was shot and his adult son burned
Beyond Fight or Flight: $1 Million Reveals How Christians Cope with Persecution in 30 Countries
Under Caesar's Sword conference in Rome explores strategies in 100 beleaguered communities.
Fighting the government, like some Copts did alongside Muslim protesters against Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in June 2013, didn't bring about the safety they desired.
Beyond Asia Bibi: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church 2015
(UPDATED) A roundup of the good and the bad reported by international religious freedom watchdogs.
“There have been some convictions of perpetrators of violence against Copts, although impunity from prosecution for such crimes remains a serious problem.
What I Learned from Worshiping With Egypt's ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Hope for interfaith relations from the Coptic Church.
For much of church history since, Copts were not only cut off from the rest of the Christian world. He has urged Copts to see themselves as Egyptians first.
Libya's 21 Christian Martyrs: ‘With Their Blood, They Are Unifying Egypt’Subscriber Access Only
As Coptic Christians mourn ISIS beheadings, they praise the response of their government and Muslim neighbors.
“They dressed the Copts like in Guantanamo. This is horrible!”. “People are describing Copts as Egyptians, first and foremost, and with their blood they are unifying Egypt.”.
Pilgrims' Process: Why Christians Closest to the Holy Land Visit the LeastSubscriber Access Only
The perplexities of pilgrimage to Israel by Arab Christians.
In 2014, Jordan sent only 17,400 tourists (which were not differentiated by religion). Egypt, only 5,200—all Copts. Lebanon forbids travel to Israel entirely. So Close Yet So Far.
Churches Gain, Islamists Lose in Latest Draft of Egypt's Constitution
For the first time, right to build churches guaranteed in charter cautiously endorsed by Amnesty International.
church building. But this is only one achievement celebrated by Copts in the revised national charter scrubbed of most of its Islamist tinge. "Christians
A Tale of Two Weddings
Why protesting a drive-by shooting is complicated for Egypt's Christians.
But the thought of solidarity is politically complicating for Copts. "Most Copts are accepting the rule of the military so as to avoid the rule of the Brotherhood.".
Reply All Subscriber Access Only
Responses to our June issue via letters, tweets, and Facebook posts.
report “Pilgrims' Process,” which I devoured avidly, delighted that CT has shone a spotlight on the indigenous Christians of the Holy Land as well as other Arab Christians and Copts.
Funeral Attacked at Egypt's Biggest Church as Religious Violence Kills Six Copts
(UPDATED) President Morsi to Pope Tawadros: 'I consider any aggression against the cathedral an aggression against me personally.'
Funeral Attacked at Egypt's Biggest Church as Religious Violence Kills Six Copts. (UPDATED) President Morsi to Pope Tawadros: 'I consider any aggression
As Egypt Picks Next President, Christians Play Biggest Political Role in DecadesSubscriber Access Only
Signs include first Christian (and first woman) leader of political party, while some Christians argue for justice for Muslim Brotherhood.
Now, Copts can participate from several directions at once, believes Ishak Ibrahim, a Sabbahi supporter and researcher with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.
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Top Story May 23, 2017
We Actually Don’t Need a Trinitarian Revival
We Actually Don’t Need a Trinitarian Revival
Attempts to teach a ‘better’ understanding of the Trinity may do more harm than good.
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