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Ghost Towns and Small Towns: Church Planting in a Boom and Bust World
representing God in places that have been burned by short booms and long busts
we do have towns where long-term economic decline, population loss, and brain drain exert deep influence and lay the groundwork for things like substance abuse, depression, and self
In the Valley of Postpartum Depression
Why is it so hard for Christian women to seek help?
In the Valley of Postpartum Depression. And, thankfully, my family will not be left to wonder why I took my own life—because, instead, I found help for my Postpartum Depression (PPD).
Miscarriage Changed Me
How trauma and loss deepened my understanding of God’s love.
Psychological Association notes that women who experience miscarriage are vulnerable to a whole host of other mental health issues such as postpartum depression, general anxiety
What I Needed From the Church During My Depression
3 ways our communities can support mental health.
What I Needed From the Church During My Depression. 3 ways our communities can support mental health. Alicia Cohn. Image: Milos Kreckovic / iStock. 0; tweet; link; email; print.
Can We Evangelize Late Modern Culture?
We cannot assume a shared foundation.
Now, if your friend is particularly bad off (severe anxiety, addiction, depression), you might actually insist they heed your advice by getting help, seeing a counselor, or checking into
Being There: How To Love Those Who Are Hurting
An interview with Dave Furman on his new book.
It's a book for all of us because all of us have friends, family, neighbors, or fellow church members who suffer from disability, depression, or sickness.
Living with Bipolar Disorder
Christian women talk about their challenges.
youth. Then her mood would turn and she would walk through a period of deep depression, which she felt she had to hide from the world around her.
I Went From Fighting in a Cage to Living in a Hut
How an MMA fighter found Jesus—and discovered his calling in the Congo.
At 13, I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and I battled suicidal thoughts. I was free. All the emotional chains of depression, all the bondage, just broke and fell away.
What Brilliant Psychologists Like Me Are Learning About HumilitySubscriber Access Only
Measuring meekness can help the church as long as we remember the only One who had something to brag about.
to less-forgiving peers, forgiving people have lower blood pressure; lower bad cholesterol and resting heart rates; improved sleep and immune systems; less depression, anxiety, and
Depression: The Church's Best Kept SecretSubscriber Access Only
Seeing past the stigma
Opinion | formertcwissue. Depression: The Church's Best Kept Secret. Seeing past the stigma. Corrie Cutrer. 0; tweet; link; email; print. The Two Types of Depression.
Why Christians Are Abandoning the Orphanage Subscriber Access Only
A new focus on the family is changing how Christians care for abandoned and neglected children.
“They didn't have parents who could take care of them through the Depression era.”. The Progressive Movement, led by Teddy Roosevelt, targeted orphanages for reform.
Chinatown's Suffragist, Pastor, and Community Organizer
Why Mabel Lee left behind great expectations in China for her American immigrant community.
in China worsened. It also became evident that the survival of the mission during the Great Depression depended on Mabel's skills. Most importantly
Messages from the Edge: Suicide Notes on Social Media
How Facebook turns the left-behind into horrified witnesses.
Studies indicate that social media can intensify depression and suicidal behavior, especially among girls. The more we submerge ourselves in the faux
The Comparison Game: How You Can Win It and Live Shame Free
Comparison is an extremely destructive thing.
that locks it away. Comparison is an extremely destructive thing. It leads to self-depreciation, self-rejection and depression. When we believe the lies
Why Are Evangelical Women at Planned Parenthood?
What a recent Marie Claire report gets wrong—and right—about evangelicals and abortion.
Richards-Ross' experience is not isolated. According to the Elliot Institute, post-abortive women are 65 percent more likely to suffer long-term clinical depression.
The Long Look Back
If the transition is unexpected, we might also experience more violent reactions such as shock, anger, or depression. It is natural to want to look back for comfort—that one long last look.
Morning Roundup 8/13/15
Social Media for Churches; Top Christian Workplaces; Pastors and Depression
Aug 13, 2015. Roundup. Morning Roundup 8/13/15. Morning Roundup 8/13/15. Social Media for Churches; Top Christian Workplaces; Pastors and Depression |. Ed Stetzer. 0;
Middle-Aged Women Face a Crisis of Discipleship
Are churches missing out on discipling those in midlife?
Although I wasn't exactly having a dark night of the soul nor was I battling clinical depression, I may have been heading in that direction and didn't have language to describe my sense
‘The Leftovers’ Explores the Fallout of a Godless Rapture
As it enters its third season, the acclaimed drama continues to take a long, hard look at our responses to loss.
Each episode carried the weight of grief and depression so heavily that some viewers found it unbearable to watch. Personally, though, I welcomed such heaviness.
20 Truths from Bound to be Free by D.A. Horton
Nothing in life is like freedom in Christ.
(81). 18. The freedom every believer has in Christ provides an escape from the performance trap as it relates to fights with insecurity and depression because of lack of affirmation. (83).
Top Story July 23, 2017
How God Sent His Word to An Iraqi Interpreter
How God Sent His Word to An Iraqi Interpreter
I saw an American soldier reading his Bible, and I wanted to know more.
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