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Is Addiction a Disease? Yes, and Much MoreSubscriber Access Only
Four core aspects of recovery that are essential for addressing addiction.
Is Addiction a Disease? Yes, and Much More. Four core aspects of recovery that are essential for addressing addiction. Is Addiction a Disease? Yes, and Much More. Image: Stuart Fisher
Christians, Think Twice About Eradicating Mosquitoes to Defeat Malaria
When disease vectors are also victims.
Christians, Think Twice About Eradicating Mosquitoes to Defeat Malaria. When disease vectors are also victims. When disease vectors are also victims.
Exposing the Truth about Honor and Shame
The Four Dimensions Christians Must Understand
prone. Consequently, more Westerners are seeking release from the disease of shame—that dreadful feeling of unworthiness and isolation. Building
Realizing My Addiction Had Chosen Me Began My Road to RecoverySubscriber Access Only
Framing addiction as a chronic disease gives a broader framework for understanding.
Framing addiction as a chronic disease gives a broader framework for understanding. Framing addiction as a chronic disease gives a broader framework for understanding.
The Painful Questions about Genetics and RaceSubscriber Access Only
Mistrust of medicine clouds possibility of treatment for sickle-cell.
The two are co-founders of the Health Ministries Network and the Minority Coalition for Precision Medicine, groups which advocate for research into maladies such as sickle-cell disease
'To the Bone' Is Big on Anorexia and Lean on Healing
The new Netflix film seems more aspirational than instructional.
the actress Christina Ricci told Rolling Stone that watching For the Love of Nancy—a 1994 TV drama about anorexia starring Tracey Gold (who was recovering from the disease in real
Recent Research on End-of-Life Issues Reveal Holes in Our Theology
If we are pro-life, we are anti-assisted suicide.
In the survey, 67% of Americans agree with the statement, “When a person is facing a painful terminal disease, it is morally acceptable to ask for a physician's aid in taking his or her
Miscarriage Changed Me
How trauma and loss deepened my understanding of God’s love.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Survey of Family Growth, 1 million married women in the United States struggle with infertility (defined as the
When Modern Medicine Becomes a False GodSubscriber Access Only
A doctor reflects on what healthcare can—and can’t—accomplish.
“Although our world is full of disease, accidents, and random misfortunes,” writes Bob Cutillo, a physician at This approach made sense when infectious disease was our biggest threat.
Race in America: Corporate Repentance, and the Cross We Collectively Must Bear
National Evangelist for InterVarsity USA
since the beginning. The basic understanding of sin in the New Testament (Gr: Hamartia) is best thought of as a disease, a soul sickness. We know we
The AIDS Epidemic and the Refugee Crisis: Faithfulness, Not Fear, Is Our Call
When a situation is not understood, the Christian response is often defined by fear.
|. Ed Stetzer. Image: James Gordon / Wikipedia. 0; tweet; share; email; print. In New York City in the early 1980's medical doctors began to diagnose a strange and frightening disease.
From Jonathan Edwards to Jerry FalwellSubscriber Access Only
Pulitzer Prize–winner Frances FitzGerald looks at the long history behind evangelical political activism.
in that instead of concentrating mainly on the “below the belt” issues, suddenly he was talking about solving global hunger, promoting education, and making progress against disease.
Sanya Richards-Ross: My Abortion Broke Me; God Redeemed Me
The Olympic gold medalist opens up about faith, failure, and grace.
journey through both victories and failures—losing and winning races, facing disappointments in relationships on and off the track, enduring the pain of Behçet's disease, and making
When God Is Strange and AwfulSubscriber Access Only
Victor Lee Austin was living a Song of Songs life. Then he learned what it’s like to become Job.
Andrew Byers| May 20, 2016. Image: LilKar / Shutterstock. Losing Susan: Brain Disease, the Priest's Wife, and the God Who Gives and Takes Away Our
Race in America: How Two Pastors (and dozens of churches) Partnered for Racial Reconciliation in Dallas
Senior Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, TX
daily lives. At its core, racism is a sin issue and only the Church is uniquely equipped to fight this dreadful disease in our lives and communities. Race
The Silver Lining on the Zombie Apocalypse
In his upcoming book, a university professor explores the horror—and the hope—of pop culture’s favorite disaster scenario.
Indians off their land on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much 'cos they were losing their little ones along the way: exposure, disease, starvation.
A Walking DisasterSubscriber Access Only
How a hurricane helped me weather my battle with cancer.
I didn't start to regain my pre-cancer cognitive and physical functioning until about nine months after hearing my oncologist say, “no evidence of disease.” Just as I started to come to
‘The Most Hated Woman in America’ Remembers a Culture War Without Heroes
Netflix’s Madalyn Murray O’Hair biopic explores the divisive legacy of one of the country's most influential atheists.
preaching about a “spiritual revolution” that condemns materialism and crime and one of O'Hair's first rallies, where she proclaims that atheists want “disease conquered, poverty
Incubation: Multiplication by Addition (Part 2)
Ray Chang shares part two of his series on how established churches can assist church plants.
This must not be seen as a church growth strategy or a church healing strategy. Sick churches will disease other churches. 2. The Leadership Must Have a Kingdom Vision.
Why Christians of All People Should Get Their VaccinesSubscriber Access Only
For the love, folks.
concerns about vaccines have grown, leading to measles outbreaks in pockets of the United States and in Germany, where an infant died of the highly infectious disease this winter.
Top Story July 27, 2017
Young, Female, and Pro-Trump
Young, Female, and Pro-Trump
How white evangelical millennials are defying political predictions.
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