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Subscriber Access Only When Modern Medicine Becomes a False God
A doctor reflects on what healthcare can—and can’t—accomplish.
“Although our world is full of disease, accidents, and random misfortunes,” writes Bob Cutillo, a physician at This approach made sense when infectious disease was our biggest threat.
Christians to Science: Leave Our Bodies How God Made Them
Pew examines how US religious groups feel about the ways that biomedicine can enhance human abilities.
0; tweet; share; email; print. Gene editing, brain chip implants, and synthetic blood may reduce the risk of disease, sharpen minds, and improve body strength.
Died: Robertson McQuilkin, College President Praised for Alzheimer’s Resignation
Author of 'A Promise Kept' left Columbia Bible College short of retirement to care for his ailing wife.
to McQuilkin. Their love story went national when Muriel developed Alzheimer's disease and was eventually terrified to be without McQuilkin. Some of
Subscriber Access Only When God Is Strange and Awful
Victor Lee Austin was living a Song of Songs life. Then he learned what it’s like to become Job.
Then he learned what it's like to become Job. Andrew Byers/ May 20, 2016. LilKar / Shutterstock. Losing Susan: Brain Disease, the Priest's Wife, and the God Who Gives and Takes Away
When Prolonging Life Means Prolonging Suffering
A trauma surgeon on when letting go of our loved ones is the most God-honoring thing we can do.
In our current era of high-technology critical care, 25 percent of patients over the age of 65 years old die in an ICU, according to the Center for Disease Control.
The AIDS Epidemic and the Refugee Crisis: Faithfulness, Not Fear, Is Our Call
When a situation is not understood, the Christian response is often defined by fear.
|. Ed Stetzer. James Gordon / Wikipedia. 0; tweet; share; email; print. In New York City in the early 1980's medical doctors began to diagnose a strange and frightening disease.
Subscriber Access Only Do We Really Need More Breast Cancer "Awareness"?
Information gets us only so far on the road to health.
In the case of breast cancer, our attention should be drawn to personal risk factors for the disease, like insufficient exercise, or social factors that prevent people from accessing care at
Died: Ed Dobson, Pastor and One-Time Moral Majority Leader
After he was diagnosed with ALS in 2000, Dobson spoke and wrote on how to die—and live—well.
The ultimate judgment is up to God, not me or Jerry.". In 2000, at age 50, Dobson was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and given 2-5 years to live.
Incubation: Multiplication by Addition (Part 2)
Ray Chang shares part two of his series on how established churches can assist church plants.
This must not be seen as a church growth strategy or a church healing strategy. Sick churches will disease other churches. 2. The Leadership Must Have a Kingdom Vision.
Died: Danny Lotz, 78, Husband of Anne Graham Lotz
(UPDATED) Sunday funeral service to be live-streamed from church in Raleigh.
diabetes. For over ten years following his retirement from dentistry he fought the ravages of the disease, earning him the beloved nickname, God's Gladiator.
The DJ Making the Angels Rap
Christian hip-hop remembers the legacy of the late DJ Official.
DJ Official kept touring and traveling until a few years ago, when Light Chains Lambda Disease (a rare form of the cancer called multiple myeloma) required he receive a bone marrow
Died: Menes Abdul Noor, 85, Former Pastor of Middle East’s Largest Evangelical Church
Author/translator of 100 books, Abdul Noor used literacy campaigns and Bible-based preaching to spread the gospel.
Menes Abdul Noor, who served as pastor of Kasr el-Dobara Evangelical Church in Cairo, Egypt, for over three decades, died on Monday, September 14, from Parkinson's disease.
The Icky Truth about Global Clean Water Campaigns
More people have cell phones than access to toilets and latrines. It’s a global problem that can’t be flushed away.
But clean water alone is not enough to reduce the spread of infectious disease. Proper disposal of human waste is an equally essential piece of the puzzle, say development experts.
20 Questions: What Evangelicals Think of GMOs, Genetics, Fracking, and More
New Pew survey explores attitudes on science, including experimental drugs, animal testing, and space exploration.
medical advances too far. 7. Modifying a baby's intelligence is one thing; altering genes to reduce the risk of serious disease is another. More than one-third
The Truth About Living with an Invisible Illness
God sees me and my pain even when others cannot.
inside. I guess it might be working. While I look and act much like others my age, an autoimmune disease shapes nearly every aspect of my life. I “got
Displaying 1 – 15 of 988 ARTICLES
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The Precarious Future of Assisted Suicide
The Precarious Future of Assisted Suicide
'Culture of Death' sounds the alarm on pending medical bioethics legislation and other troubling trends.
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