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A Roman Catholic Appreciation of Justification by Faith
Both traditions can appreciate Luther’s famous dictum as a recovery, not a discovery.
Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, famously broke with the Roman Catholic Church, primarily over the doctrine of justification.
This Dogma Won't Hunt: Feinstein, Durbin, Sanders, and the New Religious Test for Office
So much for Article VI of the U.S. Constitution
Dogma is defined by Merriam Webster as, “a doctrine or body of doctrines concerning faith or morals formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by a church.” In other words, these
A Millennial Anomaly? Why I’m Still In Church
Just because Millennials aren’t at your church doesn’t mean they’ve forsaken church.
Let's face it: we can know a lot of theology and doctrine and have memorized many Bible verses, but when it comes to actually putting all the knowledge into practice, we need people
The Cross-Resurrection Contradiction
At the heart of Christian faith is a commitment to a God who enters into suffering.
One of the fears many people have when they think about evangelism is that they will be asked questions about Christian doctrine and belief for which they don't have adequate answers
Here's a Resolution: Denominations Should Stop Shooting Themselves in the Foot
The world is watching.
It had similarities to resolutions overwhelmingly approved in years past. But a national context is not built on the doctrine of “once-passed, always-passed.”.
Why Female Theologians Take Flak in the Public Square
The potential rewards of celebrity culture are many, but so are the risks.
While it takes accusations of reformulating the doctrine of the Trinity to bring Wayne Grudem's evangelical orthodoxy into question, Rachel Held Evans's Julian of Norwich-esque
Theology for Life: Launching a New Weekly Podcast I Am Co-Hosting with Wheaton Professor Lynn Cohick
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In our second podcast, we chatted with George Kalantzis, Professor of Theology at Wheaton College, about “The Doctrine of the Incarnation: Why It Matters.” What does 'Incarnation
Online Tribalism Threatens Women’s Ministry
From our special issue: reflections on discipleship in a fractured age.
In the surrounding context, Paul admonishes Titus to “teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine” (2:1) and encourages him to focus on the spiritual development of mature men and
Wrestling with EternitySubscriber Access Only
For many, predestination is a struggle to accept; for Paul, it’s a doctrine of love.
Wrestling with Eternity. For many, predestination is a struggle to accept; for Paul, it's a doctrine of love. Frank A. James III| November 23, 2016. Wrestling with Eternity. A Love Doctrine.
Use Globalization for the Gospel
The four corners of the world are now in your neighborhood.
Church of Dubai. Keri is a Bible study writer and leader and author of the new book The Good Portion: The Doctrine of Scripture for Every Woman. She has
99 Essential Doctrines Christians Should Know
Christianity wouldn't have its framework without these essential doctrines.
We think that good small group materials should address doctrine. Inspiration of Scripture. Most Christians realize the inspiration of God's word is an essential doctrine.
Gender and the Trinity: From Proxy War to Civil War
An explainer: the latest complementarian debate isn't over women’s subordination—but Christ's.
Accusations of “constructing a new deity” and “reinventing the doctrine of God,” are flying fast and thick, along with calls to “exclude such people from holding office in the church of God
Evangelicals Across the Spectrum Are Clarifying Marriage as a Core Belief
For Evangelicals, same-sex marriage is not an "agree to disagree" issue.
not a Person. But this doesn't mean the personhood of the Holy Spirit is up for grabs, or that there isn't one official position on this doctrine. It just means
Died: Robert Jenson, ‘America’s Theologian’
The lifelong Lutheran and ecumenical leader shaped a generation with new scholarship on the Trinity, salvation, and systematics.
began teaching in the department of religion and philosophy at his alma mater, then moved to Heidelberg, Germany, to work on his dissertation on Karl Barth's doctrine of election.
The Cynic’s Guide to SinSubscriber Access Only
We’re not surprised when people fail us. But should we be?
influence of progress and enlightenment.” The brutality of the war, she said, was “the utter negation of everything they believed.” Meanwhile, those who held a doctrine of original sin
The Missing Heart of Our Gospel: Union with Christ
Pastor and author Rankin Wilbourne explains why this biblical doctrine is so important for every Christian.
Pastor and author Rankin Wilbourne explains why this biblical doctrine is so important for every Christian. The Missing Heart of Our Gospel: Union with Christ.
Has Christian Psychology Lost Its Place at Southern Seminary?
(UPDATED) President Albert Mohler speaks to CT about the controversy over a longtime professor’s departure.
While that vision may sound all well and good, practically it has put Dr. Johnson at odds with others teachers, pastors, and scholars whose understanding of the doctrine of "sufficiency
Searching for Christian Heroines from History? Look to the Early Church
How women were instrumental to the rise of Christianity.
By telling the stories of Christian women in the patristic period—and taking seriously their Christian beliefs (doctrine, worship, Scripture, and community)—we can remember a fuller and
Because God Is: A Tribute to Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017)
Over 5 years of weekly dinners, ‘America’s Theologian’ became a mentor and a dear friend.
a few. Jens went to Heidelberg for his doctorate and was assigned, by his director Peter Brunner, the topic of Barth's doctrine of election. He subsequently
‘Why Christianity Today’ Revisited
The first editorial for this magazine—reprinted here—still reflects our ‘deepfelt desire.’
of God. It is their conviction that the Scriptures teach the doctrine of plenary inspiration. This doctrine has been misrepresented and misunderstood. To
Shalom, Amigos: The Changing Faces of Christian Zionism
Shalom, Amigos: The Changing Faces of Christian Zionism
How Hispanic evangelicals hope to become Israel’s best friends.
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