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Introducing John Richards, The New BGCE Managing Director
I am very excited to welcome John Richards as our new Managing Director at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism.
College. Wheaton has been around for over 150 years, providing people with whole-person education through the liberal arts and nurturing global citizens.
Religion Boosts US Economy More Than Apple, Amazon, and Google Combined
Study offers best estimate yet of the 'value of faith' in America: $1.2 trillion.
“The most conservative estimate takes into account only the revenues of faith-based organizations falling into several sectors: education, healthcare, local congregational activities
Subscriber Access Only The Good (and Bad) News About Christian Higher Education
‘Christian colleges are as strong as they’ve been since the 1920s,’ says historian William Ringenberg. But there are challenges on the horizon.
The Good (and Bad) News About Christian Higher Education. 'Christian The Good (and Bad) News About Christian Higher Education. GongTo / Shutterstock. The
A Great School Year Begins at—Church?
My church kicks off every new school year with a celebration—Education Sunday
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A Great School Year Begins at—Church? My church kicks off every new school year with a celebration—Education Sunday. Dr. Andrea Ramírez/ August 26, 2016.
Weekend Edition - September 8, 2016
Rural America and Trump, evangelism, small groups, a couple of creative church signs, and more.
Early primary polls showed that his supporters were more likely than voters overall to be poor, white, without higher education, and from rural counties or small towns.
Largest For-Profit Christian College to Open Seminary This Fall
Grand Canyon University recently failed to take itself off the market.
The announcement came just before the Department of Education reported last month that the number of for-profit colleges fell 5 percent and enrollment dropped about 10 percent in
How Evangelism Can Be Woven Into All Parts Of An Academic Institution
Evangelism should be a value that shapes all Christian academic institutions.
The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) is a higher education association that includes 180 Christian institutions around the world, 117 of which are in North America.
Here's Why 800 Christians Left Their Old Churches, and How They Chose New Ones
Pew examines church shopping among evangelicals (and other groups) in 2016.
62%). Historically black Protestants, on the other hand, were more likely than evangelicals to value opportunities to volunteer (59% vs. 49%), religious education for children (69% vs.
Jesus on the Job: How Faith Mixes With Work, Part 2
It is past time to have a robust conversation around integrating faith and learning.
our changing culture. Many people look to Christian education as a way to guard their children, to isolate them from secular ideologies. Instead, I propose
Fearless Faith in a Time of Forgetting
Our culture can’t remember what makes Christianity good, but there's no reason to freak out.
Cradle-to-Grave Education. The opponents of Christianity understand the critical importance of education too. That's why Christian colleges are their most prized target.
California Lawmaker Drops Controversial Proposal to Regulate Religious Colleges
SB 1146 won't be the religious liberty threat many Christians feared.
A day after religious leaders released an open letter calling on California to protect religious liberty in higher education, the lawmaker behind a controversial bill dropped the proposal in
Sorry, Trump: 3 in 4 Evangelicals Don't Want Pastors Endorsing Politicians from Pulpits
However, survey finds they also don't want pastors who do campaign to be punished.
Maximum quotas and slight weights were used for gender, region, age, ethnicity, and education to more accurately reflect the population. The completed sample is 1,000 surveys.
Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Leaders: California, Please Protect Religious Liberty
We call on the State Assembly to abandon Senate Bill 1146.
The California Assembly has proposed legislation that is harmful to the free exercise of religion in higher education. In particular, the legislation disadvantages
Israel’s 47 Christian Schools Face a Murky Future
Government says promised funds to stave off financial collapse will come soon.
Ten months ago, students, parents, and staff from 47 Christian schools staged a strike to protest what they called unfair treatment from Israel's Ministry of Education.
Theological Education as a Partner in the Mission
The influence of theological institutions should be directional.
Theological Education as a Partner in the Mission. Theological Education as a Partner in the Mission. Some denominations are driven by their theological education systems.
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Old Hollywood’s Abortion Secret
Old Hollywood’s Abortion Secret
What a culture of death tells us about a culture of life.
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