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Politics, Elections, and Christians: Reconciling the Church after the Great Divide of 2016
Have you allowed election speech to replace the speech of the 'elect'?
Politics, Elections, and Christians: Reconciling the Church after the Great Divide of 2016. Politics, Elections, and Christians: Reconciling the Church after the Great Divide of 2016.
Think Fake News Is Scary? Try False TeachingSubscriber Access Only
We learn to spot a lie by studying the truth.
bank. Fake news is not always as benign as an improbable shark tale. It can influence elections, defame character, incite unrest, and propagate fear. It
Engaging the Elections at Church
How to pastor your congregation during the campaign season.
Jul 4, 2016. Church. Engaging the Elections at Church. Engaging the Elections at Church. How to pastor your congregation during the campaign season.
Rebuilding Our Witness (Part 1): Why It's Time to Take a Second Look at Our Christian Worldview in Light of Our New Political Climate
A Christian worldview embraces two things: the Great Commandment and the Great Commission
It's been several months since the Presidential elections concluded here in the US, and in a little over a week we will see our new President inaugurated.
The Christian & Culture: Three Ways to Engage with Your Neighbor
The Great Commandment and the Golden Rule make us better listeners.
than pretty. Unfortunately, this often includes Christians. The last several US Presidential elections have revealed the division in our culture. The amount
Lovekindness: A Post-Election Path for Christians in America
Democracy sees the value of dialogue for the common good.
In a recent article I wrote for Religion News Service, I explained it this way: “The last few elections have pointed to increasing division, and this one has shown us at our worst.
Hispanic Evangelicals & Politics Today: My Interview with Gabriel Salguero
Rev. Salguero is the founder of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) and a pastor in Orlando, FL
broadening. Ed: Given this growing diversity and the recent elections, where would you place Hispanic Evangelicals in the national political conversation?
Searching for Gorsuch: For Many Evangelicals "It's the Supreme Court, Stupid"
Many Evangelicals voted for Trump for the Supreme Court, so let's stop painting them with every other brush
Elections Are Hard Choices. Elections are tricky things. All voters make choices, looking at the positives and also the negatives, to vote their conscience.
I Met the Man Who Killed My Entire Family
How Rwandan genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza found forgiveness.
How have they affected the country's trajectory? I'm really proud. We just had elections that went peacefully. Our president was elected by a vote of 98 percent.
Democrats Willing to Fund Pro-Life Candidates to Win Back Congress
Question is how many single-issue voters are really up for grabs.
Committee (DCCC), said yesterday that the party has “no litmus test” on abortion and won't withhold financial backing from pro-life candidates in the 2018 mid-term elections, The Hill
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Evangelicals, We Need to Start Looking Beyond the Candidates
Pastor and Immediate Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention prioritizes issues over candidates
For the past nine presidential elections - intentionally or unintentionally - I have stuck with one clear principle when I go to the voting booth: I do not vote for candidates but for policies.
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Ethics and Theology Professor on Why Trump is the Best Candidate for President
Ethics & Religion professor endorses Mr. Trump
and balances into our system. We have a Two Party system, states can recall elections, and citizens can impeach bad candidates. The major check is
Germans Are Welcoming Refugees as a Way to Honor Luther’s LegacySubscriber Access Only
Asylum seekers and immigrants are big part of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary in Germany.
2015, has greatly abated. Polls showed Merkel leading in the chancellor's race going into this month's national elections. Conversely, support for Germany's
What a Playground’s Victory Means for Christian SchoolsSubscriber Access Only
Supreme Court decision could change playing field for school choice movement.
educational choice in 1986. School choice programs exploded after the strong Republican showing in the 2010 mid-term elections. Within a year, 13
Young, Female, and Pro-Trump
How white evangelical millennials are defying political predictions.
How white evangelical millennials are defying political predictions.
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Not the Lesser of Two Evils, Choose Candidate Evan McMullin Instead
Editor-in-Chief of Christ and Pop Culture wants to lay a foundation for a future conservative party
cannot stand Trumpism. If we make him the face of the GOP today, we can expect evangelical voters to go elsewhere in the coming elections. By voting
Parenting in a New Day of Presidential Politics
Amy Whitfield notes how politics has changed in the last two decades
process. I learned about the differences between the two major parties. I learned that the primary and general elections are not the same thing. I learned
3 Reasons Election Season Is Good For You
It’s easy to despair over candidates, but we have good reason to celebrate this time in our country’s life.
We think elections are too expensive, too highly influenced by a few mega-donors, and far less worthy than other places we could invest our money. Elections are big business.
Church Planting At Thomas Road Baptist Church—An Interview with Jonathan Falwell
Thomas Road's pastor discusses the church's 60-year history of planting churches
We realize the way to change the world is not through elections, but through the local church. ES: When we talk about Thomas Road, everyone thinks about Liberty University.
What Have I to Fear
However you vote this year, don't be motivated by fear.
Liberty Commission. I find their comments helpful, and I hope you do, too. Fear has always been a factor in democratic elections. During economic recession
How Do You Solve a Theological Problem Like Maria?
How Do You Solve a Theological Problem Like Maria?
Record hurricane season challenges believers in paradise to trust God amid life’s literal storms.
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