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Canada Thinks It Has a Better Way to Defend Religious Freedom
New government shuts down Office of Religious Freedom modeled after US version.
But six months after the Conservatives lost national elections to the Liberal party, the four-person, $5 million Office of Religious Freedom (ORF) has been shut down.
Parenting in a New Day of Presidential Politics
Amy Whitfield notes how politics has changed in the last two decades
process. I learned about the differences between the two major parties. I learned that the primary and general elections are not the same thing. I learned
Church Planting At Thomas Road Baptist Church—An Interview with Jonathan Falwell
Thomas Road's pastor discusses the church's 60-year history of planting churches
We realize the way to change the world is not through elections, but through the local church. ES: When we talk about Thomas Road, everyone thinks about Liberty University.
3 Reasons Election Season Is Good For You
It’s easy to despair over candidates, but we have good reason to celebrate this time in our country’s life.
We think elections are too expensive, too highly influenced by a few mega-donors, and far less worthy than other places we could invest our money. Elections are big business.
What Have I to Fear
However you vote this year, don't be motivated by fear.
Liberty Commission. I find their comments helpful, and I hope you do, too. Fear has always been a factor in democratic elections. During economic recession
The Christian Case for Nigeria's New Muslim President
Christians were concerned about corruption, Boko Haram, and the last election's retaliatory violence.
Buhari had finished as a runner-up in three previous elections. “Despite the enormous tension and apprehension that preceded the election, Nigerians
Subscriber Access Only Gleanings: January/February 2016
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our January/February issue).
Myanmar: Christians not celebrating free elections just yet. Millions of Burmese celebrated the end of decades of military dictatorship after Nobel laureate
Onward 'Christian Soldiers': First American Volunteer Dies Fighting ISIS
Some of the foreign fighters flocking to Iraq and Syria are taking the side of persecuted Christians.
US Christian millionaire Foster Friess, a major contributor to a conservative super PAC in America's 2012 presidential elections, is lobbying for the US government to train more militia in
Morning Roundup 6/18/15
North Carolina Misconceptions; Hillary Clinton and FDR; America and Religion
She also asserted, without irony, that “we have to stop the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political process, and drowning out
Subscriber Access Only Gleanings: June 2016
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our June issue).
US State Department. But six months after the Liberal party won the latest elections, the four-person, $5 million ORF has been shuttered. Foreign affairs
Morning Roundup 5/5/15
Gordon College; Bernie Sanders; David Brooks
Sanders has called for free higher education for all Americans, publicly funded elections and a $1 trillion program to restore the nation's bridges and roads.
Baptist Pastors Won’t Hear Ben Carson after Young Pastors Object
(UPDATED) Adventists warn pastors to steer clear of endorsement in light of Carson's campaign.
and the applicable federal law relating to the church's tax-exempt status….Care should be taken that the pulpit and all church property remain a neutral space when it comes to elections
Don’t Underestimate Single Women Voters
How unmarried women stand to change party politics on both sides of the aisle.
Democrats have long had a lock on single women, getting their vote reliably in presidential elections and suffering when they don't show up at the polls during midterms.
Died: John ‘Jack’ Templeton Jr., Foundation President Who Backed Science-Religion Research
Leader died two days before $1.7 million Templeton Prize was awarded to Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche communities.
Jr.”. In 2010, Politics magazine (now known as Campaign and Elections) named Templeton as one of the most influential Republicans in Pennsylvania.
More Martyrs: ISIS Executes Dozens of Ethiopian Christians in Libya
Propaganda video released the same day Justin Welby arrives in Cairo to honor the previous 21 victims.
peace. The radicalization of neighboring Somalia, however, has strained local coexistence. He requested prayer for upcoming elections on May 24. Mobs
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Top Story July 27, 2016
Porn Is More Criticized and More Popular Than Ever
Porn Is More Criticized and More Popular Than Ever
There are so many problems with porn; it’s hard to pick just one.
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