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The Diffusion and Influence of Contemporary Worship
How does worship music style relate to congregational growth?
Michael Lee, Ph.D., is the lead researcher on one such research project, “Entrepreneurial Evangelicalism,” which seeks to identify key innovators and their ministry innovations and
What is Biblical Preaching?
President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary advocates for expository preaching
the church. Yet, within evangelicalism, precisely how one is to preach the Bible remains a contested topic—and one with huge ramifications. Though
Russell Moore Still Has a Job, Though 100 Churches Have Threatened to Pull SBC Funds
Meeting between ERLC president and Southern Baptist leader Frank Page results in ‘mutual understanding,’ not a firing.
His remarks on social media and in the news suggested that Trump supporters came from the “Jimmy Swaggart wing” of evangelicalism, that Christian defenses of the candidate were
Americans Warm Up to Every Religious Group Except Evangelicals
Pew finds fewer people personally know an evangelical anymore.
Pew's “feeling thermometer” survey of more than 4,200 adults found that even without any increase, evangelicalism remains one of the most-liked faith tradition in the country—behind
Hispanic Evangelicals & Politics Today: My Interview with Gabriel Salguero
Rev. Salguero is the founder of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) and a pastor in Orlando, FL
Ed: Recently, a PBS prime-time special (The New Deciders) and the NY Times Opinion page (The Evangelicalism of Old White Men Is Dead) highlighted the National Latino Evangelical
Weekend Edition - January 20, 2017
Rural churches, same-sex marriage, ICYMI, and church signs
Nevertheless, Evangelicalism is undergoing a similar winnowing over the issue of how to respond to homosexuality. The Grace of Church Discipline – Mark Galli.
Died: Thomas Oden, Methodist Theologian Who Found Classical Christianity
His contribution to theology: nothing new. And that's what made him famous.
His scholarship on the church fathers led to his surprising mid-life shift from liberal Protestantism to evangelicalism, as recounted in his 2014 memoir, A Change of Heart.
16 Scholars, Authors, and Celebs Evangelicals Lost in 2016
Remembering Thomas Oden, Peter Wagner, Cliff Barrows, Gordon Lewis, and others.
Image: InterVarsity Press. Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all deaths related to evangelicalism, or Christianity, in 2016. Other lists can be found here and here.
Weekend Edition - December 31
Book recommendations from Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and Desiring God
I have tried to anticipate them in my explanations, but for the most part, this really is a post about some good gifts the seeker church of yesteryear has given contemporary evangelicalism
Issues in the Future of Evangelicalism
The future of evangelicalism includes harsh realities for churches.
Jun 29, 2016. Church. Issues in the Future of Evangelicalism. Issues in the Future of Evangelicalism. The future of evangelicalism includes harsh realities for churches.
The State of The Church in America: When Numbers Point To A New Reality, Part 2
Before you dismiss research as unimportant, read this. If facts are our friends, then it's time we listen to them for the good of the Church in America.
The share of Americans who identify with evangelicalism has ticked downward slightly in recent years (from 26% in 2007 to 25% as of 2014), but the number of evangelicals in the US
Convening Thought Leaders: The Evangelism Leaders Fellowship
The BGCE hosts the first gathering of a new initiative.
He shared his vision to gather key denominational and network leaders and to make sure the group reflected a wide range of voices in evangelicalism.
Ten Reasons Why Theology Matters
Most Christians agree theology is important, but can't articulate why. These reasons can help.
There is much handwringing today over what it means to be evangelical, and the temptation is strong to define an essential evangelicalism—to pin it down to one particular form.
Evangelical Campus Ministry (InterVarsityUSA) Decides Employees Should Hold Evangelical Beliefs on Marriage (Updated with InterVarsity Statement)
Evangelical organizations employ people who share their core beliefs, just like your church.
Gay marriage is the law of the land. This places such Evangelical beliefs about marriage on the edge of cutlure, but they are central in Evangelicalism.
Stand and Share: My Interview with Outreach Magazine
The Decline of Christian Evangelism … and What We Can Do About It
In this day, it feels like we need to stand up and rally people to both—serving the hurting and saving the lost. But look at the landscape today in evangelicalism.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1000 ARTICLES
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The Three Myths of Cohabitation
The Three Myths of Cohabitation
Sociologist Bradford Wilcox reports the surprising results of his new international study on cohabitation and its impact on kids.
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