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Discrimination That Is Necessary For A Civil Society: A Response To David Gushee
Is it possible to embrace appropriate distinctions between social equality and uniformity of beliefs? As I mentioned, George is at Union University, which is where David Gushee served before his theological evolution. (They served
Not Too Late for Grove City’s ‘Sorry’ to Professor
Decades after a Cold War–era firing, the Pennsylvania school is in good standing again.
Northwest Nazarene University resigned after the faculty voted no confidence in him when tenured theology professor Tom Oord was fired for his open theology and pro-evolution beliefs
Pew: Churchgoers Least Likely to See Science and Religion in Conflict
Survey finds 'surprising number of topics' where faith does not influence views on science.
But even that number has decreased from 52 percent in 2009. The biggest area of contention that respondents mentioned: creation and evolution. More
Christian College President Quits After Attempted Layoff of Pro-Evolution Professor
(UPDATED) Trustees stand by decision to drop Tom Oord.
Christian College President Quits After Attempted Layoff of Pro-Evolution Professor. Oord clashed with the school's former president over his views about evolution and open theism.
Pro-Evolution Tenured Professor Laid Off from Nazarene University
(UPDATED) President puts Tom Oord's termination on hold after three-quarters of faculty vote 'no confidence.'
Pro-Evolution Tenured Professor Laid Off from Nazarene University. Alexander had previously clashed with Oord, who supports evolution and open theology, over matters of belief.
Weekend Edition: September 25, 2015
Pope Francis, Syrian Refugees, and more on this week's iteration of Weekend Edition.
Evolution of a Court—Sandra Stanley. Read this. It bothered me. It's good advice. “Hitler himself put up no visible resistance to the evolution of a court.”.
Why Evangelicals Dislike and Distrust Hillary Clinton So Much
To many Evangelicals, Mrs. Clinton is a perfect storm of divergent values, dismissive advocacy, and distrusted personality.
Justice). This evolution from "safe, legal, RARE" to "safe and legal" represents just the beginning of a much more aggressive approach towards abortion.
20 Questions: What Evangelicals Think of GMOs, Genetics, Fracking, and More
New Pew survey explores attitudes on science, including experimental drugs, animal testing, and space exploration.
17. Most adults (66%) and black Protestants (63%) say that scientists agree on evolution, while white evangelicals are split on the issue (49% say scientists do not agree; 46 percent say
88 Minutes of Film That Could Save a Life
That's the power of 'The Station Agent.'
What is it about their personalities that makes the time they spend together a life-changing development? 4. Trace the evolution of Joe's curiosity about train-watching.
Subscriber Access Only The Next Chapter for Christian Publishing
Instead of saying goodbye to the ‘Golden Age,’ it’s time for us welcome a new era.
Instead of saying goodbye to the 'Golden Age,' it's time for us welcome a new era.
Americans and the Creation v. Evolution Debate
Tonight, Ken Ham and Bill Nye will debate about the origins of life. What do Americans think about the beginning?
Americans and the Creation v. Evolution Debate. Americans and the Creation v. Evolution Debate. In the past, I have written a bit on creation and evolution here, here, and here.
Are Faith and Science Compatible?
Hanging out with Christian scientists taught me even more about the nature of God.
I'm very interested in the way Christians interpret Scripture (which, at least on the Christian side of the debate, seems to be the crucial matter at stake when discussing evolution), and I
We’re So Unashamed We Wrote a Book on It. Three of Them, Actually
Christians still need a better understanding of the complexity of shame.
According to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Evolution, “conformity to cultural values, beliefs, and practices makes behavior predictable and allows for the advent of complex coordination
Morning Roundup 3/18/15
Evangelicals and Science; How to Read Your Bible; 10 Myths About Christians
Now, the myth that bites the data dust, may be the one that proclaims evangelicals are a monolithic group opposed to the scientific view of human evolution.
Morning Roundup 3/24/15
Evangelicals and Science; New Life Montgomery; Work in Honduras
Such findings confirm that there are real tensions among evangelicals regarding some of the assumptions of science, Ecklund said, and hot-button issues such as evolution do cause
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Top Story January 1, 2017
The Grace of Church Discipline
The Grace of Church Discipline
We do no one any favors if we ignore or downplay core beliefs.
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