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Died: Doug Coe, Humble Faith in the Halls of Power
His Fellowship is the force behind DC discipleship and the National Prayer Breakfast.
“Despite our personal sadness, we have joy in knowing that he is now with Jesus and at peace,” wrote Coe's family in an “My deepest sympathy to his family in his passing today.
When Evangelism Really Isn’t That Hard
Director of the BGCE Evangelism Initiative offers a guide on where we begin.
I responded, “That sounds like it was painful.” He opened up his heart and began to tell of a father who abandoned the family, never remembering him on his birthday and at Christmas.
Subscriber Access Only The Benedict Option’s Vision for a Christian Village
How to conserve and strengthen the American church.
chiefly an uncritical enthusiasm for the market—can in some circumstances undermine the thing that I, as a traditionalist, considered the most important institution to conserve: the family.
Making Music and Babies: Christian Singers Open Up About Motherhood
For artists like Kari Jobe and Audrey Assad, family comes first, but that doesn’t mean their careers go away.
For artists like Kari Jobe and Audrey Assad, family comes first, but that doesn't mean their careers go away. Reporting | Pop Culture. Making Music and
Eat, Pray, Lent: Here's What Americans Actually Abstain From
Nearly 3 in 10 evangelical believers now observe the season before Easter.
That's in part because there's no social benefit like giving gifts or getting together with family, says McConnell. “Lent is not about having your best life now,” McConnell says.
Trump’s Supreme Court Pick: Religious Freedom Defender Neil Gorsuch
Scholarly Denver judge who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby would fill Scalia's seat as the court's only Protestant.
Law. An Episcopalian, Gorsuch accepted what he called “a most solemn assignment,” remarking “I am so thankful for my family, my friends, and my faith.
Meet the Pastor Who Challenged Africa’s Oldest Dictator with Surprising Success
#ThisFlag protest leader Evan Mawarire is back home—and was back in jail until yesterday.
Mawarire was arrested in July and charged with inciting public violence. After thousands rallied to support him and a court tossed the charges, Mawarire and his family fled to America.
Belong, Believe, Become: A New Process of Evangelism
The American evangelical process is shifting.
Sunday. Not only did Jeff come to church Sunday, but he loved it and kept coming. The church family wrapped its arms around him and welcomed him. He
Bleep Off: The Fight to Save Family-Friendly Movie Filtering
Hollywood studios sue VidAngel’s attempt to let viewers be ‘in the world but not of it.’
Bleep Off: The Fight to Save Family-Friendly Movie Filtering. Hollywood Bleep Off: The Fight to Save Family-Friendly Movie Filtering. 1 of 2. VidAngel. Bleep
Five 'Greats' for Leaders of Hispanic Churches
Don’t give in to the lie that your congregation cannot do great things for God.
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Growing up in a minister's home and watching other minister families, I observed how some church leaders assumed that “Seeking first the kingdom” meant sacrificing your family.
Why It Took 5 Years to Give Away This Free Christian College Campus
Once intended for C. S. Lewis College, former property of D. L. Moody will now host evangelist’s museum and Catholic school.
Northfield Mt. Hermon. The former Northfield campus of DL Moody. It was purchased by the Green family, who own the Hobby Lobby franchise, for $100,000 in 2009.
One, Broken World: What Christians Need to Recapture in "The Other"
A broken and hurting world needs Christians who show and share the love of Jesus.
1) created all in His image, man and woman; (2) gave His life for all who would believe; (3) is surely no respecter of persons; and (4) embraces diversity and the beauty of family in a
Subscriber Access Only The Painful Questions about Genetics and Race
Mistrust of medicine clouds possibility of treatment for sickle-cell
Before she died, doctors took a sample of her cancerous tissue without her knowledge or consent, and without informing her family. In the years since
Biblical Hospitality: The Simplest Way to Change the World, an Interview with Dustin Willis & Brandon Clements
Biblical Hospitality as a Way of Life
You can learn more about Dustin at his blog at lifeincommunity. com. Brandon Clements is a pastor at Midtown Fellowship, a family of churches in Columbia, SC.
Repealing Obamacare without a Replacement: How It May Hurt Small Church Pastors and Church Planters Near You
ACA repeal/replace has a lot of implications.
As pastor Tim Kirkes explained: Because we cannot get group health insurance, without the ACA our family will be without coverage. His case is not unusual.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1000 ARTICLES
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Urban Mix-and-Match Religion Didn't Start with Nick Cannon
Urban Mix-and-Match Religion Didn't Start with Nick Cannon
Why this 'new spirituality' is really just old-fashioned syncretism.
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