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Rural Fish Bowl
Pastor Dad needs to be just Dad.
James Kouzes mentioned, “Leading by example is more effective than leading by command.” While your family doesn't need to know every detail of what's going on, don't be afraid to let
Reflections on the Passing of Rev. Billy Graham, One of the Greatest Christian Heroes of Our Time
Ed Stetzer, who holds the Billy Graham Distinguished Chair at Wheaton College (Billy Graham's alma mater), shares his thoughts.
Graham. On the walls are panoramic pictures of him at Crusades, him with his family, him on magazines, and perhaps most importantly, him praying to the God he loved so dearly.
Words of Wisdom for Those Graduating High School and Beyond
God has a plan. He will pursue you. He will use you mightily—just trust him.
They're isolated from their family—in many cases, the bedrock of their faith—and often attend secular universities where Christian communities are far and few between.
20 Truths on The Human Right by Rice Broocks
God's Sovereignty, Justice, and Truth.
In the case of the Quran, it is wrong about his Christ's death, resurrection, family story, and the purpose of his return. It claims to speak highly of Jesus.
“Family Win” and How Our Churches Care for Each Other and the World
If the whole family doesn’t win, no one wins.
Family Win” and How Our Churches Care for Each Other and the World. “Family Win” and How Our Churches Care for Each Other and the World. Family Win & DACA.
What It Was Like to Be Billy Graham’s Pastor
Don Wilton, Graham’s spiritual confidant and preacher at his burial, said the evangelist never stopped striving for God.
Wilton joined the Graham family for a week of memorials to the late evangelist and will offer the message at his burial on Friday, March 2, preaching from Galatians 6:14—a passage
America’s Surrogacy Bump: Is Fertility a Blessing to Be Shared?Subscriber Access Only
Pro-life carriers and Christian bioethicists navigate the patchy landscape for assisted reproduction.
Demographics like Christian stay-at-home moms and military wives, with big hearts and a deep appreciation for family, prove to be a good fit for the job.
Love & Marriage… Go Together Like… A Few Comments on the Covenantal Practice Today
Marriage is a created good, is not a ‘must,’ isn’t easy.
answered in agreement. Respondents also generally demonstrated indifference towards what some would call a 'traditional' family structure. Marriage, in
List of Pastors' Retreats and Getaways
Here are some free or discounted retreat opportunities for pastors.
Then, I got a call from a friend who said, "We have a place on the lake if you want a few days away." We took it and it was wonderful and refreshing—a gift to our family at a time we
This Christmas, I’m Defining Family by My Single Friends
Blood relatives are key to the holiday. But I share a deeper DNA with the body of Christ.
Opinion | Family. This Christmas, I'm Defining Family by My Single Friends. Blood relatives are key to the holiday. As the old song and the good book say: We are family.
Definitely Keep Insulting Your Kids With Sarcasm. Great Idea.Subscriber Access Only
A godly tongue speaks humor that heals, not hurts.
I grew up in a very funny family—not the kind of funny that sends you to therapy, but the kind that is its own form of therapy. Some of my funniest memories are at family funerals.
Opening Your Home (& Heart) to Singles This Holiday Season
Reach out to those who are alone this time of year
Growing up, my mother exemplified hospitality. We always had extra seats at our family's Thanksgiving and Christmas table, especially for those who would otherwise spend it alone.
My Story: From Prison to Freedom, and What I’ve Learned about the Promise of the Gospel
Formerly incarcerated person pastors church in Orange County
expected. And my answer impacted my faith. I come from a broken family. I had by me. When I was young the gospel began to reach into my family. I
Hiding the Full Truth from Kids Is Often Healthy
As our children come of age, how do we talk about the brutal realities of a broken world?
Opinion | Family. Hiding the Full Truth from Kids Is Often Healthy. As filter? For our family, the Ingalls' story has been a catalyst for asking these questions.
Are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Women Any Closer to Finding Common Ground?
A year after the first Women’s March, politics continue to splinter the women’s movement.
Reporting | Family. “So often, women are coerced by unsupportive fathers of the child, family, or a lack of support by employers or school administrators,” she said.
Advent: The Birth of Christ Is Too Big for One Day
Why our family is celebrating Advent this year.
Why our family is celebrating Advent this year. It's been a helpful way for our family to slow down, take a step back, and recognize the deep meaning behind the Christmas tradition.
American Family Values Increasingly Focus on Finances
Study of Trump and Clinton voters finds the economy spilling more into home life.
Study of Trump and Clinton voters finds the economy spilling more into home life.
How Can We Cultivate a Sense of ‘Belonging’ in Our Gospel Witness?
Belonging is one of the great longings of the human soul.
This may even be family members. Just because someone is in a family, he or she may not feel like he or she belongs. I think of friends who are the only
Personality Tests—A Waste or a Resource?
Personality tests are helpful tools to understand the gifts and abilities that the Lord has given us.
Being honest about the things we struggle with most not only makes us better people, it generally makes us better leaders, family members, and disciples of Christ.
A Wall of Security or a Table of Fellowship?Subscriber Access Only
Matthew Kaemingk makes a political and theological case for welcoming Muslim immigrants.
To obtain the relevant visas, however, Osama and his family required a sponsor: a family to welcome them and assist in their transition. The sponsor for this Muslim family?
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
'America's pastor' shaped modern evangelicalism.
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