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Christians Rally to Keep World's Largest Refugee Camp Open
The country’s plans to close a 25-year-old camp would displace more than 300,000 East African refugees.
More than 70 World Vision staff work in Kenyan refugee camps; in Dadaab, they distribute food to families, including nutrient-dense rations to treat children suffering from malnutrition.
Why Most Pastors Don't Do Prison Ministry
Most have gone to jail (to visit), but few have former inmates in their pews.
to inmates. Other ministries, like distributing school supplies to kids or volunteering at a food pantry, are relatively easy to start, she said. But ministering
The Trap of Tradition
Don't substitute the things we know for the things of God.
In the summer, my daughters and I typically visit the yard sale with food, aka Cracker Barrel, and make the rounds of the garage sales nearby to see if anyone else's junk should be our
What to Give Up for Lent 2016? Consider Twitter's Top Ideas
(UPDATED) Here's the final tally of the top 100 choices of 2016, plus charts on how Lenten abstinence has changed over time.
This year's most popular topics include food (15,459 tweets), technology (5,021), and habits (4,299). 8, sweets, 1,002. 9, coffee, 880. 10, fast food, 870. 11, sugar, 792. 12, meat, 792. 13, lent
Motherhood is Missional
Motherhood is discipleship, and it's part of the mission.
The Bible isn't “good advice for missional moms,” it's our very lives. Nowhere else are we going to find this kind of life-giving food for our soul: “I have been crucified with Christ.
Amplifying Evangelism—Using Your Existing Ministries to Bless Your Community with the Gospel
You don't have to reinvent the wheel to reach your community.
tell you something. Our church has a monthly community dinner. It is a great dinner. We have amazing food and incredible desserts. There is just one
From Preview to Launch
Reach critical mass early in your church plant.
Just as excellent food and service are required at a soft opening, excellence is required at a Preview Service. Previews are not abbreviated versions of your church service.
Are Our Cravings a Trick or Treat?
God redeems our physical desires too.
We went after food that tasted good because in nature, that was the food with the most nutritional content. Our bodies are programmed to crave food that meets our nutritional needs.
Suicide Bomber Kills More Than 70 as Taliban Targets Christians Celebrating Easter at Pakistan Park
(UPDATED) Blasphemy execution goes from good news to bad news for beleaguered believers.
said. “Only her husband is allowed to meet her in jail, and she has been told to cook her own food to prevent any attempt at poisoning her meals. All
A Strategy to Serve the Suffering in the Middle East
Chris Seiple talks about ministry to victims of ISIS
The resilience of the people continues to astound me. On one of my first trips, I handed out a food package to a man named Sadik at a sports center in Dohuk (in northern Iraq).
Viewing Black Lives Matter—Part 2
D.A. Horton continues his analysis of the Black Lives Matter movement
Black Lives Matter is working to address issues such as; failing public education, ending the mass incarceration of Blacks and Latinos, affordable housing, issues with food security, and
Morning Roundup 8/6/15
Loving Money; Fresh Food; Staff Meetings
Morning Roundup 8/6/15. Morning Roundup 8/6/15. Loving Money; Fresh Food; Staff Meetings |. Ed Stetzer. 401k / flickr. 0; tweet; share; 0; print. Fresh Food and Fresh Starts—Elise Hilton
Terrorists Kill Seven Missionaries in Burkina Faso
(UPDATED) After freeing one of two Australian missionaries, African al-Qaeda reveals it kidnapped Swiss missionary also.
Several terrorists entered the Cappuccino Cafe, a restaurant popular among foreigners since it served European food, and opened fire, Reuters reported. Maude Carrier Facebook.
Tarantino's Incarnational Aesthetic
Quentin Tarantino is an unlikely contributor to the theology of Incarnation.
And also the way that we eat. “Royale With Cheese”: Food in the Films of Tarantino. Gedeon scenes. But Tarantino's camera takes special notice of food.
10,000 Syrian Refugees Headed for the United States
World Relief says US churches are ready to assist refugees after Obama approves major increase for 2016.
On September 2, volunteer church members with Hungarian Reformed Church Aid started distributing emergency food, water, and hygiene supplies as the flood of new arrivals grew
Displaying 1 – 15 of 992 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 29, 2016
Is There a Better Way to Fight 'Political Correctness'?
Is There a Better Way to Fight 'Political Correctness'?
When language is a tool for coercion, nobody wins.
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