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Haiti Hurricane Displaces Sponsored Children
A third of Compassion’s 270 child centers shut down in wake of Hurricane Matthew.
“Our primary short-term priorities after partial assessment of the hurricane's impact include providing children and their families with food security and shelter, and to clean up and repair
Subscriber Access Only Why I Forgave the Man I Once Plotted to Kill
Revenge fantasies were darkening my heart before I trusted in Jesus.
In the lull we could hear voices shouting instructions. If they found out my name, they would kill me. Fantasies of Food. ” We lived on fantasies of food.
Religion Boosts US Economy More Than Apple, Amazon, and Google Combined
Study offers best estimate yet of the 'value of faith' in America: $1.2 trillion.
takes into account only the revenues of faith-based organizations falling into several sectors: education, healthcare, local congregational activities, charities, media, and food,” they wrote
Feasting and Fellowship in the Age of Food Allergies
Eating can be a source of fellowship—but in a fallen and allergy-ridden world, it can also present challenges.
Seth Hahne. Feasting and Fellowship in the Age of Food Allergies. Food Allergies' Upsurge and the Christian Feasting Tradition. Food allergies are growing more and more common.
Israel Accuses World Vision Gaza Staffer of Giving Millions to Hamas
(UPDATED) World Vision halts Gaza operations, but disputes Israel’s accusations of fraud.
World Vision worked with almost 40,000 children in Gaza last year, providing psychosocial help, medical supplies, food relief, and the re-establishment of agricultural livelihoods, it said.
Sausage Party
A raunchy anti-Veggie Tales with surprising takes on atheism, faith, and tolerance.
Innuendo, profanity, drug use, racial slurs, and graphic sex (insofar as food items can have graphic sex) are all part of the film. I don't expect many CT readers will go to see it.
Introducing John Richards, The New BGCE Managing Director
I am very excited to welcome John Richards as our new Managing Director at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism.
someone over for lunch or dinner. You never know where that conversation can go, because there's something disarming about gathering around some food.
McDonald’s May Be the Most Welcoming Spot in Your Neighborhood
A fast-food skeptic finds lessons on community in an unexpected place.
A fast-food skeptic finds lessons on community in an unexpected place. I've blamed McDonald's and fellow fast food joints for enabling Americans' worst eating habits.
Subscriber Access Only Learning to Love Our Gut Bacteria
Trillions of foreign creatures in and on our bodies shape our health, desires, and behavior. Here's why they matter.
Lactobacillus. With this new food source, Lactobacillus grows rapidly. It grows so much, in fact, that it crowds out other microbes and most pathogens.
The Sacred Ritual of Church Suppers and Snacks
By honoring the gift of food, we honor the body of Christ.
By honoring the gift of food, we honor the body of Christ. Rachel Marie Stone. Bio @Rachel_M_Stone. With these food rituals came all kinds of conflicted feelings—and I wasn't alone.
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 4
Here are seven "Third Places" churches have built in and for their communities.
dollar care center on their main campus that has been referred to as a “Christian Walmart for the poor.” Willow's Care Center meets immediate needs such as food, clothing, housing
Christine Moseley
Her startup saves produce that would otherwise go to waste.
Even as Americans push healthier eating, farmers' markets, and fresh-food diets, the country wastes unbelievable amounts of otherwise edible produce.
Christians Rally to Keep World's Largest Refugee Camp Open
The country’s plans to close a 25-year-old camp would displace more than 300,000 East African refugees.
More than 70 World Vision staff work in Kenyan refugee camps; in Dadaab, they distribute food to families, including nutrient-dense rations to treat children suffering from malnutrition.
Subscriber Access Only Health Is About Way More Than Weight
Our bodily well-being can't be reduced to a number on a scale.
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Of course, if browbeating and legalism don't work for sex, we should hardly try to make them work for food. Food is often used to cope with more acute forms of trauma.
Emojis Reveal How Minorities Tweet the Bible Differently
Here are the Top 10 verses shared on Twitter with darker vs. lighter skin tones.
Ecclesiastes 9:11 “I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the
Displaying 1 – 15 of 992 ARTICLES
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Let's Kiss Dating Hello
Let's Kiss Dating Hello
A sociologist reveals her research about “ring by spring” culture on a Christian college campus.
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