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God and the Gridiron Game
America's obsession with football is nearly as old as the game itself.
God and the Gridiron Game. America's obsession with football is nearly as old as the game itself. and paying a dollar apiece for the privilege of going.". Christian Criticism of Football.
Don’t Despise Small Town Living: Jesus Didn’t
Capernaum was home to about 1,500 people.
When I got home after school, my mom would already know my big news of the day, whether it was catching a touchdown pass in football or getting in a scuffle with kids on the opposing
Bringing Back BaylorSubscriber Access Only
Baylor University president Linda Livingstone helps the school navigate one of the largest scandals in US collegiate athletics.
She alleged she was gang-raped by members of the football team who, according to the suit, described such acts as “bonding” experiences. A previous
Ruralology: All It Takes Is Sacrifice, Commitment, and a Desire to Be What God Made Us to Be
It doesn’t matter how grand your vision is if it doesn’t flow with the culture of your community.
It was a backyard barbecue with a couple dozen in attendance. As I'm sure most reunions go, the time was spent reminiscing of the glory football days and Saturday night shenanigans.
3 Martian Tips for Contextualization
Lessons from the NASA team who manages the Mars rover.
community. While my town might not be a Friday-night-lights-high-school- football type of town, everyone around here sure loves college football! So
What is Biblical Preaching? Meeting the Needs of the People I Serve
“I’m just one beggar telling another beggar where I found bread.”
I don't know what your church is like, but at mine and probably any church in the deep south, I can safely guarantee that during football season, there will be people who are only
My Top 5 Books on Faith and FootballSubscriber Access Only
A sports biographer and former player lists his picks.
My Top 5 Books on Faith and Football. A sports biographer and former player lists his picks. Ted Kluck| June 23, 2016. My Top 5 Books on Faith and Football. Image: EKS / Shutterstock.
Ken Starr Resigns from Baylor Leadership; Football Coach Art Briles To Be Fired
(UPDATED) Starr: 'The captain goes down with the ship.'
Gleanings. Ken Starr Resigns from Baylor Leadership; Football Coach Art Briles To Be Fired. Writing for Christ and Pop Culture, football fan Valerie Dunham recently said:
Breaking the 200 Barrier: Genesis Church in Mexico, Missouri
Church seeks to meet the needs of a small town that is 70% unchurched.
I would sit at a football game and think “700 of the 1000 people here are not connected to a church.” I would see the population sign coming into our town and think of the 8,400 people
Ten Christian Athletes Who Were Tebowing Before Tebow
Christian sports stars have a long history of using their public platform to display their private faith.
Amos Alonzo Stagg (1862–1965): Football. Before he became the “Grand Old Man” of football, Amos Alonzo Stagg pioneered in promoting Christianity from the baseball diamond.
Super Bowl Theology: How Americans See God's Role in the Big Game
Surveys suggest Christians believe much more prosperity gospel than Calvinism is at play.
Flickr. American Christians apparently aren't Calvinists when it comes to football. cursed. Evangelicals care about football a lot more than they think God does.
Cover Story: Facing Our Legacy of Lynching
How a memorial could help lead America—and Christians—to repentance from a dark history.
In its place is a relatively busy street next to the high school, a football field on one side and a baseball field on the other. I rejoined my husband and kids at the park.
Patriotic Worship is Coming to a Church Near You
Pastors and churches mix patriotism and worship around July 4th.
Sing the Star Spangled Banner at baseball games, football games, Olympics parties, parades, on July 4, Memorial Day, Flag Day and Veterans Day.
Meet the Christian Doctor Who Changed How We Play Football
Bennet Omalu, played by Will Smith in the new film 'Concussion,' says it's time to ban children from playing high-contact sports.
Meet the Christian Doctor Who Changed How We Play Football. Interview by Katelyn Beaty| December 22, 2015. Meet the Christian Doctor Who Changed How We Play Football. 1 of 3.
Hollywood tries to turn a clash between science and a powerful institution into an immigrant doctor's "such a time as this."
The movie is based on real-life Dr. Bennet Omalu's discovery of the danger of repeated brain trauma sustained by professional football players and his battle to publicize that danger.
Sunday Morning QuarterbackSubscriber Access Only
Whether or not you’re a football fan, your pews are full of them. These guidelines will help you discuss football well in a ministry context.
Wrong: Guilt-tripping congregants for their involvement with football. Yes, but in a better way, like this ... Right: Use football to clarify and exemplify principles and priorities.
Going Back to Your Home Church: To Go or Not to Go?
Returning to one's home church as pastor can be tricky.
While some things may have changed since they last lived in the community, many things probably haven't. Is high school football still the hottest ticket in town?
Cultural Self-Awareness: A Missing Element in Intercultural Service?
Professor uses Dr. Seuss as a case study.
modify our behavior in intercultural interactions just as we know how to modify it in diverse situations within our own culture (such as the difference between being at a football game or
10 Essentials for a Successful Outdoor Event
Don’t let weather, logistics, or Egyptian plagues keep you from taking your service outside.
Larger congregations will need to think through a few more details. Stadiums or school football fields may be options, and some are surprisingly affordable. 4. Pick a time.
Living on Mission in Your Community: An Interview with Pastor Clayton Reed
I am thankful for the ministry of Clayton Reed and for how he serves his community.
our city. In addition, I serve on a number of local boards, such as the Dragon Youth Football Board and the Chamber of Commerce Board. Because of
Jonathan Falwell’s Caribbean Vacation Turned into Hurricane Ministry
Q+A: Jonathan Falwell’s Caribbean Vacation Turned into Hurricane Relief Ministry
After Irma disrupted his 25th wedding anniversary, Baptist pastor shares how he got Samaritan’s Purse to come to the rescue of St. Martin and why he went right back.
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