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The Generous Soul
Why overcoming the Scrooge in all of us begins with gratitude.
The Science of Generosity. This inner tension between miserliness and generosity can also be seen in how we relate to others. Grace, Gift, Gratitude, and Generosity.
Leverage Halloween to Love Your Neighbors
Halloween gives Christians a unique opportunity to welcome our neighbors
Acts 17:26 tells us that God has placed us specifically and strategically in our “places” (our neighborhoods) to know him, and to demonstrate his love, his generosity, and his care for the
5 Big Ideas for Generous Churches
Want your people to give with joy? Here’s what it’s going to take.
Here are some key steps to developing a culture of generosity in your church. 1. Make generosity an explicit goal for your church. 5. Build the infrastructure for generosity.
The Only Bright Spot in American Giving
Research highlights radical giving of poor and unpaid labor of women.
seen pretty acutely. Our family relied on the generosity of others, but my mom also involved our family in giving during the Advent season. She was active
South Sudan: Famine, War, and Hope
The fields of South Sudan could feed the whole continent.
as I've met anywhere. Vision of Life. It is in such moments and places that good intentions and generosity seem inadequate. Groups from Bill Gates to
Generosity Gap: Christians and Pastors Tithe and Tip for Different Reasons
Survey identifies the main motivations for giving money.
Research. Generosity Gap: Christians and Pastors Tithe and Tip for Different Reasons. Pastors most often see generosity as an attitude (38%) and a response to Christ's love (47%).
Leadership Is Not About You
Leadership means hard work and service.
gifts: If prophecy, use it according to the proportion of one's faith; if service, use it in service; if teaching, in teaching; if exhorting, in exhortation; giving, with generosity; leading, with
Walking in Obedience to the Promptings of God’s Spirit and His Command to Love: Lessons from Burning Man
Many of the people at Burning Man are searching for something to satisfy them spiritually
When we freely give what we have in a spirit of love and generosity, it's amazing how God can use it to soften people's hearts and open the way for their lives to be transformed by his
Figuring Out the Millennial Christian Giver
Here's what an ECFA survey of 16,500 donors to 17 evangelical ministries learned about generosity.
Here's what an ECFA survey of 16500 donors to 17 evangelical ministries learned about generosity. Figuring Out the Millennial Christian Giver. 1 of 9. Research.
Charles Dickens Still Haunts Christmas
How a 19th-century story informs the modern holiday spirit.
Scrooge's to be. As many readers will recall, A Christmas Carol addresses themes of loneliness and friendship, self-interest and generosity. Visitations from
How to Celebrate Christmas as a Cultural Minority
Christians abroad and Muslims at home helped me find the holy day in the holiday.
the holiday, I watched them cook food that was meaningful to them, share that food with others, and give coins and small gifts to their children as a way to teach them about generosity.
The Christian Leader’s Guide to EconomicsSubscriber Access Only
The so-called “dismal science” is a powerful tool for wealth creation, but also for healing broken communities.
5:3; James 5:4). Nelson believes just economic systems are built on free markets, opportunity, virtue, compassion, generosity, and meaningful work inspired by neighborly love (Prov.
3 Tips for Hosting an Outstanding Church Dinner or Potluck
Use the dinner table like Jesus did.
from God. Hosting tip: Serve food in a way that reveals the abundance and generosity of the gospel, and expect people to be drawn to Christ. Those
Want to Help During Disaster? Here's a Few Dos and Don'ts
The world has a growing need for well-informed, thoughtful engagement with natural disaster relief work.
When we go out in faith and use our gifts and resources to help victims of natural disaster, we get to participate in this work and show the same generosity to others that God so lavishly
Cover Story: Blessed Are the HandoutsSubscriber Access Only
Why some Christian poverty experts believe we should give cash to the poor, no strings attached.
2 Thess. 3:10). There is a biblical tension between generosity and accountability, part of the more universal tension between mercy and justice. It is a
3 Mistakes Churches Make When They Talk Money
Ministry leader wants to spread the biblical message of generosity in order to grow generous givers.
Ministry leader wants to spread the biblical message of generosity in order to grow generous givers. He has been actively spreading the biblical message of generosity for 20 years.
What Is Biblical Preaching? Stewarding the Message
Pastor of The Summit Church draws on Martyn Lloyd-Jones
the cross and what God had done. So if I'm preaching about generosity, how am I motivating people to be generous? There's guilt—how can you sit there
Why #GivingTuesday Donations Could Drop Dramatically Next Year
Evangelical leaders warn of ‘devastating’ impact of GOP tax plan on the charitable deduction.
Evangelical leaders warn of 'devastating' impact of GOP tax plan on the charitable deduction.
‘Wonder’ Reveals the Face of True Human Strength
What the box-office hit tells us about beauty, weakness, and the imago Dei.
And we are also beautiful, capable of great love and great acts of generosity. As Auggie reminds us, God's image in us is found not in our faces but in our ability to give and receive love.
The Loving Father Who Judges?Subscriber Access Only
Peter sees no conflict with God’s compassion and his justice.
to hear this message. Instead of making all the same “smart” financial decisions as your neighbors, God calls you to generosity. More than pursuing “satisfaction
Christmas and Cricket: Finding Two Lost C. S. Lewis Articles
Christmas and Cricket: Rediscovering Two Lost C. S. Lewis Articles After 70 Years
“A Christmas Sermon for Pagans” is quintessential Lewis at the height of his renown. “Cricketer’s Progress” is more of a mystery.
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