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Wheaton: What We Learned from ‘Same God’ Controversy with Larycia Hawkins
In final report, trustees offer nine recommendations and eight prayers.
personal and shared reflection and humility, and we hope that this report will be received with a similar attitude of Biblical lament, faithful prayer, forgiveness, self-examination and grace
C. Peter Wagner (1930-2016), Some Thoughts on His Life and Passing
Missiologist, missionary, writer, teacher, and Church Growth specialist
Lifetime in the Church, includes the word “church.”. I will miss his emails... and pray that his family will experience the grace of Jesus in their time of grief.
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God Is Not Out to Get You
The Lord delights in you and sings over you. Can you believe it?
of Zephaniah 3:17—that God delights in us, that he will no longer rebuke us, and that he will rejoice over us—is one of the most beautiful pronouncements of God's grace and love in all
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: "There are No 'Must' Candidates!" -Darrell Bock
Professor of New Testament Studies articulates the dilemma many Christians face in this election cycle
to us. God's people are to model such grace. The gospel push back. Disciples should be prepared for that, to face it with grace not an eye for an eye. Jesus taught
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How Gratitude Made Ann Voskamp an Activist
Ann Voskamp’s rural Canadian life may seem picture perfect. But with her new book, the intensely shy writer could spark a social movement among North American Christians.
That year, she writes, her family “snapped shut to grace.” Voskamp's mother later spent time in and out of psych wards; after the accident, her father did away with church and God.
What We Can Learn From The Black Church When We Are Pushed To The Margins
The powerful, painful history of the Black Church has much to teach us as our culture continues to push the church to the margins of society.
Charlie's excellent post is a very timely reminder that as we speak the truth in grace to a changing culture, God's word will not go forth void, but will do more than we can ask or imagine.
Evangelical Campus Ministry (InterVarsityUSA) Decides Employees Should Hold Evangelical Beliefs on Marriage (Updated with InterVarsity Statement)
Evangelical organizations employ people who share their core beliefs, just like your church.
We lament that LGBTQI people have experienced great pain, including much caused by Christians.We also know that we ourselves each need Jesus' grace daily.
Weekend Edition—July 22, 2016
Distractions, Work, a Diverse America, Church signs, and more!
As soon as we forget the principle of grace—that everything we receive is of grace (1 Chron. 29:14; 1 Cor. Embracing God's grace, though, releases us from keeping score.
How I Stopped Seeing Privilege in Black and White
What God taught this second-generation, child of immigrants about the nuance of status.
No matter how much affluence or opportunity people have, they are still in need of compassion and kindness. They still need to be approached with grace and gentleness.
Eight Barriers To Multiplication, Part 1
Is something stopping you from starting a new church plant?
ourselves vacillating between fear and obedience. She states,. Even if the worst happens, God's grace is sufficient. Those three young men faced the
The Pressure Of The Pastorate
In order to truly flourish, pastors need authentic and safe friendships.
That's what happened. At the end of the day, the ministry model so common in our day tends to lend itself for this to happen. One thing is sure...this is us, except by the grace of God.
Eight Barriers To Multiplication, Part 2
Is something stopping you from starting a new church plant?
Some rewards may be an increase in responsibility, an increase in influence, seeing trophies of grace, perhaps sensing a greater and deeper joy, and keeping the lampstand burning.
Why I Love Being Around Evangelists
There are a number of things we can learn from our evangelist friends.
A true evangelist never takes the credit for leading people to Jesus. It is always God's work. They understand it is God's world, God's field, God's saving grace.
Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by Famous Chinese Evangelist Span 24 Years
New GRACE report examines student’s claim against Yuan Zhiming in wake of accusation by Chai Ling.
New GRACE report examines student's claim against Yuan Zhiming in wake of accusation by Chai Ling. Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by Famous
Subscriber Access Only 11 Portraits of Charleston Survivors' Grief and Grace
CT sent a reporter and a photographer to be with the family members of several victims.
11 Portraits of Charleston Survivors' Grief and Grace. CT sent 11 Portraits of Charleston Survivors' Grief and Grace. 1 of 8. Photos by Jonathan Hanson. 11 Portraits
Displaying 1 – 15 of 995 ARTICLES
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The Best Ways to Help the Poor
The Best Ways to Help the Poor
A new book, building on three classics, fills out the picture.
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