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Weekend Edition - January 20, 2017
Rural churches, same-sex marriage, ICYMI, and church signs
Nevertheless, Evangelicalism is undergoing a similar winnowing over the issue of how to respond to homosexuality. The Grace of Church Discipline – Mark Galli.
British Government Affirms Christmas at Work
New report details when workers' faith expression is protected and when it can get them fired.
examples of Christian employees who were wrongfully discriminated against at work, including a daycare worker fired for responding to a question about homosexuality and a British
What Americans Think of What Evangelicals Think of Religious Liberty
How both sides of the debates over same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom access, and employer-provided contraception feel about each other.
Almost 9 out of 10 Americans know someone who is gay or lesbian (87%), and those people are more likely to say homosexuality is morally acceptable (19%) than those who don't
Here’s Who Will Pray at Trump’s Inauguration
(UPDATED) What the president-elect's unusually broad and diverse clergy lineup tells us.
the benediction (based on Passion's efforts against human trafficking), but Giglio resigned before the event due to scrutiny over a past sermon in which he called homosexuality a sin.
Methodists Won’t Vote on Gay Marriage This Year After All
(UPDATE) With a narrow vote to pass same-sex questions to committee, Methodists band-aid over rumors of split.
100-plus proposals on what the United Methodist Church (UMC) should do about human sexuality—from deleting its Book of Discipline's stance that homosexuality is “incompatible with
Pew: More Sermons Endorse Clinton
Fewer pastors are politically engaged this election; fewer still are speaking for Trump from the pulpit.
speak out about political issues. The most common issues: religious freedom (40%), homosexuality (39%), and abortion (29%). Candidates come up most
The Bible Joins Fifty Shades Among Top 10 Most Challenged Books
Move over, 'Fun Home.' More people asked American schools and libraries to remove Scripture last year.
the only reason cited. The majority of listed reasons reference sex, be it sexually explicit content, homosexuality, or sex education. The ALA notes that
Pew: Here’s How Badly Soviet Atheism Failed in Europe
In 18 nations across Central and Eastern Europe, religion is now essential to national identity.
Fewer than half pray daily. Catholic-majority countries are more observant, but Orthodox-majority countries are more conservative on homosexuality and other social issues.
Are Young Evangelicals More Liberal Than Their Parents?
There is a common idea today that young evangelicals are liberating themselves from conservatism, but is that true?
It is fair to say that, in the last few years, it is likely that young evangelicals have shifted in their views a bit on some of these issues, namely ones surrounding homosexuality.
How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality Subscriber Access Only
Amid quickly changing cultural norms, we need a thoughtful and loving way to engage our children.
Opinion | Sexuality. How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality. Amid quickly changing cultural norms, we need a thoughtful and loving way to engage our children.
Massive Survey Shows How US Christians Changed from 2007 to 2014
(UPDATED) The rich in faith get richer while the poor get poorer, according to Pew.
Views shifted toward acceptance of homosexuality in every religious category, including evangelicals. More than a third of evangelicals (36%) in 2014
Bible on Demand: What 160 Million People Searched Scripture For in 2015
Bible Gateway offers year-end analysis of the most-popular verses and chapters, and whether anyone finished their Bible-in-a-year reading plans.
The weekend after the US Supreme Court's same-sex-marriage decision in June, searches for “homosexuality,” “abomination,” and “Sodom and Gomorrah” spiked. (So did “rainbow.”).
Morning Roundup 7/14/15
United Church Aids Palestinians; Post-Christendom; Ranking Religions Acceptance of SSM
coworker, classmate, teammate, etc.). Ranking religions on acceptance of homosexuality and reactions to SCOTUS ruling—Tobin Grant. Tobin Grant provides
Morning Roundup 7/27/15
Donald Trump's Faith; Burning Man 2015; Evangelicals and Gay Marriage
Evangelicals stand alone in their strong opposition to gay marriage in particular and to homosexuality more broadly. Most American Catholics support gay marriage.
'Moonlight' Is a Flawed, But Rewarding Exercise in Christian Empathy
The Oscar favorite's portrayal of black, gay experience is at odds with a biblical sexual ethic—but for some, it might be worth the discomfort.
He's now following in the footsteps of Juan as a hardened drug dealer, masking his homosexuality in a pseudo masculinity—though he eventually ends up back in Miami for a reunion
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Top Story May 26, 2017
Sasse: Adolescence Is a Gift, but Extended Adolescence Is a Trap
Ben Sasse: Adolescence Is a Gift, but Extended Adolescence Is a Trap
The Nebraska senator wants parents to get serious about shepherding kids into responsible adulthood.
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