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On Immigration, Welcoming the Stranger Is Only One Piece of the PuzzleSubscriber Access Only
Why Christians should support reforms that recognize both the dignity of immigrants and the rule of law.
On Immigration, Welcoming the Stranger Is Only One Piece of the Puzzle. Our Rating. Book Title Just Immigration: American Policy in Christian Perspective. Author Mark R. Amstutz.
The Skeptical State of Bible Reading in 2017
Two surveys examine who studies Scripture, who doesn't, and why.
skeptics). About 3 in 4 Bible skeptics said the Bible had no influence on their views on abortion, Israel, LGBT issues, refugees, money, immigration, and war.
Surprised? Latinos Care More about Education than Immigration
Hispanic adults long for excellent neighborhood schools that offer all children access to quality education.
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Surprised? Latinos Care More about Education than Immigration Leer en español. Surprised? Latinos Care More about Education than Immigration. Image: Phase4Studios / Shutterstock
Trump’s Policies Are Keeping Hispanics Away from Church
Pew finds fear even among 7 in 10 Christian green card holders.
print. America's Hispanic churches feel the impact of President Donald Trump's immigration initiatives in their pews each week. They've seen a drop in
Half of Hispanic Christians Worry About Deportation Under Trump
Pew: Latino Protestants most likely to rate Trump a ‘terrible’ president.
Pew: Latino Protestants most likely to rate Trump a 'terrible' president. Kate Shellnutt. [ posted 2/24/2017 10:21AM ]. Image: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Trump’s Revised Refugee Ban Won’t Prioritize Persecuted Christians
White House softens executive order; Andy Stanley joins evangelical leaders urging compassion.
Nearly half of leaders (46%) associated with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) selected “immigration/refugees” as the top public policy issue that evangelicals need to
How Churches Can Give Sanctuary and Still Support the Law
800 congregations are working to protect undocumented immigrants. A leader with the New Sanctuary Movement says yours should be one of them.
From her home in California, Salvatierra spoke with CT about the need for immigration reform, how deportations impact kids, and how churches across the country are getting involved.
Sharing the Gospel with People Who Aren't Thinking about Death or Eternity
How do we witness to people who don't think about heaven and aren't fearful of hell?
America. She talked with these ladies about immigration, food, schools, etc. They invariably asked why she opened up her life and home like she did.
Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump’s ‘America First’ Budget
Group of 100 prominent Christians worry severe cuts to foreign aid will reverse progress at reducing poverty.
Following his election, white evangelicals ranked healthcare, immigration, and the economy as the top priorities for the new president—the same top three as American voters overall
Trump Grants Russell Moore One of His Top 2017 Wishes
President restores Mexico City Policy banning the funding of foreign abortions.
was among three the new president signed on his third day in office as part of his administration's plan to make policy changes in such areas as health care, immigration, trade, and the
Justice for the Stranger
The human stories behind the numbers.
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Hilario found out about the ISAAC Project (Immigration Service and Aid Center) and contacted us for help. Many of them cannot afford an immigration attorney.
6 Things Your Church Can Do During the Refugee Ban
The recent executive order has thrust refugees and resettlement agencies into limbo. Here’s how you can help.
Consider holding a book study or Sunday school class in which you focus on the historical facts of immigration and refugee resettlement. 2. Sponsor a legal clinic on immigration.
Dear Fellow Christians: It's Time to Speak Up for Refugees
If we are pro-life, we are pro-refugee.
Yesterday was a critical day for US relations with the world. When Candidate Donald Trump promised to overhaul immigration policies, it seemed like a long shot for many of us.
Evangelical Experts Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban
World Relief and other major ministries argue that compassion and security are not opposing forces.
The executive order, part of Trump's campaign promise to crackdown on immigration, targets seven Muslim-majority countries: Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen.
Trump Ends Evangelicals and Catholics Together
This election, many of evangelicals’ GOP allies across the Tiber are leaving for Clinton.
“That reflects rising education levels among white Catholics, and also reflects a reaction to the negative tone of Trump's remarks about immigration, race, and so on.
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Together for the Gospels
Together for the Gospels: Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators Transforms Giving
Lessons learned from illumiNations initiative could help other causes.
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