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Latest Survey: Most Evangelicals Are Not Voting Trump
Measuring Americans by beliefs, not self-identity, makes a big difference in 2016 election polls.
character top their concerns. In both groups, few prioritize Supreme Court nominees, religious freedom, immigration, or abortion. Overall, the economy
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: "Jill Stein is my imperfect candidate."
Evangelical millenial minority chooses the Green Party
understand it. Immigration. The Jesus year 2013. The vast majority of those people did not commit any crime unrelated to their immigration status. There is
Race in America: Pushing Forward on the Heels of the 'Voiceless'
Co-founder and director of the Voices Project and college pastor at Kilns College
The gospel has been used for way too long to undergird injustice—from slavery to apartheid and from Native American boarding schools to racist immigration policies.
The Church and the Huddled Masses
Throughout US history, the church has had a complicated relationship with the "homeless, tempest-tost" looking for a better life.
Approximately 40 percent of Americans can trace their ancestry through the US immigration processing center at Ellis Island around the turn of the 20th century.
Despite Mike Pence, Most Evangelical Pastors Are Not Ready to Vote Trump
Almost half remain undecided, with pastors split over which candidate characteristic is most important.
10%). Pastors voting for Clinton are more likely to cite personal character (28%) and immigration (7%) and less likely to cite abortion (less than 1%).
I Saw Jesus in Detention
We’re all so busy debating immigration policy that we’ve forgotten something essential.
I Saw Jesus in Detention. We're all so busy debating immigration policy that we've forgotten something essential. Sarah exactly. It was immigration detention.
Why Trump Tape Caused Only One Evangelical Leader to Abandon Him
(UPDATED) James MacDonald denounces Trump’s ‘misogynistic trash.’
10%). Pastors voting for Clinton are more likely to cite personal character (28%) and immigration (7%) and less likely to cite abortion (less than 1%).
Weekend Edition—July 1, 2016
Care for Refugees, America Divided, Church Signs, and more!
The Evangelical Immigration Table, a network that has pushed over the last several years for bipartisan immigration reform, has acknowledged all of these reasons in its documentary
Evangelism in Post-Christian Western Europe: Six Insights
What can American Evangelicals learn from their European counterparts in regards to evangelism?
The Church is the place where cultural integration is happening. Churches in America need to see immigration as a God-given gift to be embraced, not feared.
Issues in the Future of Evangelicalism
The future of evangelicalism includes harsh realities for churches.
growth in church growth. That is, people are not being converted to Jesus at the same pace as birth and immigration rates are increasing. Part of this
My Marriage to an Undocumented Immigrant
I lived with the threat of my husband’s deportation. Here’s what I learned about immigration.
Here's what I learned about immigration. The current immigration policies held by the United States federal government are responsible for creating these artificial widows and orphans.
Trump’s ‘Greatest Contribution to Christianity’: Pastors Preaching Politics
Republican nominee pledges to repeal Johnson Amendment. But pastors debate endorsing politicians from pulpits.
even on the list. (The issues white evangelicals are most concerned about: terrorism, the economy, and foreign policy/immigration.). In fact, only about
"Lord, I Thank Thee That I Am Not like Those Evangelical Trump Supporters"
Religious scorn should not flow from our voting choices.
I've hosted refugee ministry summits, am a signer of the Evangelical Immigration Table, hosted conversations on racial justice, and have spoken up for religious liberty for Muslims.
Turkey Releases US Street Evangelist Facing Deportation
Missionary David Byle works with successful Bible correspondence course in Muslim-majority nation.
Declaring Byle “a danger to public order,” authorities in Turkey took him into custody on April 6 after asking him to report to the immigration office in Istanbul regarding his application for
Dobson Endorses Trump, While Evangelical Leaders Advise Voting for Lesser Evil
Pew tracks how many evangelicals came to pick Trump for president.
nominations. None overlap with the top considerations of white evangelical voters in the pews: terrorism, the economy, and foreign policy/immigration.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 893 ARTICLES
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Do We Really Need More Breast Cancer "Awareness"?
Do We Really Need More Breast Cancer "Awareness"?
Information gets us only so far on the road to health.
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