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Justice for the Stranger
The human stories behind the numbers.
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Hilario found out about the ISAAC Project (Immigration Service and Aid Center) and contacted us for help. Many of them cannot afford an immigration attorney.
Here’s Who Will Pray at Trump’s Inauguration
(UPDATED) What the president-elect's unusually broad and diverse clergy lineup tells us.
But he has partnered with the Trump transition team to address immigration policy, particularly the status of children of undocumented immigrants. Catholic
Trump Ends Evangelicals and Catholics Together
This election, many of evangelicals’ GOP allies across the Tiber are leaving for Clinton.
“That reflects rising education levels among white Catholics, and also reflects a reaction to the negative tone of Trump's remarks about immigration, race, and so on.
Top 10 Stats Explaining the Evangelical Vote for Trump or Clinton
(UPDATED) These surveys suggest how—and why—evangelicals will split more than usual in 2016 election.
issue to vote on 20% said Supreme Court nominees 12% said religious freedom 10% said abortion 6% said the economy 5% said national security 2% said immigration 13% said none
Diaspora Missions: Diaspora Churches as Equal Partners in Mission
Hispanic, Korean, Chinese, and Nigerian churches embody the vitality and vibrancy of Global Christianity.
to 34% in 2014. This number is projected to continue increasing as the rate of immigration continues unabated in the coming decades. While the story
Latest Survey: Most Evangelicals Are Not Voting Trump
Measuring Americans by beliefs, not self-identity, makes a big difference in 2016 election polls.
character top their concerns. In both groups, few prioritize Supreme Court nominees, religious freedom, immigration, or abortion. Overall, the economy
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: "Jill Stein is my imperfect candidate."
Evangelical millenial minority chooses the Green Party
understand it. Immigration. The Jesus year 2013. The vast majority of those people did not commit any crime unrelated to their immigration status. There is
Global Evangelical Leaders: Trump’s Win Will Harm the Church’s Witness
Conference call explores election consequences on evangelicals overseas.
including autocratic vs. democratic governments and immigration patterns, such as those that led to the Brexit vote earlier this year. Speaking from Eastern
Thriving at the Edges of the World
E. Stanley Jones calls us to radical conservatism and a conservative radicalism.
and globalized world. We must uphold the rule of law in regards to immigration and at the same time welcome the foreigner generously. We must boldly
White Evangelicals Grade Trump, Republicans, and the Media
Pew looks at satisfaction with the election, and what voters think the new president should do first.
When asked what should be Trump's first priority as president, white evangelical voters most often picked health care (31%), immigration (13%), the economy (11%), and unemployment
Hispanic Evangelicals & Politics Today: My Interview with Gabriel Salguero
Rev. Salguero is the founder of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) and a pastor in Orlando, FL
brothers in championing issues of life, religious liberty, defending persecuted Christians and religious minorities, educational equity, anti-poverty initiatives, immigration reform, criminal
I Saw Jesus in Detention
We’re all so busy debating immigration policy that we’ve forgotten something essential.
I Saw Jesus in Detention. We're all so busy debating immigration policy that we've forgotten something essential. Sarah exactly. It was immigration detention.
Lovekindness: A Post-Election Path for Christians in America
Democracy sees the value of dialogue for the common good.
Many of the tensions and divisions of the broader society (race, religious liberty, immigration, foreign policy, LGBT rights) are present on our campus.
Evangelicals are for Trump, Clinton, and Others
Party affiliation is a much stronger predictor of voting preferences than faith.
15 percent). Few value Supreme Court nominees (10 percent), religious freedom (7 percent), immigration (5 percent), or abortion (4 percent). Simply
Despite Mike Pence, Most Evangelical Pastors Are Not Ready to Vote Trump
Almost half remain undecided, with pastors split over which candidate characteristic is most important.
10%). Pastors voting for Clinton are more likely to cite personal character (28%) and immigration (7%) and less likely to cite abortion (less than 1%).
Displaying 1 – 15 of 912 ARTICLES
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Compassion Has 'Very Little Hope' for India, Sets Deadline to Shut Down Sponsorships
Compassion Has 'Very Little Hope' for India, Sets Deadline to Shut Down Sponsorships
About 145,000 children have already lost its assistance with food, education, and health care.
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