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The Faith-Work Gap for Professional Women
From our special issue: How the faith group least likely to support working women can do better.
Editor's Note: This article is part of “Change Makers,” our recent CT special issue focused on supports working women by “valuing women for their leadership and voice inside the church
‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ Explores the Painful Origins of Winnie-the-Pooh
Fox’s new A. A. Milne biopic is more Eeyore than Tigger—but maybe that’s a good thing.
Long before Pixar's Inside Out reminded us that Joy can't function without Sadness, Milne's melancholy but resilient donkey was just about the only avatar that sad kids had.
Q&A: Ministering to Gang Members Is God’s Work
Why a juvenile justice advocate builds relationships with Chicago’s most vulnerable young men.
“While young people are on the inside, we want Williams recently spoke with CT about how family tragedy led her to this ministry, why she connects so well with the young men she
Your Calling Actually Isn’t About You
From our special issue: resisting the draw of self-serving discipleship.
Editor's Note: This article is part of “Change Makers,” our recent CT special issue focused on some of the ways women are influencing the But over time, something inside me shifted.
‘You Can’t Just Tell Us What to Believe’
Gregory Coles says the church should offer “breathing room” for gay Christians, like himself, who want to pursue sexual holiness.
humble, grounded story that pushes us to develop a workable theology of singleness while thinking rigorously about better ways to love and respect gay people—inside and outside the
Willow Creek Chooses Co-Ed Pastors to Succeed Bill Hybels
Megachurch becomes biggest in America to appoint a female lead pastor.
opened up about her leadership role in a 2015 interview with CT's Being a woman in this position is a much bigger deal outside of Willow than it is inside of Willow
Online Tribalism Threatens Women’s Ministry
From our special issue: reflections on discipleship in a fractured age.
Editor's Note: This article is part of “Change Makers,” our recent CT special issue focused on To understand what's happening inside our Bible studies and discipleship classes, we must
Eliminate Christian Jargon from Your Church
Let’s throw out the insider language.
Perhaps we begin our Sunday service with “Spirit, we invite your presence here this morning.” May we never forget that the Holy Spirit is already among us, inside every believer.
Dear Secretary Tillerson: Don’t Downsize Religion in Foreign Affairs
Closing the RGA is much more than a bureaucratic loss; it impacts our Christian brothers and sisters around the globe.
As someone who has been on the inside, then, I believe more strongly than ever that faith leaders must fight for RGA in order to protect our voice in government. Why?
I Met the Man Who Killed My Entire Family
How Rwandan genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza found forgiveness.
Afterward, she sat down with CT to share about the process of forgiving the man who killed her time when I realized God was there for sure, I started to pray loud inside myself, because
No Child Left Behind Comes to AwanaSubscriber Access Only
The children’s ministry rethinks the competition at its core.
One of the most important symbols in modern Christianity is a circle inside a square, its sides marked red, blue, green, and yellow, divided by diagonal lines.
Benny Hinn Is My Uncle, but Prosperity Preaching Isn’t for Me
As part of the family empire, I lived a life of luxury. Then doubts began to surface.
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the fleet. We were abundantly blessed. Throughout those years we faced countless criticisms from both inside and outside the church. Dateline NBC
Q+A: Jonathan Falwell’s Caribbean Vacation Turned into Hurricane Relief Ministry
After Irma disrupted his 25th wedding anniversary, Baptist pastor shares how he got Samaritan’s Purse to come to the rescue of St. Martin and why he went right back.
In an interview with CT, Falwell shared his prayers, stories, and theological lessons from his time be a bad storm—some wind, some downed trees—and we'd just stay inside for the
An Innocent Black Man Forgave the Crooked White Cop Who Framed HimSubscriber Access Only
And that’s good news—but not cause for ignoring larger patterns of injustice.
Their insights give us an inside look at policing culture, judicial bias, and poverty's dysfunctions, helping us see the real people in environments too often set at odds.
Elisha’s Prophetic Message for Millennials: Stop Leaving Your Options Open
What young people must understand about commitment and its costs.
We keep peeling and peeling, ultimately finding that there is not a whole lot there except that little pale bulb inside the onion— not the most impressive part of this vegetable.
An Inside Look at China’s Remarkable Religious ResurgenceSubscriber Access Only
Journalist Ian Johnson sees faith on the rise where it was once ruthlessly suppressed.
An Inside Look at China's Remarkable Religious Resurgence. CT editor at large Rob Moll spoke with Johnson about the reasons for spiritual ferment among the Chinese people.
Inside the Church Building of 2017
What's hot, what's next, and what needs to die.
Randy Seitz, an architect with Blue Ridge Architects in Harrisonburg, Virginia, says he sees churches using technology to help monitor and protect kids, watch traffc inside and outside
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Keep Your Apron on
It’s a symbol of servanthood like nothing else.
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on as a child. I continue to buy and collect them because they remind me that I was called to serve inside and outside my home. Chaney Garcia is an
5 Things You Should Know Before You Send Your Kid to College
A college administrator offers counsel on coming of age and higher ed.
For those of us inside higher education, our job is to walk alongside these students and families, equipping and empowering them to navigate the new terrain.
'Atomic Blonde' Delivers Female Action Without An Action Hero
After seeing the new spy thriller, I still don't know what a female action hero looks like.
if in tribute to the Soviet enemies of the Cold War, the film's plot has taken the form of so many Russian nesting dolls: Each new layer of the tale opens up to reveal another hidden inside
The Most Dangerous Thing Luther Did
The Most Dangerous Thing Luther Did
And other facts about Bible translation that transformed the world.
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