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Reaching the Next Generation
This is a generation starving for community.
This is a generation starving for community. It's a fatherless generation, one often connected more on the internet with virtual community than enjoying real community.
When ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Bombed, I Had to Rethink Humility
Watching a beloved video game franchise crash and burn challenged my gut reaction to disappointment.
Then, shortly before release, news of the game's glitches started hitting the internet. Maybe everyone was complaining about nothing. People love to complain on the internet, after all.
5 Books to Read During an Internet SabbaticalSubscriber Access Only
Considering a break from the web? Let Esther Emery pick the right readings to keep you company.
5 Books to Read During an Internet Sabbatical. Considering a break from the web? 5 Books to Read During an Internet Sabbatical. 5 Books to Read During an Internet Sabbatical.
Is Orality Really Effective in Sharing the Gospel?
o·ral·i·ty: the quality of being spoken or verbally communicated
ages. Some examples of the tools of the age are transportation, radio, television, the internet, cell phones, and other kinds of recording technology. However
Theology for Life (Ep. 9): False Intimacy: A Discussion on Pornography, the Brain, and Our Faith
Dr. William Struthers is Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College.
There's a generation coming up, says Struthers, who've come of age with the Internet in their homes and have a dependency to pornography—it's a self-medication.
Why Churches Should Give Gifted Women a ChanceSubscriber Access Only
God's people can't unite against the Enemy when half of them are on the sidelines.
I know that in the last ten years, a huge number of women's ministries have sprung up that make extensive use of the internet, which enables them to have conferences with thousands
Can We Evangelize Late Modern Culture?
We cannot assume a shared foundation.
We have to be careful about assumptions. Also, people in flux want to be heard. We are shaped by a constant conversation, or information flow—the Internet and social media.
Evangelical Campus Ministry (InterVarsityUSA) Decides Employees Should Hold Evangelical Beliefs on Marriage (Updated with InterVarsity Statement)
Evangelical organizations employ people who share their core beliefs, just like your church.
abrupt, or a shock. So, why is this news? Well, the Internet is abuzz with outrage and now stories are hitting the mainstream media. But why is it news
Lovekindness: A Post-Election Path for Christians in America
Democracy sees the value of dialogue for the common good.
relationship. Among other things, the Internet allows us to surround ourselves with voices that feed our biases and intensify our sense of aggrievement.
Why My Grief Belongs on the Internet
Public lament is more than just another hot take or social media rant.
Why My Grief Belongs on the Internet. Public lament is more than just another hot take or social media rant. Why My Grief Belongs on the Internet. Why My Grief Belongs on the Internet.
Weekend Edition—July 22, 2016
Distractions, Work, a Diverse America, Church signs, and more!
Media has gotten more complicated since Postman was writing, of course. The Internet combines the power of words and images in ways Postman couldn't have imagined.
How to Binge Watch Like a Believer
The acclaimed cultural critic Andy Crouch says parents, not kids, are the key to a tech-wise family.
Crouch spoke recently with CT about Internet pornography (and why filters aren't enough), the future of biologically engineered human beings, and why developing character virtues in
Shame, Guilt, and Fear: What 1,000 Americans Avoid Most
Churches may be emphasizing the wrong selling point of the gospel, suggests LifeWay.
Research. Shame has become particularly powerful in American culture in the internet age, said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research.
Ayudando a los estudiantes a superar la ansiedad y la inseguridad
El enemigo quiere que nuestros hijos sientan vergüenza: aquí encontrará maneras para defenderse contra ella.
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arterial! Sugiero descomprimir la ansiedad sobre la prueba por adelantado —y en línea. La Internet puede ser la mejor amiga de los padres. Recomiendo
Weekend Edition—July 8, 2016
Weeping during tragedy, Surrounded by Muslims, Church signs, and more!
But when we splash the All Lives Matter phrase all over the Internet, we do more harm than good. It's best to deal in specifics. Here's a good example. Philando Castile's life matters.
Sponsored by the NHCLC
Helping Students Overcome Insecurity
The Enemy wants our children to feel shame: here’s how to defend against it.
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I suggest unpacking test anxiety in advance —and online. The Internet can be a parent's best friend. I highly recommend resources such as the “Ready for the Test” tips.
Must-Haves for Innovation in Missions (Part One)
Christian ministries are not insulated from the hyper-speed of change in the twenty-first century.
The hope that these scholars could render ongoing assistance to translators throughout the year through Internet-based communication never materialized, largely because the
Who’s the Most Excited About Brio? Probably Moms
We grew up on glossies. Our daughters want a different medium.
a print magazine, which won't be available on newsstands or online, I'm not sure which teen girls they interviewed, either dishonestly polite girls or ones without access to the Internet.
The Divorce Delusion: Marriage Matters for the Gospel's Sake
The prevalence of divorce today means Christians should understand marriage even better.
If you search the Internet for any length of time, you will find site after site, and story after story affirming a new definition of marriage and encouragement to divorce “for happiness sake
Coffee: The Beverage That Fuels the Church
How the church has transformed a cup of joe into a universal display of hospitality.
Its aroma can evoke 19th-century marble-topped café tables and chamber music—at the same time, the caffeine acclimates the brain to the endless interfaces of the Internet.
Top Story June 25, 2017
Finding My ‘True Self’ As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
Finding My ‘True Self’ As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
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