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3 Ways Pastors and Church Leaders Undermine Themselves on Social Media
Church leaders need to be in social media spaces
worse. According to Pew Research Center in 2016, about 79% of adults who use the internet use Facebook, 32% use Instagram, and 24% use Twitter.
One-on-One with Daniel Treier on the Updated Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
First published in the 1950s, the last major revision was in the 1980s.
avoid quick obsolescence. Once I started the updating, though, various forms of internet searching convinced me of their importance. There are massive
Suffering in Cyberspace
The unique process of learning to suffer well online.
While I have been critical of how the internet can depersonalize and cheapen human communication, I have found that it may be—at its best—a safe and edifying place for sharing
Why Girls Need Camp
Christian camp can be a powerful, confidence-building experience for girls.
In the eyes of many parents and grandparents, summer camp is simply a way to prevent their kids from spending their summers playing video games and surfing the Internet.
Being People of Truth in a World of Fake News
Use common sense, desire discernment, and cultivate accountability.
things. Here are some things we all can do: Never share what you cannot verify. The Internet is a double-edged sword. Fake stuff is not hard to find. But
5 Books to Read During an Internet SabbaticalSubscriber Access Only
Considering a break from the web? Let Esther Emery pick the right readings to keep you company.
5 Books to Read During an Internet Sabbatical. Considering a break from the web? Here, she chooses five books to read during an Internet sabbatical.
No Matter Who Takes the Cake, What Christians Should Do Next Is Clear
Religious liberty and civil rights are key issues of our day.
to discriminate. In the buildup to opening arguments, the internet flooded with opinion pieces from every ideological and religious community. Yet no
Millennial Evangelicals on Israel: ‘Meh’
Survey finds waning support for Jewish state compared to older American believers.
Millennial Evangelicals on Israel: 'Meh'. 1 of 2. Research.
Go Big or Go Home: Reimagining Rural Church Planting
If millions of Americans still lived in rural areas, surely God cared about them too.
None of the church planting models I saw during my seminary years—whether at school or on television, the internet, or in popular Christian literature—seemed to care much at all for
Reaching the Next Generation
This is a generation starving for community.
This is a generation starving for community. It's a fatherless generation, one often connected more on the internet with virtual community than enjoying real community.
Ghost Towns and Small Towns: Church Planting in a Boom and Bust World
representing God in places that have been burned by short booms and long busts
While people—especially young people, many of whom still live in rural areas and small towns—may long for a church plant to fulfill their Internet and mega-ministry-fueled boom-time
The Only Bright Spot in American Giving
Research highlights radical giving of poor and unpaid labor of women.
give and upends some presumptions. The researchers conducted a nearly 2,000-person internet survey in 2010. Due to rigorous statistical methods
Screen Time Is Changing the Way We Think, Focus, and Memorize
What old wisdom brings to the smartphone era.
According to Benjamin Storm, the “internet functions as a transactive memory partner.” Storm's study shows that the internet has impacted the way we learn and memorize information.
When ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Bombed, I Had to Rethink Humility
Watching a beloved video game franchise crash and burn challenged my gut reaction to disappointment.
Then, shortly before release, news of the game's glitches started hitting the internet. Maybe everyone was complaining about nothing. People love to complain on the internet, after all.
Theology for Life (Ep. 9): False Intimacy: A Discussion on Pornography, the Brain, and Our Faith
Dr. William Struthers is Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College.
There's a generation coming up, says Struthers, who've come of age with the Internet in their homes and have a dependency to pornography—it's a self-medication.
Is Orality Really Effective in Sharing the Gospel?
o·ral·i·ty: the quality of being spoken or verbally communicated
ages. Some examples of the tools of the age are transportation, radio, television, the internet, cell phones, and other kinds of recording technology. However
Evangelical Campus Ministry (InterVarsityUSA) Decides Employees Should Hold Evangelical Beliefs on Marriage (Updated with InterVarsity Statement)
Evangelical organizations employ people who share their core beliefs, just like your church.
abrupt, or a shock. So, why is this news? Well, the Internet is abuzz with outrage and now stories are hitting the mainstream media. But why is it news
Why Female Theologians Take Flak in the Public Square
The potential rewards of celebrity culture are many, but so are the risks.
The reach of their voices, with the reach of the internet, is without historical precedent. The internet creates a wide audience but also increases competition for followers.
Can We Evangelize Late Modern Culture?
We cannot assume a shared foundation.
We have to be careful about assumptions. Also, people in flux want to be heard. We are shaped by a constant conversation, or information flow—the Internet and social media.
With Rising Teen Suicides, the Church Cannot Afford Mixed Messages on Mental Health
How ministries can play a role in getting youth the support they need.
The connectivity provided by the internet does little to mitigate that isolation, and for Holleran, compelled to present the best possible images of her life at Penn, social media intensified
The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election
The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election
It’s not Republicans or Democrats, but Christian witness.
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