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20 Truths from "Sing!"
When we sing we witness to the people in our church who are yet to believe
enthusiastic (16). Our motivation to sing comes from so much more than ourselves—our likes, our comfort levels, our musical tastes and preferences. Intrinsically
The New View of Heaven Is Too Small
Our recent emphasis on “kingdom work” misses the real hope of the afterlife.
Wright unpacks his idea by saying, “I don't know what musical instruments we shall have to play Bach in God's new world, though I'm sure Bach's music will be there.” Our present
The Hard Truth About Mr. Right
An excerpt from “Party of One: Truth, Longing, and the Subtle Art of Singleness.”
worth knowing at all. It's hard enough when it feels as if this whole dating scene is a crazy, drawn-out game of musical chairs. In the beginning, when
The 4 Great Challenges of Christian Counseling
Pastors must prepare to bear these burdens as they meet with parishioners.
“For me that includes musical activities, time outdoors, regular exercise, playing games with friends, and making sure I am not always on the giving end of friendships,” she says.
Wait Upon the DropSubscriber Access Only
Why churches are turning to club music to elevate praise.
worship stylings are characteristics of the EDM aesthetic: layers of computer-programmed electronic backing tracks, quarter-note bass thumps, and cycles of musical “builds” and “drops
Ten Reasons Every Church-Planting Team Needs a Worship Leader
Worship is warfare.
glorifying at worst. 4. Culturally relevant musical and artistic worship is a powerful evangelistic tool inside and outside the church. When unbelievers come
The Diffusion and Influence of Contemporary Worship
How does worship music style relate to congregational growth?
of strategic targeting; using musical styles from current types of popular music; extended times of uninterrupted congregational singing; centrality of the
Looking for Ancient African Religion? Try Christianity.
The African religious imagination already anticipates Christ.
Accompanied by short films that illustrate musical concepts and high production values, she drew upon the imagery of one of the most revered orishas (deities) in the Yoruba pantheon
Playlist: The Best New Christmas Music
Be of good cheer: We are in a moment of theologically rich, artistically wonderful recordings.
images of Christ from the Old Testament. But the musical repertoire is growing as more artists observe the season. The Welcome Wagon has a wonderful
The Future of Music in the Church
Music changes in every generation and we should appreciate it.
They will often have a blended musical style, or lean to contemporary. Theological depth is expected in the songs. Now, I get that there are a thousand variants of musical style.
Jazz, Joey Alexander, and a Window on God
A musical prodigy reveals something beyond the material
Jazz, Joey Alexander, and a Window on God. A musical prodigy reveals something beyond the material |. Marty Duren. Image: 0; tweet; share; email; print.
Here’s Every Biblical Reference in ‘Hamilton’
From King George to Aaron Burr, the hit musical's biblical literacy makes its story and characters even richer.
From King George to Aaron Burr, the hit musical's biblical literacy makes its story and characters even richer. Alissa Wilkinson| March 26, 2016. 'Hamilton: An American Musical'.
How 'Hamilton' Made American History Cool Again
The smash Broadway hit is helping millennials reconcile themselves to their own history.
Jessica Gibson| January 14, 2016. Image: Joan Marcus. Lin-Manuel Miranda leads the cast of the runaway Broadway hit 'Hamilton: An American Musical.'. Image: Joan Marcus.
Reconciling Witness And Worship: Six Ways To Begin
Imagine a church that considers its’ surrounding ‘neighbors’ and the future majority of our country in developing practices of worship.
I'm not speaking merely of musical style or language, but of content and form of our entire services, including music, prayer, sermon, table, and benediction (sending).
Handel’s Messiah: A Brilliant Blend of Transcendence and TransgressionSubscriber Access Only
How the composer (and his lesser-known collaborator) wedded Scripture and music in daring new ways.
humankind. The wedding of the words of Scripture, so carefully chosen by Jennens, with the transcendent music of Handel is something of a musical miracle.
Keith and Kristyn Getty: Singing Isn’t Just for SundaySubscriber Access Only
Why congregational worship is a feast we prepare all week long.
Getty's. The Christian musical landscape includes dozens of widely known worship leaders and recording artists but comparatively few hymn writers.
'Sing Street' Takes Teenagers (and Music) Seriously
The latest from "Once" director John Carney is an autobiographical, infectious 1980s musical.
The latest from "Once" director John Carney is an autobiographical, infectious 1980s musical. 'Sing Street' Takes Teenagers (and Music) Seriously. The
Church Security: How Do We Keep Our Churches Safe in a World Where Evil Is Present?
As we think through how to keep our people safe, we remember that our hope is secure in God.
Just as churches use members with accounting backgrounds for financial management of the church and those with musical abilities on the worship team, churches need to rely upon
Kendrick Lamar's Duel with Damnation
The influential rapper’s latest record is all about our fear of being condemned.
As with all his past releases, critics and fans have been buzzing about Kendrick's lyrical deftness, musical prowess, and pointed social commentary.
The Robust Faith of George III
The “mad” ruler of England during the American Revolution led a life of impressive personal piety.
The smash-hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” satirizes the British monarch, George III, presenting him as a jilted lover who is bitter at his rejection by the American colonies.
Make American Politics Hopeful Again
Make American Politics Hopeful Again
How the call to “carry one another’s burdens” breaks down partisan stalemates.
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