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Pew: Here’s How Badly Soviet Atheism Failed in Europe
In 18 nations across Central and Eastern Europe, religion is now essential to national identity.
Christianity akin to the pope in Catholicism, Patriarch Bartholomew I look West rather than East: Far more people in Poland historic council in Crete and how Pope Francis and Patriarch
Why Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill Made Christian History in Cuba
(UPDATED) ISIS persecution of Christians prompts first meeting between Catholic and Orthodox primates since 1054.
Protestants Follow Catholics' Lead on Martyr Tourism as Pope Francis Visits Uganda
(UPDATED) A swampy site that draws millions across East Africa symbolizes religious freedom. One day it may prove better than gorillas for the economy.
African Pilgrims Pour into Uganda for Martyrs Day
President wants Protestants to replicate the tourism success of Catholics.
From Antichrist to Brother in Christ: How Protestant Pastors View the Pope
LifeWay Research finds Pope Francis has improved opinions of Catholic Church.
have a 'Francis effect,' even on a group of people named for In contrast, 30 percent of evangelical pastors say Pope Francis has boosted their opinion of Catholicism, while 15
Pope Francis Quiet on Catholic Persecution of Protestants in Mexico
(UPDATED) Two dozen Protestant families get utilities turned back on after two years of punishment.
Pope Francis’ Latest Convert: Kirsten Powers
Fox News commentator announces that she’s becoming Catholic.
Gleanings. Pope Francis' Latest Convert: Kirsten Powers. Fox Suchman. Fox News' highly reluctant Jesus follower has found a new church. Kirsten
Trump Ends Evangelicals and Catholics Together
This election, many of evangelicals’ GOP allies across the Tiber are leaving for Clinton.
Yet Pope Francis' declaration that Trump “is not a Christian,” a response to “Men can change, people can change.”. done away with the “God gap,” the notion that church attendance and
The Pope's Growing Evangelical Flock
Catholics seem to be responding to Pope Francis’ encouragement to read their Bibles and pray on their own.
is and his desire to have a relationship with the people he created. The pope has also called on Catholics to add a personal touch us: 'the first task in life is this: prayer,'” Francis said two
The Biggest Apology for Christian Persecution of Other Christians Ever
In an 'astounding admission,' global church leaders repent for past abuse of other denominations.
Pope Francis Apologizes for Pentecostal Persecution, But Italy's Evangelicals Remain WarySubscriber Access Only
A 'near totality' warn U.S. evangelicals (and others) against becoming too friendly with the Catholic Church.
Sorry, Pope Francis: Protestants Are Converting Catholics Across Latin AmericaSubscriber Access Only
'Francis effect' may yet materialize. But for now, Catholics have hit record low across 19 nations and territories.
'Francis effect' may yet materialize. But for now, Catholics have hit record low across 19 nations and territories.
Pope Francis Learns What Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N. T. Wright Think about MarriageSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Warren turns Vatican conference into 'revivalist meeting,' while Moore explains why marriage crosses theological boundaries.
What to Give Up for Lent 2016? Consider Twitter's Top Ideas
(UPDATED) Here's the final tally of the top 100 choices of 2016, plus charts on how Lenten abstinence has changed over time.
"I don't know whether people are using Twitter less or "The former follows Pope Francis's Lent message from last year, which a few media outlets picked up this year.". 48, catholicism, 156
Second Surprise Interview with Pope Francis: A 'Theological Wreck'?Subscriber Access Only
Russell Moore, others react to pope's Q&A with atheist editor.
Just two weeks after Pope Francis surprised the world with an extensive and candid interview with As in the first interview, Francis talked about issues such as church reform and
Will G. K. Chesterton Join Pope John Paul II as Newest Saints?Subscriber Access Only
Christians and Jews split over effort to canonize writer.
Chesterton's many admirers delighted in the news. for canonization may get a boost from Pope Francis, who as Chesterton converted to Catholicism from Anglicanism in the 1920s.
Gleanings: November 2013Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world.
of the National Association of Evangelicals of Bolivia, told Morning Star News. Protestant leaders fear animism is replacing Catholicism as the I am a sinner." • Pope Francis, when asked
Argentine Evangelicals Say Bergoglio as Pope Francis Is 'Answer to Our Prayers'Subscriber Access Only
First Latin American pope offers opportunity to 'rethink differences' and 'join hands in mission.'
The First Latin American Pope: Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos AiresSubscriber Access Only
(Updated) Bergoglio, elected on fifth ballot, has chosen the name Pope Francis.
Religion News Service has produced a wealth of helpful context also regularly reported on Benedict's predecessor Pope John Paul II, as well as the papacy and Catholicism in general.
Alec Hill RespondsSubscriber Access Only
The president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on "Not All Evangelicals and Catholics Together."
Top Story August 23, 2017
Learning from Paul to Leverage Networking for Missions
Learning from Paul to Leverage Networking for Missions
The ‘Apostle to the Gentiles’ had an entrepreneurial spirit that helped him spread the Gospel.
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