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The ‘Religious Affections’ of Billy Graham’s Evangelism
On the evangelist’s 99th birthday, we look at the role desire played in so many decisions for Christ.
Not even the biographer William Martin was able to figure it out. “The reasons,” he concluded, “defy facile explanation.” No one, including Graham's wife, ever rated him a great preacher
Whatever Is Pure: Cedarville Requires Professors to Apply Philippians 4:8
Faculty push back against stricter standards keeping curse words, R-rated movies, and sexual content out of their curricula.
Faculty push back against stricter standards keeping curse words, R-rated movies, and sexual content out of their curricula.
Study: Anti-Christian Bias Hasn’t Grown. It’s Just Gotten Richer.
New research nuances the American church’s “persecution complex.”
New research nuances the American church's “persecution complex.”.
‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ Gets Cosmic Conflict Disturbingly Right
David Lynch’s cult-classic revival is exactly as imaginative—and as uncomfortable—as it always needed to be.
Even The Straight Story—his wonderful, G-rated Disney film—has moments that resonate with He endorses not a religion, but a “practice”—Transcendental Meditation—as the path to
Do We Need Another Denzel Washington Christ Figure?
CT asks the actor about his latest movie and Hollywood’s ongoing quest to score the faith audience.
harder category to discuss, define, and market to, since these movies may not specifically depict It releases nationwide November 22 and is rated PG-13 for language and some violence
‘It’ Is Big-Budget Horror with a Surprising Amount of Heart
The latest Stephen King adaptation’s success has more to do with the friendship it celebrates than the scares it delivers. 
An R-rated film about a demonic shape-shifter that satisfies its appetite for children by taking on For better or for worse, fear is clearly not horror's only calling card, and while it's true that
Americans Warm Up to Every Religious Group Except Evangelicals
Pew finds fewer people personally know an evangelical anymore.
Evangelicals are the only religious group in the United States that has not developed a Hindus, and Mormons all improved their standings, with the two lowest-rated affiliations—atheists
Fruitful Near-Culture Church Planters: A Qualitative Study (Part 1)
A survey of near-culture church planters
We found it interesting that it was specifically these near-culture workers who rated perseverance as the key driver of their faithfulness, something that was not true in our other studies
The LAUNCH Survey: Helpful and Hindering Factors for Launching into Long-Term Missions
Sending agency surveyed 299 long-term missionaries.
They rated twenty potential obstacles and sixteen positive factors on the participant's journey into missions on a Likert scale from “Did not help” to “Helped a little” to “Helped some” to
‘The Leftovers’ Explores the Fallout of a Godless Rapture
As it enters its third season, the acclaimed drama continues to take a long, hard look at our responses to loss.
Note: The Leftovers, were it a movie, would be rated R for nudity, language, and adult situations. We see a fair bit of nudity (both male and female), some of it sexual, most of it not.
Bleep Off: The Fight to Save Family-Friendly Movie Filtering
Hollywood studios sue VidAngel’s attempt to let viewers be ‘in the world but not of it.’
audience, the expansive subgroup that popularized recent blockbusters like the God's Not Dead movies Christian-centered storylines on one end and more explicit R-rated features on
Henri Nouwen’s Weakness Was His Strength
How a gifted, high-achieving spiritual guide learned to share his wounds with others.
on the Spiritual Life Our Rating not rated. Book Title Love, Henri: Letters on the Spiritual Life. Author Henri JM Nouwen. Publisher Convergent Books. Release
Does Protestantism Need to Die?Subscriber Access Only
Or to recover its riches? Two Protestant luminaries look at the legacy of the Reformation, 500 years later.
Unity in a Fragmented Church Our Rating not rated. Book Title The End of Protestantism: Pursuing Unity in a Fragmented Church. Author Peter J. Leithart.
Farewell, Jesus Junk? Christian Retail Finds a Deeper Purpose
With the closing of Family Christian, stores focus on curation and community involvement.
“As for a theological standard, there didn't seem to be one, aside from possibly no Mormon materials and nothing with any language that might not be PG-rated,” he said.
I Saw Myself in ‘This Is Us’
The popular new dramedy puts viewers in the messy middle.
When I tune in on Tuesday nights—when the show beats out baseball and The Voice to become the highest-rated program on the network—I can count on stories that allow That's not us
Hell or High Water
Looking for peace in all the wrong places.
he is falling but has not yet hit the ground, who has seen the match struck but not yet been The film is rated R for pervasive profane langauge and some intense and gory gun violence.
Pride, Prejudice, Zombies, and Straw Men
It's not a satire. It's not a comedy. It's not anything, really.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is rated PG-13; I'm not sure how it managed to avoid an R. My guess is that like most horror, zombie, or Scorsese movies, it counts on the sheer
Raising Our Standards
In the Hispanic community, we have both good news and bad news regarding education.
Leer en español
Chinese students were rated at two grade levels above their American counterparts. we have spent trillions of dollars to advance education in America, our standards have not improved
ICE Deports Christian Who Fled Persecution Back to Indonesia
Man who sought asylum in New Jersey church caught up in 100-day surge in non-criminal arrests.
Man who sought asylum in New Jersey church caught up in 100-day surge in non-criminal arrests.
I ain't afraid of no ghosts.
The first PG-13 rated film was Red Dawn, released on August 10. You should never judge a film by its MPAA rating, but especially not before July 1, 1984.
Two Marvelous Truths Help Me Say No to Sexual Sin
Two Marvelous Truths Help Me Say No to Sexual Sin
As a same-sex-attracted woman married to a man, I was struggling to ward off temptation on my own power. Then God showed me I didn’t have to.
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