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Why Christians Are Abandoning the Orphanage Subscriber Access Only
A new focus on the family is changing how Christians care for abandoned and neglected children.
Good News' ministry to orphans was well known; two years earlier, Dudnik had found four street children sniffing glue at a train station. But most orphans don't live in America.
After 40 Girls Die in Orphanage Fire, Guatemala Asks Evangelicals for Advice
Tragedy becomes impetus for reforms sought by Christian experts.
Tragedy becomes impetus for reforms sought by Christian experts.
This Christmas, I’m Defining Family by My Single Friends
Blood relatives are key to the holiday. But I share a deeper DNA with the body of Christ.
“The gospel is about King Jesus establishing the kingdom and making a new people,” says Antholz. “He brings orphans into his family and sets them at his father's table.
Let the Little Children Come LessSubscriber Access Only
Experts debate whether restrictions will save or strangle international adoption.
lost both parents. The “slender bridge between them” is intercountry adoption, said Christian Alliance for Orphans president Jedd Medefind. The State
Weekend Edition - December 31
Book recommendations from Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and Desiring God
| Ed Stetzer. Growing Up in Ministry The grace of Jesus was not just offered to orphans and widows or rebellious pastors' kids; it was for me. | Kristin Duran.
Justice and a Heart for the Fatherless in the Global Village
Today, there are more than 150 million orphans in the world.
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Today, there are more than 150 million orphans in the world. The answer might show us how to imitate God's heart toward vulnerable children, orphans, and families in distress.
Motherhood is Missional
Motherhood is discipleship, and it's part of the mission.
She was their mother, however, because Jesus caused her to be fruitful and multiply spiritually as she discipled the orphans and children she rescued from slavery and death.
International Adoptions Drop to New Low as Evangelical Funding Spikes
Churches continue to rally for orphan care while the State Department addresses global restrictions.
“Christians aren't only talking about how the Bible calls us to care for orphans,” stated ECFA President Dan Busby. “They are truly putting their money where their mouths are.”.
Over 25,000 Ebola Orphans at RiskSubscriber Access Only
Churches join effort to care for vulnerable children who have lost one or both parents in West Africa.
Over 25,000 Ebola Orphans at Risk. In West Africa, the death of parents from the Ebola epidemic has caused a surge in orphans. They are mostly young children age 5 and under.
How to Address America’s Foster Care Crisis? It Takes a Village
The next wave of the evangelical adoption movement will rely on the church's support.
Some were adopted; others were there through foster care. She told us, “There are orphans right here in Hawaii who need adoptive families. The church really needs to get involved.”.
The Fight for Social Justice Starts WithinSubscriber Access Only
Only a vibrant inner life can sustain the activist’s soul.
Christians never look more like Jesus than when humbly serving amidst the world's hurt—caring for orphans, battling trafficking, promoting urban renewal.
Three Scenes: The Open Secret in Christian Adoption Circles and Why it Matters to the Church
How will you and your church contribute to the ministry of adoption?
At a church-sponsored adoption event, passionate servant-leaders unpack the clear and resounding call from the Holy Scriptures to care for orphans.
Pro-Life Christian or Pro-Justice Christian? Yes.
Are Christians supposed to be pro-life or pro-justice? Kelly Rosati shares: we ought to be both.
and to walk humbly with your God”) burn in our hearts as we join God in His redemptive work on behalf of preborn babies, victims of human trafficking, war refugees, orphans, those with
Six Ways Single Christians Can Help the Orphans Subscriber Access Only
You don't have to be a parent to care for children in need.
Opinion | Family. Six Ways Single Christians Can Help the Orphans. Or maybe your particular congregation would be well served by learning about the plight of local orphans.
What the Single in Your Pew Needs from You
Singles are on the rise. Here’s what forward-looking churches need to know.
Serve singles, and recognize that singles often serve without reciprocation. The author of the Book of James encourages Christians to “look after orphans and widows” (James 1:27).
Our Hospitality Mandate (Part Two)
What Does an Authentic Christian Reception of Syrian Refugees to the United States Look Like?
Old and New Testaments, the nation of Israel and the Early Church are dutiful in caring for the needy and vulnerable, whether this includes the impoverished, widows, orphans, or others
Are Christians Donating Too Directly to Missions?
When helping hurts the professional helpers.
88%), as well as to choose ministries that do long-term humanitarian work such as caring for orphans (89% vs. 85%) or providing education (76% vs. 68%).
Texas Adoption Law Could Jumpstart Christian Agencies Again
Some providers paused services out of fear of legal backlash for not placing children with gay couples.
Some providers paused services out of fear of legal backlash for not placing children with gay couples.
Figuring Out the Millennial Christian Giver
Here's what an ECFA survey of 16,500 donors to 17 evangelical ministries learned about generosity.
Figuring Out the Millennial Christian Giver. 1 of 9. Research.
Healing the Horrors of Boko HaramSubscriber Access Only
In Nigeria we saw the light of heaven pierce the shadow of evil.
attacks and tribal conflicts (largely arising from land disputes between nomadic and farming communities) have killed thousands, displaced millions, and created a culture of orphans.
In Defense of Pro-Life ‘Hypocrisy’
In Defense of Pro-Life ‘Hypocrisy’
Analogies between abortion and other “life issues” are shakier than we sometimes suppose.
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