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One-on-One with David Hatcher on Theological Education for All
The Church in Brazil is growing through reproducible training.
Ed: You are also involved in teaching other pastors how to implement Sunday Seminary. David: Many pastors, especially Latin pastors, have to see it before they can do it.
Confessions of a Former ‘It’ Church Pastor
We were the hottest church in our area. Then everything imploded.
Finally, after 13 months of confrontation, Gordon and his family stopped attending our services. Only, they didn't really leave. I went from spending all
Ministry in the Present Tense
Unshackle yourself from the tyranny of the past and future.
Some Christians are uncomfortable with the discipline of mindfulness because it is also practiced in some non-Christian traditions like Buddhism. Its
Breaking Church-Growth Barriers: Build A Bigger Leadership Table
Making disciples and exerting cultural influence.
One of the major shifts when a church grows from 125 to 200 attendees and beyond, for example, is that there is a loss of intimacy with the pastors and key leaders.
#Charlottesville, the Christian Response, and Your Church's Call
Silence on matters of hatred and bigotry is antithetical to the gospel.
In the meantime, pastors need to be ready to speak to the issue, but being informed and prophetic. The Rise of the Alt-Right. Bigotry and racism is not new to our country.
Patriotism and the Church: Is It Too Much to Ask Churches to Be Careful?
Anything that replaces the worship of God is idolatry.
degree. Here it is: 53% of Protestant pastors say “our congregation sometimes seems to love America more than God.”. Image: Lifeway Research. Now
How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups
And the shift in leader training that makes all the difference.
Once the training is complete, the new leaders are encouraged to return to their existing groups and co-lead for a while, prior to starting their own group.
Types of Interim Pastors: An Overview
Some ways churches engage interim pastors
Types of Interim Pastors: An Overview. Types of Interim Pastors: An Overview. Some ways churches engage interim pastors |. Ed Stetzer. Image: 1flatworld. 0; tweet; share; email; print.
Don’t Despise Small Town Living: Jesus Didn’t
Capernaum was home to about 1,500 people.
Organizational Leadership. His heart is to equip leaders and pastors to fulfill the God-given call on their lives to reach “One More!” for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Generosity Gap: Christians and Pastors Tithe and Tip for Different Reasons
Survey identifies the main motivations for giving money.
Research. Generosity Gap: Christians and Pastors Tithe and Tip for Different Reasons. Pastors most often see generosity as an attitude (38%) and a response to Christ's love (47%).
Reaching a New Generation with the Bible
We can no longer depend on methods that worked 20 years ago.
Erin Lane, author of Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe, writes of her generation: “Belonging is a lost art. It's not simply that we've chosen not to belong.
Small Church, Big Ministry
God is using 124 people from this historic congregation to feed 145,000.
Then in 2000, Raymie Malloy took on leadership of the church's Social, Mission, and Outreach Ministry, which gave oversight to food collection and distribution.
Robbing God, Literally: 1 in 10 Protestant Churches Experience Embezzlement
Survey finds 1 in 2 only has enough cash for four months of services.
About 1 in 10 Protestant churches has had someone embezzle funds, according to a new survey of 1,000 Protestant senior pastors from LifeWay Research.
Three Keys to Increasing Church Planting Capacity in Denominations
Engage the Planters. Embrace the Pace. Establish the Path.
an organization. Planters can spot each other in a room of pastors. It just is. Normal pastors, and a lot of denominations, feel different to them. That isn
10 Essentials for a Successful Outdoor Event
Don’t let weather, logistics, or Egyptian plagues keep you from taking your service outside.
2. Find your purpose. Don't do this just to do it. Rally around something. The primary purpose of the gathered church should always be to celebrate Jesus.
The BGC Gospel Life Podcast (Ep. 26)
Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus.
Christina Walker, Associate Director of Academic Programs at the Billy Graham Center, talks about what she recently learned from a cohort of pastors from Every Nation.
5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking out of Context
How we get them wrong and what church leaders can do about it.
way.'”. For pastors who encounter this passage in wedding prep, Bianchi suggests saying something like: “It's wonderful you chose this passage. Dream
Being People of Truth in a World of Fake News
Use common sense, desire discernment, and cultivate accountability.
The growing problem of fake news gives pastors and church leaders a great opportunity to teach and challenge Christians to be more discerning about the stories they consume.
The Busy Pastor’s Guide to Inbox Shalom
A clear email inbox is a ministry aid. Here’s how to get (and stay) there.
Maintain Inbox Shalom. Congratulations! You're at Inbox Zero. How do you stay there? Here are three ways to maintain Inbox Shalom. 1. Understand what email is.
Rural Matters: Placing Rural Church Planting Back on the Map
Small town pastors are doing big things for God’s Kingdom.
Rural Matters: Placing Rural Church Planting Back on the Map. Small town pastors are doing big things for God's Kingdom. |. Wes Holland. Image: Wikipedia. 0; tweet; share; email; print.
Top Story August 24, 2017
Learning from Paul to Leverage Networking for Missions
Learning from Paul to Leverage Networking for Missions
The ‘Apostle to the Gentiles’ had an entrepreneurial spirit that helped him spread the Gospel.
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