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The Faith of the ‘Killable People’
Why “prison Pentecostalism” is flourishing among criminals, gang members, and others on society’s margins.
Why “prison Pentecostalism” is flourishing among criminals, gang members, and others on society's margins. The Faith of the 'Killable People'. Why “prison
One-on-One with David Hatcher on Theological Education for All
The Church in Brazil is growing through reproducible training.
Christian churches. There's a lot of Pentecostalism, which uses a lot of the prophecies and visions, but there is very little actual knowledge of scripture. So
Protestantism after 500 Years
By 2040, half of all Protestants will live in Africa.
Two major movements within Christianity, Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism, overlap with Protestantism (as shown in the last diagram in the infographic).
Lovers, Fighters, and the World They Made
Alec Ryrie explores the emotional bonds that have held the Protestant family together for 500 years.
doctrinal. This explains why he concludes that Pentecostalism is now global Protestantism's “main engine.”. The Modern Age and the Protestant Spirit. As
The Rise of Reformed CharismaticsSubscriber Access Only
A 21st-century global movement sets the Word on fire with gospel preaching and powerful spiritual gifts.
He believes the doctrinal foundation and biblical teaching of the Reformed tradition plus the energy and growth of global Pentecostalism could be a recipe for revival.
Exploring Evangelicalism: The Assemblies of God
In this first iteration of the "Exploring Evangelicalism" series, I talk with Dr. George Wood, CEO and General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, USA.
for that. I've also written on why Pentecostals keep growing, and hosted Alton Garrison on The Exchange show to talk about Pentecostalism. Finally, you
3 Important Church Trends in the Next 10 Years
Christianity in the United States may look very different in 10 years.
And, if that trend continues, the math does not look good. Trend #2: Continued Growth of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Movement. The second
Why Female Theologians Take Flak in the Public Square
The potential rewards of celebrity culture are many, but so are the risks.
Leah Payne is an assistant professor of Christian studies at George Fox University and author of Gender and Pentecostalism: Making a Female Ministry in the Early Twentieth Century
Immigrants Are Reshaping American MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Latino congregations are launching their own international partnerships to support ministries and churches in their homelands.
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They date back more than a century and are closely tied to Pentecostalism—birthed, for example, from the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles in 1906 and from the growth of New York
Why Do These Pentecostals Keep Growing?
Many evangelical churches and denominations are in a state of plateau or decline. Why aren’t Pentecostals?
In almost all Pentecostalism (as contrasted to other continualist streams) speaking in tongues follows the Holy Spirit's baptism. Nominals don't populate Pentecostalism, so it grows.
The Story Behind Trump’s Controversial Prayer Partner
What Paula White’s Washington moment implies for the prosperity gospel’s future.
A movement within Pentecostalism, Word of Faith emphasizes positivity and prosperity; it's often summarized by outsiders as “name it and claim it.” Horton considers elements of this
Why Christian Scholars Loved Peter Berger
His sympathetic treatment of faith made him a rock star among Christ-following academics.
was not inevitable, Berger turned his attention to some of the most remarkable examples of resurgent religion in our time—topics like global Pentecostalism and evangelical scholarship
Morning Roundup 11/20/14
Overspending Churches; Converting Catholics; Bob Jones University Investigation
Morgan Lee with some helpful statistical perspective on Latin America. We continue to see a dramatic shift toward Pentecostalism in Latin America. Enthusiasm
The Church's Three-Part HarmonySubscriber Access Only
Why evangelical, sacramental, and Pentecostal Christians belong together in one body.
The Church's Three-Part Harmony. Why evangelical, sacramental, and Pentecostal Christians belong together in one body. Michael Bird| March 17, 2017.
Hillsong Church at a Glance
What is Hillsong Church like, beyond the music that just about everyone sings?
Hillsong adds professionalism and positivity to their Pentecostalism. They are Pentecostal, which is not surprising given that most of the largest churches in Australia are.
Why Rio Was Upset a Pastor Didn’t Come to Carnival
Evangelicals have mixed feelings about mayor Marcelo Crivella, the latest symbol of Protestant ascendancy in Catholic Brazil.
Evangelicals have mixed feelings about mayor Marcelo Crivella, the latest symbol of Protestant ascendancy in Catholic Brazil.
Understanding the Charismatic Movement
Over 300 million people in the world are considered charismatic Christians.
This is one part of a whole series of various streams of Pentecostalism. In a sense, Pentecostalism was entering the mainline (the Episcopal Church, no less) and this was news.
Morning Roundup 11/21/13
Pentecostals and Charismatics; Life Apart from God; Ted Turner and Heaven
Mark Devine. The Gospel Coalition shares a helpful article on the rise of Pentecostalism and Charismatics. Where in the world did all these Pentecostals and charismatics come from?
The Third Wave: The Continualist Movement Continues
What is the Third Wave Charismatic Movement?
|. Ed Stetzer. Image: worldrevivalnetwork / flickr. 0; tweet; share; email; print. This is just one part of an entire series on various streams of Pentecostalism. Here is the rest of the series:
Know the Heretics: A Book Interview with Justin Holcomb
Justin Holcomb answers questions about his new book on heresy throughout church history.
persons within the Godhead. Modalism is seen today in the "Oneness" sect of Pentecostalism, which clearly denies the doctrine of the Trinity. In the Modalist
Top Story March 24, 2018
Bill Hybels Accused of Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders
Bill Hybels Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders
John and Nancy Ortberg, others confront megachurch with its own #MeToo moment. “The charges against me are false,” says Hybels of former friends’ “collusion.”
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