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Billy Graham, Martin Luther King Jr., and Having a Dream
Lessons from the life of Dr. King
There are certainly a whole myriad of different lessons one could learn from looking closely at the life of Dr. King—lessons about faith, dedication, perseverance, struggle, failures, and
Theology for Life (Ep. 11): Crisis of Doubt/Perseverance in Faith
Dr. Timothy Larsen is the McManis Professor of Christian Thought at Wheaton College.
Feb 15, 2017. theology, podcast. Theology for Life (Ep. 11): Crisis of Doubt/Perseverance in Faith. Theology for Life (Ep. 11): Crisis of Doubt/Perseverance in Faith.
Fruitful Near-Culture Church Planters: A Qualitative Study (Part 2)
A survey of near-culture church planters
More importantly, it is also no surprise that the Bible has something to say about perseverance as the key to success. This quality of perseverance, or
A Brief History of Recent Movements
7 constants representing 2 commitments
two primary commitments. First, a commitment to perseverance in faith, believing the promises of God that He will build the church. Second, a missional
Theology for Life (Ep. 8): The Kingdom of God
Dr. Nick Perrin, Dean of the Graduate School at Wheaton College, joins the conversation.
But our actions must also follow. Perrin says that what we need today is an emphasis on prayer, proclamation, and perseverance as we work towards the Kingdom of God.
5 Ways to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions
The holy work of change requires a power much greater than personal discipline.
We become more like Christ over the length of our lifetimes, so “let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Heb.12:1). 2. Reorient your desires.
Is Filling That ‘God-Shaped Hole’ God’s Plan for Our Lives?
Maybe we’re not supposed to be satisfied.
finish line” into eternity. As the writer of Hebrews entreats us to do, they have “run with perseverance,” their eyes locked on Jesus (Heb. 12:1–2). They
Dying to Self and Living for Christ
Why We Must Surrender and Sacrifice Daily in Order to Know Jesus More
unexpected opportunities to stretch our muscle of sacrifice, there are also ways we can strategically place ourselves in situations that cause us to grow in our perseverance to further the
Three Theological Reasons Why We Can't Afford Not to Pray for Each Other
Classic doctrines that show us why we must intercede for Christians who are struggling with sin.
James explains how we achieve perfection in Christ: “You know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work
Fruitful Near-Culture Church Planters: A Qualitative Study (Part 1)
A survey of near-culture church planters
We found it interesting that it was specifically these near-culture workers who rated perseverance as the key driver of their faithfulness, something that was not true in our other studies
Beautiful Word: The Story of the ESV Illuminated Bible
Renowned designer Dana Tanamachi brings modern illustrations to the ancient text.
know exactly what the end result is going to be. Tanamachi: The project taught me perseverance. Some days, [the work] does come really naturally, and
3 Ways Suffering Produces Sanctification
Suffering for the believer is never without purpose.
testing. As we go through trials, we develop greater perseverance to deal with increased challenges. Consider James's words on the subject: Consider
In ‘Stranger Things 2,’ No One Is Safe from Trauma’s Haunting
The second season of Netflix’s groundbreaking series explores the dire consequences of ignoring suffering.
t exist. Almost every plot line in the second season is about the importance of perseverance in relationships to survive the effects of trauma. Hop and
How to Transform Ministry Disappointment into Hope
What you are doing matters, even when fruit appears to be scarce.
How to Transform Ministry Disappointment into Hope. What you are doing matters, even when fruit appears to be scarce. Scott Sauls. 0; tweet; link. share;
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Graduating From College Is Hard—But Not Impossible
How I overcame the language and financial hurdles that threatened to derail me.
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Dr. Ramirez recently invited Donna to discuss education and the value of perseverance. I discovered the power of perseverance and absolute faith in God during those college years.
Confessions of a Middle-Aged White Woman: 5 Leadership Lessons on the Way to Diversity
Cru leader Cas Monaco shares her journey to racial understanding.
Over the course of our time together, the floor-to-ceiling windows around the room were dotted with sticky notes. Words exposing sorrow and injustice, perseverance and patience.
Pro-Life Christian or Pro-Justice Christian? Yes.
Are Christians supposed to be pro-life or pro-justice? Kelly Rosati shares: we ought to be both.
From the pro-life perspective, I have learned about perseverance and faithfulness to the truth, even when it's the most unpopular position in the world.
3 Tips for Reaching the Dechurched
Every church should be thinking about how to reach the dechurched
But we're recognizing it takes a long time so everything done needs to be tempered with love and perseverance. This is an issue of patience and endurance with rewards over time.
To Close or Revitalize: That Is the Question—7 Steps to Know
How can you know if it's time for you to revitalize your church or write its eulogy?
It takes leadership, commitment to the mission, and strong ability to lead people to change patterns that have been established over many years, and perseverance to lead through
How Churches Can Partner with Outside Counselors
It’s about supplementing, not replacing, pastoral care.
As I watched, I began to wonder, what is next for these people? How can the balm of prayer on Sunday become an entry gate to transformational change or perseverance in suffering?
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
'America's pastor' shaped modern evangelicalism.
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