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Gender and the Christian Standard Bible: Trevin Wax Answers My Questions
I spoke with CSB publisher Trevin Wax.
A recent article in The Atlantic claimed that the CSB has embraced a gender-inclusive translation philosophy. Then, Denny Burk responded and said that the CSB does not.
Templeton Prize Winner: Alvin Plantinga, Who Proved God’s Not Dead in Academia
Christian philosopher honored with $1.4 million award for reshaping theism.
Calvin College. The man who brought belief in God back into the study of philosophy, Alvin Plantinga, has received the 2017 Templeton Prize. The 84
Why You Most Certainly Will Fail to Reach Your Secular Friends
Many have never been given a single reason as to why God is relevant to their lives.
Khaldoun Sweis is Tutor of Philosophy at Oxford University and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Olive-Harvey College in Chicago. He blogs at
Stephen Mansfield: Why So Many Conservative Christians Wanted a ‘Pagan Brawler’ in the White HouseSubscriber Access Only
And how their choice of Trump has affected the church since last year’s election.
Peale privately believed in “born again” Christianity, but Trump fed from the stream in Peale's thought that was essentially secular motivational philosophy.
The Power of Polarity
It’s past time the ongoing divide between justice and evangelism was broken down.
York came to faith as an atheist while studying philosophy at the University of Michigan. He holds an MA in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary.
Christians in Film: Why I'm Going to See The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
Some thoughts on Christian movies... and some hope...
A main focus of the series was on Harvest's philosophy of communicating, which emphasizes “truth and grace.” This philosophy inspired key scenes in the film, which, according to
No Child Left Behind Comes to AwanaSubscriber Access Only
The children’s ministry rethinks the competition at its core.
“Art followed [Latham's] philosophy: leaders need to offer incentives which cause the less motivated to stretch toward goals beyond,” Awana: God's Miracle records.
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 1
Don't overlook the philosophical importance of worship facilities.
(That's very Dutch Reformed, trust me.). 2. Worship Facilities Can Reflect a Philosophy of Ministry. For some churches, their use of space reflects their philosophy of ministry.
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Ethics and Theology Professor on Why Trump is the Best Candidate for President
Ethics & Religion professor endorses Mr. Trump
apologist, evangelist, and theologian. He has taught theology, philosophy, and apologetics on the college or graduate level for over 50 years. He has served
Suffering in Cyberspace
The unique process of learning to suffer well online.
to suffer well. If not, I will offer another lament—perhaps on Facebook. Douglas R. Groothuis is professor of philosophy at Denver Seminary. He is the
Q&A: Ministering to Gang Members Is God’s Work
Why a juvenile justice advocate builds relationships with Chicago’s most vulnerable young men.
feelings. What's your philosophy of ministry? My ministry is a beautiful thing in that it's not really formal. It's my lifestyle. It's my life choice. It's just who I am.
The Louisiana Flooding, Part 3: On The Ground With Relief Agencies And How You Can Get Involved
More on what's happening and how you can help.
of flooding. Ed: What is the philosophy of disaster relief within your organization, and how long have you been engaging in relief efforts? Haas: Samaritan's
One on One with the Small Church Pastor who "Took Over" the SBC Pastors Conference to Highlight Smaller Churches
An "average" church pastor is the president of the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference.
Quite frankly, we wanted to do something different—a different approach with different speakers and a different philosophy. Ed: Was this a repudiation of the large churches?
Let’s Save the University from Secular Privilege
The academy has lost its pluralism. Here’s how the church can help find it.
out what Jesus thinks about your discipline.” For Marsden, he called it the “outrageous idea of Christian scholarship.” For Benedict, it was integrated from the top, from philosophy, really.
Has Christian Psychology Lost Its Place at Southern Seminary?
(UPDATED) President Albert Mohler speaks to CT about the controversy over a longtime professor’s departure.
In the clip, Lambert reads from Johnson's work and calls his philosophy “dangerous,” “slander,” “corrupt,” and a “mockery of God's Word.” He clarified, in the wake of the petition, that
The Future of the SBC—State Conventions
4 ideas from small denominations.
What Should We Make of Our Current Missiological Philosophy? I think we need to rethink our missiological philosophy and learn from the smaller, more nimble denominations.
Why Are Pro-Lifers Borrowing Pro-Choice Philosophy?
Pre-Roe v. Wade, the pro-life movement vehemently denounced the idea that the end justifies the means.
Why Are Pro-Lifers Borrowing Pro-Choice Philosophy? Daniel K. Williams| February 3, 2016. Why Are Pro-Lifers Borrowing Pro-Choice Philosophy?
I Never Became Straight. Perhaps That Was Never God’s Goal.Subscriber Access Only
Why I embraced the Bible's sexual ethic before I understood it.
Back at Yale, in my first philosophy class, we discussed Descartes's famous statement, cogito ergo sum, “I think, therefore I am,” and how it influenced his understanding of reality and
Died: Robert Jenson, ‘America’s Theologian’
The lifelong Lutheran and ecumenical leader shaped a generation with new scholarship on the Trinity, salvation, and systematics.
After seminary, Jenson began teaching in the department of religion and philosophy at his alma mater, then moved to Heidelberg, Germany, to work on his dissertation on Karl Barth's
How Evangelism Can Be Woven Into All Parts Of An Academic Institution
Evangelism should be a value that shapes all Christian academic institutions.
In this edition of The Exchange, I want to share with you a recent note Dr. Bishop (a professor of physics and philosophy) wrote to the schools that have begun to incorporate an
What to Make of Karl Barth’s Steadfast Adultery
What to Make of Karl Barth’s Steadfast Adultery
Do the recent revelations discredit his theology?
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