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Templeton Prize Winner: Alvin Plantinga, Who Proved God’s Not Dead in Academia
Christian philosopher honored with $1.4 million award for reshaping theism.
The man who brought belief in God back into the study of philosophy, Alvin Plantinga, has received the 2017 Templeton Prize. The 84-year-old Christian
Gordon College’s Entire Faculty Senate Resigns
Professors challenge administration’s promotion process.
time to time. Last year, a philosophy professor—no longer at Gordon—filed a suit alleging discipline over her criticism of Lindsay's stance. The college
Why You Most Certainly Will Fail to Reach Your Secular Friends
Many have never been given a single reason as to why God is relevant to their lives.
Khaldoun Sweis is Tutor of Philosophy at Oxford University and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Olive-Harvey College in Chicago. He blogs at
Q&A with Trevin Wax, Publisher of the Newly Revised Christian Standard Bible (CSB)
The Holman Christian Standard Bible is updated and revised.
Ed: In practical terms, explain the CSB translation philosophy of Optimal Equivalence and how it differs from Formal Equivalence and Dynamic Equivalence?
Trump’s Supreme Court Pick: Religious Freedom Defender Neil Gorsuch
Scholarly Denver judge who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby would fill Scalia's seat as the court's only Protestant.
Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission president Russell Moore joined 60 evangelical leaders who signed a letter in support of Gorsuch and his judicial philosophy.
How Black and White Christians Do Discipleship Differently
Survey: African Americans value spiritual formation in community, while whites prefer the opposite.
“In a mentoring small group, your learning is going to be enhanced because you're not just hearing the philosophy of one person; rather you are drawing near to God by sharing in the
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 1
Don't overlook the philosophical importance of worship facilities.
(That's very Dutch Reformed, trust me.). 2. Worship Facilities Can Reflect a Philosophy of Ministry. For some churches, their use of space reflects their philosophy of ministry.
Whatever Is Pure: Cedarville Requires Professors to Apply Philippians 4:8
Faculty push back against stricter standards keeping curse words, R-rated movies, and sexual content out of their curricula.
has replaced its president and vice president, terminated faculty over theological positions (even when in agreement with its doctrinal statement), eliminated its philosophy major, and
5 Books More Christian High Schoolers Should ReadSubscriber Access Only
Matthew Farrelly recommends some overlooked classics.
5 Books More Christian High Schoolers Should Read. Matthew Farrelly recommends some overlooked classics. Matthew Farrelly| April 21, 2017. 5 Books
The Future of the SBC—State Conventions
4 ideas from small denominations.
What Should We Make of Our Current Missiological Philosophy? I think we need to rethink our missiological philosophy and learn from the smaller, more nimble denominations.
How Brainy Women Benefit the Church
A recent study suggests that intelligence is often associated with masculinity, not femininity.
[and] can have lasting consequences.”Citing a parallel study, Yong also notes that “in many academic fields, like physics, math, and philosophy, people believe that success depends
New & Noteworthy BooksSubscriber Access Only
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
level of their being.”Torn Asundergathers more than a dozen essays, written by Protestants and Catholics, examining divorce through the lenses of theology, philosophy, politics, law
On Immigration, Welcoming the Stranger Is Only One Piece of the PuzzleSubscriber Access Only
Why Christians should support reforms that recognize both the dignity of immigrants and the rule of law.
short. Amstutz outlines a “communitarian” political philosophy, which acknowledges the legitimacy of sovereign nations, borders, and cultural cohesion.
Why Are Pro-Lifers Borrowing Pro-Choice Philosophy?
Pre-Roe v. Wade, the pro-life movement vehemently denounced the idea that the end justifies the means.
Why Are Pro-Lifers Borrowing Pro-Choice Philosophy? Daniel K. Williams| February 3, 2016. Why Are Pro-Lifers Borrowing Pro-Choice Philosophy?
How Evangelism Can Be Woven Into All Parts Of An Academic Institution
Evangelism should be a value that shapes all Christian academic institutions.
In this edition of The Exchange, I want to share with you a recent note Dr. Bishop (a professor of physics and philosophy) wrote to the schools that have begun to incorporate an
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Top Story April 28, 2017
Together for the Gospels: Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators Transforms Giving
Together for the Gospels: Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators Transforms Giving
Lessons learned from illumiNations initiative could transform giving to other causes.
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