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Many Practicing Christians Agree with Marxism (and Other Competing Worldviews)
Barna also examines the influence of postmodernism, secularism, and ‘new spirituality’ in the pews.
Barna also examines the influence of postmodernism, secularism, and 'new spirituality' in the pews. Many Practicing Christians Postmodernism. While most practicing
Died: Thomas Oden, Methodist Theologian Who Found Classical Christianity
His contribution to theology: nothing new. And that's what made him famous.
speeches on such topics as church and the world, church controversies, evangelicalism, Kierkegaard, the Methodist church, church discipline, John Wesley, postmodernism, and others.
Glennon Doyle Melton's Gospel of Self-Fulfillment
Why living your truth bravely isn't enough.
Why living your truth bravely isn't enough.
The Myth of the Secular Apocalypse
An excerpt from 'How to Survive the Apocalypse.'
The social theorist Jean-François Lyotard famously said that a defining feature of postmodernism is “incredulity toward metanarratives”; in other words, postmodern people tend to view
The Difference between 'Platform' and Pastoral LeadershipSubscriber Access Only
Australia pastor Mark Sayers says influence has to be about more than book sales and retweets.
In your 20s you founded several unconventional churches designed to reach people shaped by postmodernism. Then you became disillusioned with that approach. What happened?
Os Guinness: Welcome to the 'Grand Age of Apologetics'
With the era of 'Christian consensus' coming to a close, we have a fresh opportunity to make the gospel appealing.
We have to see that it's not just ideas that are shaping us; it's modernity itself. Even today most apologetics deals with ideas—modernism, postmodernism, relativism, secularism.
What Tim Keller Does BestSubscriber Access Only
A review of Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism.
Raising Jesus KidsSubscriber Access Only
Hint: It's not about having all the right answers.
you. This drove society for three hundred years. The shift to postmodernism began in our childhoods and absolutely defines the next generation. Their
Farewell, Cultural ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
How a changing landscape can strengthen our witness.
Inherent ViceSubscriber Access Only
The center was not holding.
And that's not where the similarities end. (If a whiff of the term “postmodernism” makes you break out in hives, abandon ship now, because that's what we're about to talk about.).
Digging For TruthSubscriber Access Only
Josh McDowell on the Bible's truthworthiness, the internet, and the future of the church
Five Ways to Cut to the Heart of Non-Christian IdeasSubscriber Access Only
Nancy Pearcey equips believers with tools to expose error and promote truth.
In this case, how can Darwinism claim to be true? Postmodernism is self-defeating, too, because it makes truth claims while simultaneously denying the very possibility of objective truth.
Together, Without GodSubscriber Access Only
New atheist communities look a lot like church.
Is Gospel Amnesia Creating a Third Great Schism?Subscriber Access Only
Andrew Walker and Robin Parry seek wisdom from the Christian past to heal modern-day church divisions.
Is Gospel Amnesia Creating a Third Great Schism? Andrew Walker and Robin Parry seek wisdom from the Christian past to heal modern-day church divisions.
Thursday Is for Turkey: The Church in Sardis
It was easier back then. They didn't face the same sort of diversity and apathy we see today. They had more money back then. Oh, and now we've got postmodernism.
Catholics on the Evangelical TrailSubscriber Access Only
George Weigel heralds an "Evangelical Catholicism" whose adherents strive to bring Jesus into every area of life.
is for finders." Can you elaborate? Postmodernism is about your truth and my truth, but never about the truth. Evangelical Catholicism, like all Great-Tradition
The Gospel Is More Than a Story: Rethinking Narrative and TestimonySubscriber Access Only
Story is all the rage. Everyone wants to tell their personal narrative or to give the Bible a simpler and more relevant plot. Maybe it isn't such a good idea.
Before we knew the terms "narrative theology" or "emergent church" or "postmodernism," we knew the stories and events: "In the beginning was the Word …"; "Now the word of the Lord
Why We Should Reexamine the Faith of Barack ObamaSubscriber Access Only
How Christians might think about the Gospel and the President.
sinned by doubting God's goodness or wisdom (John 17:4). To update the language of German liberal theologians like Martin Kähler, this is the Jesus of postmodernism, Christ for a
Mike Daisey, Apple, and Our Culture's Crisis in Truth-TellingSubscriber Access Only
Are "emotional truths" acceptable if they lead to greater awareness? How we answer matters a great deal.
Daisey's and the students' reactions could be a sign of postmodernism run amok. But I tend to think it has more to do with the current culture of truth-telling. Or the lack thereof.
'I'm Dad, the Babysitter,' and Other Cultural MythsSubscriber Access Only
As more parents spend time working at home, the entire family benefits.
basis. Whatever the reason—recession, postmodernism, feminism—the culture of the dual parent home is beginning to more often include the father.
Top Story July 23, 2017
How God Sent His Word to An Iraqi Interpreter
How God Sent His Word to An Iraqi Interpreter
I saw an American soldier reading his Bible, and I wanted to know more.
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