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Theology for Life (Ep. 14): Why Theology & Discipleship Are Interwoven
Dr. Keith Johnson is Associate Professor of Theology at Wheaton College.
What does it look like for the Church to take seriously our call of theology as discipleship? First, Johnson says, we must remember that we are all theologians.
Exposing the Truth about Honor and Shame
The Four Dimensions Christians Must Understand
21. This event brings together biblical scholars, theologians, missiologists, and practitioners for learning and collaboration on the topic of honor-shame.
Died: Thomas Oden, Methodist Theologian Who Found Classical Christianity
His contribution to theology: nothing new. And that's what made him famous.
“Tom Oden was unique among evangelical theologians,” said Dan Reid, editorial director of IVP Academic, which paid tribute to Oden's prolific work:
Theology for Life (Ep. 3): Mary in Art and Icons
Associate Professor of Art History embraces Mary and Jesus in art
What can we learn from the icons of Mary and Jesus about God the Father and about the Incarnation? What does it mean that Mary is known by theologians as theotokos?
Theology for Life: Launching a New Weekly Podcast I Am Co-Hosting with Wheaton Professor Lynn Cohick
Follow us on Twitter and iTunes.
Because we are right here, surrounded by some of the leading theologians and scholars in the world, sometimes we will include other Wheaton College faculty.
The Complementarian Women Behind the Trinity TussleSubscriber Access Only
For complementarian women, the debate was more than abstract.
Goligher. He stated that theologians Bruce Ware and Wayne Grudem are distorting Trinitarian relations in order to uphold their view of gender roles.
Christians to Science: Leave Our Bodies How God Made Them
Pew examines how US religious groups feel about the ways that biomedicine can enhance human abilities.
“According to many theologians, the idea that human beings in certain ways mirror God make some, but not all, religious denominations within this broad set of connected traditions
Fundamentalists, Modernists, and the Rest of the Story
Early 20th-century evangelical history was more than two camps lobbing grenades at each other.
Fundamentalists, Modernists, and the Rest of the Story. Early 20th-century evangelical history was more than two camps lobbing grenades at each other.
Guard Your Study Time with a Blowtorch
…and other strategies for becoming a Pastor Theologian.
Read those theologians whose writings have shaped the church's knowledge of and love for God: theologians like Augustine and Basil, Calvin and Luther, Wesley and Edwards
The Armageddon Code—An End Times Interview with Billy Hallowell
The return of Christ remains, as ever, a topic of great interest.
a pre-tribulation rapture, but this book afforded me an opportunity to dive deep inside of the minds of some of the most well-known eschatological experts, pastors and theologians to ask
Sarah Bessey: In Praise of Everyday Theologians Subscriber Access Only
God-talk isn’t just for academia. It’s for laundry rooms, gyms, hospitals, and everywhere else.
Opinion | Pop Culture. Sarah Bessey: In Praise of Everyday Theologians. God-talk isn't just for academia. It's for laundry rooms, gyms, hospitals, and everywhere else.
Evenly Split, Southern Baptists Pick President after Candidate Quits
J. D. Greear withdraws from unusually tight SBC election, making Steve Gaines the next leader.
But the convention has continued inching right as a generation of pastors inspired by Southern Seminary president Al Mohler and other reform theologians assumes leadership.
Leadership Development According to Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Bonhoeffer's wisdom on leadership endures.
Since theological education in his day produced “out-of-touch theologians and clerics whose ability to live the Christian life—and to help others live that life—was not much in evidence
Urban Mix-and-Match Religion Didn't Start with Nick Cannon
Why this 'new spirituality' is really just old-fashioned syncretism.
Because it caused confusion, theologians such as Justin Martyr and Irenaeus of Lyons confronted these philosophies to clarify the biblical position and expose the lies of the heresy.
Adam and Eve Can't Save Your Marriage
What Bruce Feiler's reading of 'the first love story' leaves out.
a practicing Jew, relies only on Genesis, not any New Testament interpretations—each chapter leans on a panoply of commentators, ranging from feminist theologians to psychologists
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Top Story May 29, 2017
Do This in Remembrance
Do This in Remembrance
Participating in the “high holy day” of American civil religion is beneficial for Christians, so long as we do so thoughtfully.
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