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Southern Baptists Repudiate the Confederate Flag
(UPDATED) SBC is first of three evangelical groups seeking racial unity after Ferguson and Charleston.
Next week, a third evangelical group will take up issues of race. our failure to seek justice and to love mercy during the Civil Rights period significantly hinders present-day efforts for
Only One-Third of Pastors Share 'Left Behind' End Times Theology
Here's how 1,000 Protestant clergy disagree on the rapture, the Antichrist, and other points of eschatology.
A third (31%) believe in amillennialism, the view that there's no 1,000-year reign—instead Jesus already rules the The rest of the details don't affect the day-to-day life of most Christians.
The Major Money Problems of Church Planters vs. Other Pastors
Why your pastors can't save themselves.
Almost one-third of pastors (31%) say they are under quite a lot of financial pressure. 4 told Barna they were either “just making ends meet” (41%), “struggling to keep up with day-to-day
Pew: How Evangelicals Live Out Their Faith in 32 Aspects of Everyday Life
Survey compares American Christians on evangelism, exercise, eating, recycling, and dozens more.
and practices go beyond prayer and church attendence to influence the day-to-day lives of half report attending family gatherings at least once a month (49%), while a third get together
Christian Women Worldwide Are The Most Religious … and the Most Persecuted
Thousands of US churches urged to ‘stand with the persecuted’ this Sunday.
This Sunday, many American churches will observe “Stand with the Persecuted,” a day of activism And about a third of the world's women (33.7%) identify as Christian, larger than any
Sundance Diary – Day 3: ‘Love & Friendship,’ ‘Certain Women,’ and ‘Mammal’
The third day included films led by women as they deal with grief, desire, and the absurdity of life.
The third day included films led by women as they deal with grief, desire, and the absurdity of life. Sundance Diary – Day 3: 'Love & Friendship,' 'Certain Women,' and 'Mammal'.
8 Charts on Which Evangelicals Will (and Won't) Vote Trump on Super Tuesday
Leaders seem to have little influence on voters. Church attendance might have much more.
Those in the Church of God (22%), Seventh-day Adventists (19%), and Assemblies of God However, in South Carolina about a third (34%) of self-identified evangelicals voted for Trump
Where John Piper and Other Evangelicals Stand on Black Lives Matter
Stats on the racial reconciliation debate spanning from InterVarsity's Urbana conference to Russell Moore's NYT op-ed.
About a third of evangelicals (35%) believe racism is a problem of the past; 13 percent The same day Moore's essay was published, Desiring God's Piper explained on his podcast how
Weekend Edition—April 1, 2016
More fun than you can imagine.
“This is our third worship leader who's been sucked into a PCBV (Perpetual Chorus-Bridge Vortex) in the past year.”. In case it hasn't dawned on you yet, Happy April Fool's Day!
Israeli Christians Think and Do Almost the Opposite of American Evangelicals
New Pew survey finds big differences in political views and religious practices.
Ever since, American Christians have largely supported the modern-day Zion; in 2013, 82 percent of About a third of all Israelis (36%) and Christians (31%) said that threats of violence
The Future of Music in the Church
Music changes in every generation and we should appreciate it.
I think the third category will grow as well. At the end of the day, my church is more contemporary, because we think that approach engages our community well.
20 Truths from Bound to be Free by D.A. Horton
Nothing in life is like freedom in Christ.
9. We must make the conscious decision every day to fight our fleshly belief that peace with God is a feeling and The third guideline is God's affection for every single one of His children
Super Bowl Theology: How Americans See God's Role in the Big Game
Surveys suggest Christians believe much more prosperity gospel than Calvinism is at play.
“Our previous research has shown most Americans think God is concerned with their day-to-day decisions,” said Scott Roughly one-third (31%) say they are likely to be doing both.
Amplifying Evangelism—Stay the Course
Keep your church evangelistically focused over the long term
Being swept up in the current of the after effects of church launch day or revitalization plan isn 10–15 hours for administration; the second block is 10–15 hours for ministry; the third is 10
Jerry Bridges' Pursuit of Holiness Has Come to an End
The beloved Navigators author and Bible teacher died Sunday.
The third is that the pursuit of holiness involves our most diligent efforts, but with a dependence on to Christ; rather, all of us who are believers need the gospel every day because we
Displaying 1 – 15 of 999 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 1, 2016
Go Ahead, Evangelicals: Use the P-Word
Go Ahead, Evangelicals: Use the P-Word
Only some believers are ordained. But all are priests.
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