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Stay the Course: Keeping a Church Evangelistically Focused after the Launch
Church planting is similar to running a marathon.
Being swept up in the current of the after effects of launch day isn't necessarily bad, but hours for administration; the second block sets aside 10–15 hours for ministry; the third block sets
When Questions Reflect Issues of the Heart: A New Evangelism for a New Day
The questions have changed, but the needs are the same.
That day, as I picked up my Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee, Sam posed a tough question to me. A third wondered how a loving God could send anyone to hell.
One-on-One with Peyton Jones on "Reaching the Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art"
"I think that every believer has this hidden yet reluctant adventurer inside of them."
Can you tell us what you find inspiring about Indiana Jones? Peyton: Indiana has an unassuming day job. After the third plant, there was nobody left behind.
Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump’s ‘America First’ Budget
Group of 100 prominent Christians worry severe cuts to foreign aid will reverse progress at reducing poverty.
Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Third Day also signed [full list below]. Tom Lin, President & CEO InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Third Day Christian Rock Band.
Here’s the Million-Dollar Answer to How Persecuted Christians Persevere
Under Caesar’s Sword researchers release final analysis of 25 countries.
The third and least-used strategy is confrontation, or openly challenging the persecution or creativity, courage, nimbleness, theological conviction, and hope for a future day of freedom.”.
The Science of Sinning LessSubscriber Access Only
What new research reveals about self-control and willpower.
A third symptom is that temptation becomes more alluring. Something counter. They were there the day before, and I hadn't given them much attention.
What Is Biblical Preaching? Driving the Sermon
Shiloh Church pastor-teacher contributes to an ongoing series
As he preached to the masses in Jerusalem that day, he didn't exegete on specific passage of scripture, but rather said, “Let me tell you what you're This is the third post in a series.
Trump Grants Russell Moore One of His Top 2017 Wishes
President restores Mexico City Policy banning the funding of foreign abortions.
Today's order on the Mexico City Policy was among three the new president signed on his third day in office as part of his administration's plan to make policy changes in such areas as
What is Biblical Preaching? Meeting the Needs of the People I Serve
“I’m just one beggar telling another beggar where I found bread.”
guarantee that during football season, there will be people who are only attending every third Sunday us to speak what we should speak, just as he did with Peter on the day of Pentecost
When Evangelism Really Isn’t That Hard
Director of the BGCE Evangelism Initiative offers a guide on where we begin.
Third, I asked follow-up questions along the lines where Peter opened up his heart. Her boyfriend returned the very day before I met Allegra only to inform her he met somebody better in
Most Read Posts of 2016 (11-20)
It's that time of year.
to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with
Three Church-Planting Practices That Need To Die
Humility in community for the glory of God
to be a community of people who walk together Sunday through Saturday and who see each day as an opportunity to worship God and draw others into His Kingdom. Third, we must
Embracing Valentine’s Day Disappointment
Why a holiday of unmet expectations leads me to the Resurrection.
For me, Valentine's Day looks like almost every other day and involves laundry, schoolwork, a scramble to In the third century, the Roman Empire under Claudius II had grown vast and
Breaking the 200 Barrier: New Vintage Church in Richland, Washington
Church seeks to meet the needs of unbelievers in southwest Washington State
One day at a pastors' luncheon, early in our planting journey, another church planter friend asked me The third way to lead that will help cause numerical growth is to stay the course with
Hispanic Evangelicals & Politics Today: My Interview with Gabriel Salguero
Rev. Salguero is the founder of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) and a pastor in Orlando, FL
and are realizing that the dearth of viable political options calls us to carve a third way that will We are praying for a new day when evangelicalism is not seen as the religious face of any
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Top Story April 26, 2017
Whatever Is Pure: Cedarville Requires Professors to Apply Philippians 4:8
Whatever Is Pure: Cedarville Requires Professors to Apply Philippians 4:8
Faculty push back against stricter standards keeping curse words, R-rated movies, and sexual content out of their curricula.
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