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How We’re Encouraging Chicago Church Planters This Fall
Join us this month at Progressive Baptist Church in downtown Chicago.
in Chicago is a stunning blend of historic skyscrapers and some of nature's finest green spaces. Matt Solie is planting Village Church which launched this fall and meets in River West in
Inside the Museum of the BibleSubscriber Access Only
The new museum wants to ignite passion for the Word through high-tech wizardry and scholarly detachment. Can it do it all?
Founded as an organization by Hobby Lobby president Steve Green in 2010, MOTB is We are in Nazareth Village, an immersive walkthrough experience on the New Testament side of
Missions Sunday: The Missing Key to the Refugee Crisis: Christian Hospitality towards Muslims (Part One)
A biblical view of hospitality can offer a corrective to the current view of refugees.
Even more significant were his plans to arrange for lodging and food in the Samaritan village. hospitality but a welcome that embraces fully the message of peace” (Green 1997, Kindle
Cambodia’s Child Sex Industry Is Dwindling—And They Have Christians to ThankSubscriber Access Only
From rescues to legal reform, a faithful minority changed the country’s criminal landscape.
The police caravan jolts to a stop by a green metal shack in front of the White Building Meanwhile, AIM continues its community-building work in Svay Pak, a 10,000-person village with a
How a Hotshot New Yorker Found Jesus in ParaguaySubscriber Access Only
Es complicado.
Evening quiet has settled on Tuna, Ava'i, Caazapá, a rural village situated hours from any Also my light complexion, green eyes, and baby face serve to reaffirm the stereotype that los
From Tent City to Tiny Houses
Churches try hip solution to aid the homeless.
One occupant at Green Street Church is working 40 hours a week at $8 an hour, trying to the homeless planned by Mobile Loaves & Fishes ministry in Austin, Texas, and a village of tiny
If the Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, What Next?Subscriber Access Only
How churches and pastors should respond.
If the Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, What Next? How churches and pastors should respond. Timothy Dalrymple, Jim Daly, and Elodie Ballantine Emig| June 26, 2013.
What Can Christians Learn From the Surge in Mormon Youth Missionaries?Subscriber Access Only
Experts weigh in on how to engage young people.
What Can Christians Learn From the Surge in Mormon Youth Missionaries? Experts weigh in on how to engage young people. Greg Stier, John Divito, Kara Powell| May 13, 2013.
The Exchange
New blog name and a new blog home
natural connection. And, Christianity Today is something of a "village green" (with thanks to Michael Horton for use of the phrase). In evangelicalism, we
Incredible Indian Christianity: A Special Report on the World’s Most Vibrant Christward MovementSubscriber Access Only
Why it’s the best and worst of times for India’s burgeoning churches.
Another woman in a green sari thrashes silently before staring Lal in the eyes and saying Meanwhile, hundreds of village pastors have replicated Yeshu Darbar's name and approach.
Kulandei FrancisSubscriber Access Only
His development program empowers women through financial savings.
Through the Integrated Village Development Project (IVDP), an NGO headquartered in the Andrew Peterson. Sajan George. Christine Moseley. Ryan and Amy Green. Becca Stevens.
Is Cage Fighting Ethical for Christians?Subscriber Access Only
Observers weigh in on participating in or watching sports and violence.
Previous Village Green sections have discussed virtual fellowship, online dating, Muslim-Christian relations, military drones, terminal illness, marijuana morality, credit card debt, tithing
Token Appearance vs. Real Presence
Are you here? Really here?
The guy who stayed secluded, protected, in the "green room" until the service was about to begin and who At a public well, he "happened" to meet a woman from the village of Sychar.
The Christian Case for Not Giving Up on the World's Most Fragile StateSubscriber Access Only
Why World Vision and local Christian leaders remain hopeful about South Sudan.
Many metal rooftops are painted welcoming shades of blue, red, and green—the national Driving through the village, where families build domed tombs alongside the dirt road, Stearns
The Key to ProsperitySubscriber Access Only
It's not knowledge or work ethic, it turns out.
In the village in which we live in Oaxaca, extended family and friends gather for Countless examples exist in Mexico's history of presidents and governors giving the green light (so to
Top Religion News Stories in 2011 from CT
from an evangelical perspective. CT is a bit like evangelicalism's "village green," where ideas are debated and opinions exchanged. So, it tends to have
Little BoySubscriber Access Only
The filmmakers behind 2007’s excellent 'Bella' have dropped the ball with their second feature.
In a 3½-star review for Christianity Today, Frederica Mathewes-Green wrote, “Some Christians would find it Set in a quaint Northern California fishing village in the 1940s, we meet the
Reply AllSubscriber Access Only
Readers respond to the September issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
Martin Jacobs CT online comment. Village Green. As the attorney who handled the Encinitas (Sedlock v. Baird) yoga trial for the plaintiffs, I would like to clear up some confusion.
Letters to the EditorSubscriber Access Only
Readers respond to the June issue.
The trips we at Cord Ministries International put together intentionally avoid the pitfalls spotlighted in June's Village Green ["Should churches abandon travel-intensive short-term
Letters to the EditorSubscriber Access Only
Readers respond to the September issue.
Village Green ["Is there anything wrong with voting for a Mormon for President?"]. The three views were all approaches to the same "no, it's not a problem" answer.
What to Make of Karl Barth’s Steadfast Adultery
What to Make of Karl Barth’s Steadfast Adultery
Do the recent revelations discredit his theology?
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