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How Pastors Perceive Domestic Violence Differently
Most pastors want their churches to be a safe haven, but don’t have a plan to get there.
Research. How Pastors Perceive Domestic Violence Differently. When it comes to domestic violence, Protestant pastors want to be helpful but often don't know where to start.
Engaging Churches in Caring for Incarcerated Persons and Their Families
Correctional ministry leader calls churches to care for the incarcerated as they do the sick.
would be to stigmatize biblical characters like Joseph, Jeremiah, Paul, and others who were imprisoned, and people like Moses, David, and Peter, whose acts of violence would have
City Reaching: A Conversation with Three Leaders about a Gospel Movement in South Florida
Church United is a partnership of local churches across denominations joining together to transform South Florida.
It was a mass shooting incident. Within 24 hours, Church United had written a response that we posted on our website condemning this horrific act of violence.
Healing Victims of Human Trafficking: A Long, Slow Road to Transformation
When we give our lives to the service of others, THEY will change US.
If she doesn't acquiesce to the demands of the trafficker, the repercussions are unthinkable: extreme violence, homelessness, mental abuse, forced substance abuse, threats to harm
One-on-One with Dave Choi of Church of the Beloved in Chicago
Dave started the church in 2011 with no people, no resources, no building, nothing.
to be addressed. You can't not talk about race in Chicago. You can't not talk about some of the violence that's going on in our cities. There are certain
Open Your Home to the Homeless, Even When It Makes You Uncomfortable
Welcoming the stranger carries real risks. But hospitality is a New Testament expectation.
to what one researcher called “mean world syndrome.” As Scott Bader-Saye describes in his book Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear, research on television violence has found “not
Whom Should We Blame for the Violence?
Maybe someone we hadn't even considered.
Whom Should We Blame for the Violence? Maybe someone we hadn't even considered. Mark Galli| July 19, 2016. Whom Should We Blame for the Violence?
Why We Keep Ministering in a City Haunted by Violence
Church planter Brian Dye on how the church is helping to heal a troubled Chicago.
Why We Keep Ministering in a City Haunted by Violence. Church Why We Keep Ministering in a City Haunted by Violence. Image: Fineas Anton / Unsplash. Why
Indian Supreme Court: State Response to Anti-Christian Mob Violence ‘Inadequate’
The chief justice also said it was "very disturbing" that so many perpetrators had not yet been brought to justice.
The chief justice also said it was "very disturbing" that so many perpetrators had not yet been brought to justice.
Most Read Posts of 2016 (1-10)
It's that time of year.
allows and even perpetuates painful and ongoing wounds that many of our brothers and sisters deal with each day—prejudice, harassment, marginalization, violence, and rejection?
Melvin Banks Had a Dream
An interview with the founder of the largest African American Christian publishing house.
When I listen to the dialogue that takes place today, it seems as if people take the position that all the violence suddenly came upon the African American community and all we need to
Between Two Cultures: How Latina Christians Approach Leadership
Yvette Santana pilots a new project to coalesce Hispanic women.
row seat to the issues facing our young women: apathy, no compass for right-versus-wrong, over-hyped sexuality, sexual confusion, the effects of drugs, gangs, and violence, and body
Facts, Faith, and Faces
World Relief hosts free webinar: Leading Your Church Through the Post-Election Environment
who also endured the long process to be approved to come to America, along with many other immigrants coming here, have come seeking safety from persecution, terror, and violence
Black and Blue Wife
My husband was a minister and I held graduate degrees—yet our “Christian” marriage was full of abuse.
This was my older sister's shocked reaction when I spilled my secret over the phone and told her that, due to many years of domestic violence, I was separating from my husband of
Just Who Are These ‘People of Faith’ Anyway?
Articulating moral consensus in a pluralistic country.
took over as an even more general and inclusive phrase that means “people who see the world mostly as we do, at least in broad terms.” With the religiously motivated violence of 9/11
Stay the Course: My Interview with Wilfredo de Jesus on His Recent Book
"Pastor Choco" pastors one of the fastest growing churches in Chicago.
and truth. How are you doing that in Chicago? Pastor Choco: There is a lot of violence occurring in our society, especially in Chicago. As a response
Weekend Edition - October 7, 2016
Refugees, pastor burnout, Evangelicals in exile, and more
But at a time when 65 million people have been displaced by violence, and 20 million of them are classified as refugees — more than half of them children — it is not enough.
Our Hospitality Mandate (Part Two)
What Does an Authentic Christian Reception of Syrian Refugees to the United States Look Like?
In a study on the portrayal of refugees in human interest features, refugees are portrayed in the following three descriptions: a) as victims of prior abuse and violence, b) as in search of
The Luddites and the First Contest of Man Versus Machine
Rapid technological change in 18th- and 19th-century England led to violent resistance…by Methodists.
preachers to take the service. What made devout Christians turn to violence so uncharacteristic of their faith? General Maitland himself was plagued
Evangelism, Iranian StyleSubscriber Access Only
Amid persecution and a travel ban, Iran’s youth want community and transformation from within.
Trump. And, they're hoping that their Islamic government will be replaced by a secular democracy, but they don't want war or violence to achieve it. Many
Top Story July 24, 2017
Died: Haddon Robinson, Champion of Biblical Preaching
Died: Haddon Robinson, Champion of Biblical Preaching
The seminarian who taught and inspired decades of expositors ‘goes home to God.’
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