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Saving Your Ministry Before You Lose It
A wise leader does not wait for God to send a messenger to uncover his or her sin.
A leader who wants to stand strong for a lifetime, will learn to invite the Holy Spirit to search his When we see your soul shriveling under the weight of sin, we will learn to run to the arms
What You Don’t Know About Rural America: 3 Common Misconceptions
The physical presence of a church and its spiritual impact are not the same thing.
So much so that we rush from one thing to the next having failed to stop and and to these communities to cling to broad and outdated characterizations that do not stand up under
How to Find Hope in the Humanless EconomySubscriber Access Only
Robots could take half of our jobs in the next decade. Here’s why Christians have nothing to fear.
If our value in life is found only in economic productivity and half of us can be replaced by more compliant robots, we have no ground to stand on. We risk being stripped of all value.
Here’s a Resolution: Denominations Should Stop Shooting Themselves in the Foot
The world is watching.
that lead us to discern that we may need to speak up again. If you've passed literally dozens of resolutions on alcohol, when everyone already knows where you stand, maybe another
Does Your Church Have the Right Model?
How to decide.
I, for one, can't stand the taste of coffee! According to missiologist Reggie McNeal, to engage a culture that's increasingly hostile to recognizable forms of church, we must invest in
Planting 1,000 Churches in Your Lifetime
Churches need to be planted and then quickly need to plant other churches.
Yet, for a movement, we need rapid reproduction, not slow addition. Upon birth, the calf is able to immediately stand up on his or her feet and walk a few steps.
The Fight for Social Justice Starts WithinSubscriber Access Only
What Jason Russell and John Ortberg learned about the souls of activists.
What Those We Serve Need Most. This is the crossroads at which we stand. Will we simply strain onward, hoping that passion and hard labor will carry our work for a lifetime?
Should Christians Join Muslims in Breaking Ramadan’s Daily Fast?
In the Middle East, Christians even host iftars.
In the Middle East, Christians even host iftars.
Evangelicals Tell Trump: Don't Deport Christians to Face Genocide in Iraq
As outcry over fate of 199 mostly Chaldeans continues, so do ICE arrests.
As outcry over fate of 199 mostly Chaldeans continues, so do ICE arrests.
My Stance on Refugees and Immigration, and How They Intersect with Christianity
I answer some frequently asked questions.
I want to clarify where I stand on a few issues, and when and where I believe it's okay Instead, I write because we have gotten wrong information and people are being hurt because of it.
Why Churches Should Give Gifted Women a ChanceSubscriber Access Only
God's people can't unite against the Enemy when half of them are on the sidelines.
I feel does not stand on good biblical grounds. But there has to be flexibility on both sides. Church leaders shouldn't insist on closing off all leadership roles to women. If we treat these
Turning the World Upside Down, Down Under
As Americans debate the Benedict Option, anti-Christian fervor in Australia has convinced me that we need a more disruptive strategy.
He is the author of the forthcoming book Free to Believe? Why We Must Stand Up for Religious Freedom and How We Can Do It (Zondervan Academic).
Shut Up and Dance! The Intersection of Freedom, Art, and Gospel Expression
Artist and evangelist believes all art carries a message.
We don't love movies and music because they're meaningless entertainment; we love them because they move us. All artists are saying something or taking a stand.
City Reaching: A Conversation with Three Leaders about a Gospel Movement in South Florida
Church United is a partnership of local churches across denominations joining together to transform South Florida.
horrific act of violence. We put the statement out, which said that what happened at the airport went against what we stand for and value as the Church.
The Church's Biggest Challenge in 2017Subscriber Access Only
Let’s get unchurched evangelicals back into church, and prejudiced evangelicals back to the Bible.
that call for repentance. None of us in the church stand above others in moral superiority. We are sinners calling sinners to life in Christ. We should not
One-on-One with Dave Choi of Church of the Beloved in Chicago
Dave started the church in 2011 with no people, no resources, no building, nothing.
I said, “If you were born outside the States, would you stand?” About half of the church stood up. I knew God was doing something significant in our church. At that time, we were far
Why Even Pessimists Can Embrace Hope
A social psychologist explains why fear and hope often work as a team.
is managing your hopes.” We're bombarded with so much negative stuff that we need to The guy in charge [Wes Clark Jr., organizer of Veterans Stand with Standing Rock] made this
The Vacuum Christian Indifference Creates
The crisis we face when the church is silent on social justice.
Christians will need to actively vocalize the flaws in these initiatives, even if we fear that Evangelical Christians' historic failure to stand up to groups like the White Citizens Council and
What are these "Five Solas" and Why Do They Even Matter? An Interview with College Church Pastor Josh Moody
Solas are essential to understand if we are to understand the Reformation
Gloria” (To God Alone Be Glory). Why is the Reformation still relevant today? Isn't it clear where we stand as Protestants? If only! I think we often confuse
There Is Grace
We're familiar with the charge But now she had been found committing a despicable sin and dragged by the religious leaders themselves to stand before the man who called himself the
Top Story June 29, 2017
People Aren't Projects
People Aren't Projects
...and other lessons I learned as a rural pastor.
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