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The March for Science Is Willing to Get Political. But Will It Welcome Religion?
How evangelical scientists square their place in the global movement.
Axen and fellow Christians Aaron Sathyanesan and Ian MacLaren explained their reasons for backing the march on the BioLogos site, which espouses an evolutionary understanding
Died: R. Judson Carlberg, Christian Higher Ed Leader, Biologos ChairSubscriber Access Only
On Thanksgiving, he once wrote, 'I am thankful for cancer. James 1:2-3... Life is richer, trust is stronger and relationships are deeper.'
Research. Died: R. Judson Carlberg, Christian Higher Ed Leader, Biologos Chair. On Thanksgiving, he once wrote, 'I am thankful for cancer. James 1
What Animals Teach Christians about Getting Along
Competition characterizes some creature interactions. So does tenderness and care.
According to Jeff Schloss, a biology professor at Westmont College and senior scholar at the BioLogos Foundation, neither view—all idyllic or all strife—does justice to the wonder of
Are Faith and Science Compatible?
Hanging out with Christian scientists taught me even more about the nature of God.
Last week, I had the privilege of attending a conference hosted by The Biologos Foundation. In some ways, I felt like an odd duck. Biologos is an organization
Bryan College Faculty Vote 'No Confidence' in President over Adam and EveSubscriber Access Only
Trustees defend decision to clarify belief statement. BioLogos: '[We] certainly did not intend to stir up controversy.'
BioLogos: '[We] certainly did not intend to stir up controversy.'. Gleanings. BioLogos: '[We] certainly did not intend to stir up controversy.'. Ruth Moon. March 07, 2014 1:13 PM.
New & Noteworthy BooksSubscriber Access Only
Compiled by Matt Reynolds
Organized by the BioLogos Foundation (which promotes an evolutionary understanding of Creation), this book gathers testimonies from evangelicals who see no fundamental conflict
BioLogos Selects Woman to Lead Evangelical EvolutionistsSubscriber Access Only
Former Calvin College professor will take over foundation started by Francis Collins.
Gleanings. BioLogos Selects Woman to Lead Evangelical Evolutionists. Former Calvin College professor will take over foundation started by Francis Collins.
Thank You Jesus for the Smell of Pumpkin SpiceSubscriber Access Only
How we worship and remember through our senses.
Scientists estimate that we can distinguish a trillion different smells, or “olfactory stimuli.” Neuroscientist Aaron Sathyanesan wrote for BioLogos: Let's put that in perspective.
The Good News Hiding Beneath the HeadlinesSubscriber Access Only
As we begin another year, Philip Yancey reminds us: Grace hasn’t vanished.
I participated in a gathering of BioLogos, an organization founded by Dr. Francis Collins, who directed the Human Genome Project and now heads the National Institutes of Health.
Pro-Evolution Tenured Professor Laid Off from Nazarene UniversitySubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) President puts Tom Oord's termination on hold after three-quarters of faculty vote 'no confidence.'
In 2000, Darryl Falk, the founder of BioLogos and then-Point Loma Nazarene University dean, was accused by pastors, parents, and alum James Dobson of “destroying the faith of [his
Infographic: America's View on Evolution and CreationismSubscriber Access Only
What the breakdown of opinions looks like.
Graph by Column Five / Courtesy of The BioLogos Foundation| July 6, 2012. Graph by Column Five / Courtesy of The BioLogos Foundation| July 6, 2012.
A New Creation StorySubscriber Access Only
Why do more homeschoolers want evolution in their textbooks?
Still, BioLogos president Deborah Haarsma says that it's "fairly common" for homeschooling families to request materials from her organization, which promotes theistic evolution.
Embracing ScienceSubscriber Access Only
Let’s put the faith vs. science mentality to rest
Science and Worship. "Science often gives us a visceral sense of God's presence," says Dr. Kathryn Applegate, a cell biologist and program director at The BioLogos Foundation.
Rethinking the Origins DebateSubscriber Access Only
Most Americans—and most Christians—do not fall neatly into creationist or evolutionist camps.
As part of a recent project funded by the BioLogos Foundation, I have fielded a new, nationally representative survey of the American public: The National Study of Religion and Human
Creation and Evolution: What Must Christians Believe?
They call their view Biologos, "a holistic explanatory scheme promoting the belief that evolution is a correct science, and that it effectively describes the method by which God created the
A Tale of Two Scientists: What Really Happened 'In the Beginning'Subscriber Access Only
How two evangelicals—one a young-earth creationist, the other an evolutionary creationist—have lived out their faith and professions.
shrinking. Evolutionary Creationist: Under Falk's leadership, BioLogos has become an important Christian group advocating a more gradual creation.
Do More Christian Homeschoolers Want Evolution in Textbooks?Subscriber Access Only
Magazine finds examples. And at least one Reformed publisher is responding.
Answers in Genesis curriculum, was disinvited from homeschooling conferences in 2011 for making 'unnecessary, ungodly, and mean-spirited' comments about Biologos's Peter Enns.
Pastors' Positions on Creation vs. Evolution Vary by Region, Church SizeSubscriber Access Only
Pastors agree that division over origins harms outreach, but disagree on why.
American pastors have significantly different views on human origins based on where they live, according to new Barna Group research commissioned by BioLogos.
Bruce Waltke headed to Knox Theological Seminary? (updated)Subscriber Access Only
earth, no evolution), Reason to Believe (Hugh Ross, old earth, no evolution), Intelligent Design (Philip Johnson, no view on age of earth, but no evolution), BioLogos (intelligent design
OT Scholar Bruce Waltke Resigns Following Evolution CommentsSubscriber Access Only
Denying data in favor of evolution "will make us a cult," said Reformed Theological Seminary luminary.
Waltke from Reformed Theological Seminary. At issue: the March 24 release of a BioLogos interview in 2009 where Waltke states: "...if the data is overwhelmingly
Top Story July 20, 2017
Spiritual Longing on the Silver Screen
Spiritual Longing on the Silver Screen
How the makers (and watchers) of movies are engaged in a kind of prayer.
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