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Genocide in Shades of Pink
What if every female in America suddenly disappeared? It would feel a lot like Asia, where sex-selective abortion has taken 163 million girls. How the gospel is slowly turning the tide on the quiet holocaust.
But it succeeded in one sense: Americans were now talking about gender-based abortion (dubbed "gendercide" by feminist Mary Anne Warren in the mid-1980s).
The Holocaust Happening Right Under Our Noses
In some countries, hearing "It's a girl" is no cause for celebration—it's a death sentence. A new film captures global gendercide.
In some countries, hearing "It's a girl" is no cause for celebration— it's a death sentence. A new film captures global gendercide. A new film captures global gendercide.
China Relaxes One-Child Policy, But Doesn't Expect Baby Boom
Controversial restrictions reduced population by 400 million. Now more couples permitted two children without penalty.
The coercive enforcement of China's One Child Policy is its core. CT has provided extensive coverage of gendercide, a consequence of the one-child policy, including:
India Punishes 100 Doctors for Gendercide
Physicians accused of illegally performing sex-selective abortions.
India Punishes 100 Doctors for Gendercide. Other CT coverage of gendercide includes an interview with Nickolas Kristof, coauthor of "Half the Sky," which investigates gender injustice.
Lawyer Who Fought One-Child Policy Escapes House Arrest in China
Blind activist Chen Guangcheng is "100 percent safe" after fleeing his village.
Obviously, this is a developing story. But here are comments from Chen's supporters: From All Girls Allowed, a leading Christian organization fighting gendercide:
Gendercide: Over One Hundred Million Missing Baby Girls
Disability; Viewpoints; Interviews. Home > 2011 > June. CultureJune 30, 2011. Gendercide: Over One Hundred Million Missing Baby GirlsAmy Julia Becker.
Waking Up the Church to Gender Injustice
A CT interview with "Half the Sky" coauthor Nicholas Kristof.
I met with Kristof in between services to discuss sex-selective abortions, one of the basest forms of "gendercide"—a term used to describe the deliberate extermination of girls and
Christian human rights lawyer reported kidnapped in China
China Aid report blames police for disappearance of Jiang Tianyong.
Volunteers involved in anti-trafficking and anti-gendercide work with the humanitarian organization All Girls Allowed have been targeted by the Chinese government in a recent
Shouldn't a Ban on Sex-Selective Abortions in America Be a No-Brainer?
In the war on women, two very different battles are being fought.
Gendercide, especially in places like China and India, poses a grave threat to the world. "Gendercide" is not just an issue for China and India. It's happening here at home too.
Sex-Selection Abortion Debate Drowned Out by 'War on Women' Rhetoric
A vote in the House sheds light on partisan politics more than gendercide.
A vote in the House sheds light on partisan politics more than gendercide. In some regions, such as parts of India and China, gendercide has resulted in distorted gender ratios.
She's a Person, Not a Uterus
Fighting women's global health disparities with dignity.
Her baby was stillborn. The discrimination against women and girls in healthcare extends beyond the high-profile issues such as abortion, gendercide, and sex trafficking.
Does It Matter that Evangelicals Became Prolife Recently?
One pundit says it proves our biblical views are driven by politics. Not quite.
rare (over a million children are aborted every year in the US alone) or exceptional (and practically government policy in some places), and the practice has led to a brutal gendercide.
What do Down Syndrome, Abortion, and Baby Girls Have to do with One Another?
"Statistics also suggest that at least 50% of all fetuses with Down syndrome in the US are aborted. That rate becomes higher among women who have a prenatal diagnosis of DS (probably 70%) and higher still when talking about other Western nations (90%). So, while being born a girl in Asia is not exactly the same as being born with Down syndrome here, I wanted to suggest some parallels."
comments here. My essay compares "gendercide" in some Asian countries to selective abortion of fetuses with Down syndrome in the United States. Statistics
'When Evangelicals Were Pro-Choice'—Another Fake History
The arguments of some recent pundits are not pro-logic or pro-history.
girls will be abandoned simply because they are girls." She says that while the number of people lost to AIDS stands around 25 million, the number of girls lost to gendercide is closer to
Morning Roundup 10/24/12: NatGeo Photo Contest; Klingon Wedding; 3 Deadly Words
It's estimated that as many as 200 million girls are missing from the world's population due to the practice of gendercide, the culturally- based killing of a child (overwhelmingly female) on
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