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The Normal, Drama-Free, Totally-Healthy Christian Homeschool Movement
In a culture that loves shock value, typical evangelicalism rarely makes news.
The Normal, Drama-Free, Totally-Healthy Christian Homeschool Movement. Jan 2 2014. In a culture that loves shock value, typical evangelicalism rarely makes news.
Disputed Asylum for German Homeschoolers Heads to Sixth Circuit
(Updated) The Christian Romeike family has been denied asylum, but plans to appeal the ruling.
Judges ruled that the Romeikes, who left Germany in order to homeschool their children, "did not make a sufficient case" for their fear of persecution, according to BP.
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Why do more homeschoolers want evolution in their textbooks?
Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra/ April 29, 2013. Christian homeschool science textbooks have long taught young earth creationism (YEC) almost exclusively. But
Do More Christian Homeschoolers Want Evolution in Textbooks?
Magazine finds examples. And at least one Reformed publisher is responding.
The Atlantic offers an interesting look at the growing number of evangelical parents who homeschool their children but want their textbooks to teach evolution instead of young earth
Why I Homeschool by Marlene Molewyk
Roundups; Disability; Viewpoints; Interviews. Home > 2012 > April. ViewpointsApril 12, 2012. Why I Homeschool by Marlene MolewykAmy Julia Becker. 0;
A New Chapter in the Homeschooling Movement
Homeschooling families will thrive if they work together, not maroon themselves on separate islands.
As a result of this DNA, there is no single "homeschool movement," but a collection of related, not-always- harmonious streams within the larger population.
Do Protestant High Schools Produce Better Citizens Than Catholic, Secular, and Home Schools?
Study finds alumni of Protestant schools out-volunteer other adults by wide margins.
school graduates are more likely to volunteer as adults (83 percent) than any of their peers–including graduates of Catholic (55 percent), public (48 percent), homeschool (23 percent
An Unexpected Choice: Why We Traded the Public School for Homeschooling
The countercultural decision has redefined our family's notion of success.
My parents are still befuddled by our decision to homeschool their grandsons; this was never what they would have or could have chosen for me and my brother.
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Readers respond to the December issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
"Wait, not all #homeschooling is stupid and harmful!?" Bobby Ross Jr. @GetReligion "The Normal, Drama-Free, Totally-Healthy Christian Homeschool Movement," by Ruth Moon.
I Won't Be My Baby's Only Mother
Othermothers, not-so-attachment parenting, and a vision for shared childrearing.
In our society, there seems to be a growing trend towards more shared models of parenting – homeschool co-ops, intentional living communities, the naming of godmothers and
Creation Museum Founder Disinvited from Homeschooling Conferences
Conference organizer said that Ken Ham made 'unnecessary, ungodly, and mean-spirited' comments about Biologos's Peter Enns.
and president of Answers in Genesis, was disinvited from several homeschooling conferences after he criticized a fellow speaker at two Great Homeschool Conventions conferences
Choosing Marriage Over the Mission Field
How Tim Kietzman, a successful missionary eye doctor, chose quiet faithfulness despite enormous needs in Pakistan.
the hospital. After only one year, though, Laurel was done with being separated. In 2003, she returned to Gilgit to homeschool their boys. When the school
The Faith of Abby Sunderland and her Family
"We are born-again Christians, and we don't make any decision just based on feeling or even on sound knowledge," says dad of circumnavigating teen.
the world. This past week, he graduated from the Trinity Pacific Christian School program, a homeschool organization in Thousand Oaks, Calif. "God
Love Your Neighbor. Get Your Vaccines.
How getting routine shots benefits not just you but your entire community.
I'm one of the moms you might expect to oppose vaccines. We try to eat local and organic, don't watch television, homeschool our kids, and wear natural fibers.
Walden Responds to Critics
President of production company tells CT that criticisms of 'Won't Back Down' don't stand up.
What can they do about it? They can move to another district, of course. They can send their kids to private school (if they can afford it) or try to homeschool.
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Watch and Wait
Watch and Wait
Tarrying with Christ and the fearful dying.
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