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The Normal, Drama-Free, Totally-Healthy Christian Homeschool Movement
In a culture that loves shock value, typical evangelicalism rarely makes news.
The Normal, Drama-Free, Totally-Healthy Christian Homeschool Movement. Jan 2 2014. In a culture that loves shock value, typical evangelicalism rarely makes news.
Morning Roundup 11/24/14
Planting in Highly-Church Areas; Atheists Believe in Heaven; Alex and Brett Harris
The Harris twins, then 18, were leading by example. They worked through the summer to finish their (homeschool) high school at 16, then clerked with the Alabama Supreme Court.
Carly Fiorina Q+A: ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’
The candidate on her faith, abortion, and why women make good investment risks.
is. Maybe the life they choose is to be at home with their children and homeschool them. Maybe the life they choose is to become chief executive. Whatever
Maze Runner to God
Wrong turns and dead ends punctuated by unexpected grace.
This husband also begins a family-centered home business, attends homeschool conferences, takes the family on trips to Williamsburg to celebrate America's Godly Heritage, never
Subscriber Access Only Let Go, Let God (and the Homeroom Teacher)
How a helicopter mom learned the grace of hands-off parenting.
and only me. Homeschooling was just one way that I would pilot my parental helicopter. Oh, there were other good reasons to homeschool. By the time
Disputed Asylum for German Homeschoolers Heads to Sixth Circuit
(Updated) The Christian Romeike family has been denied asylum, but plans to appeal the ruling.
Judges ruled that the Romeikes, who left Germany in order to homeschool their children, "did not make a sufficient case" for their fear of persecution, according to BP.
Do More Christian Homeschoolers Want Evolution in Textbooks?
Magazine finds examples. And at least one Reformed publisher is responding.
The Atlantic offers an interesting look at the growing number of evangelical parents who homeschool their children but want their textbooks to teach evolution instead of young earth
Subscriber Access Only A New Creation Story
Why do more homeschoolers want evolution in their textbooks?
Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra/ April 29, 2013. Christian homeschool science textbooks have long taught young earth creationism (YEC) almost exclusively. But
A New Chapter in the Homeschooling Movement
Homeschooling families will thrive if they work together, not maroon themselves on separate islands.
As a result of this DNA, there is no single "homeschool movement," but a collection of related, not-always- harmonious streams within the larger population.
Why I Homeschool by Marlene Molewyk
FamilyApril 12, 2012. Why I Homeschool by Marlene MolewykAmy Julia Becker. 0; share. 0; share; Today, I homeschool our five children, and here's why: 1. Stronger family relationships:
Do Protestant High Schools Produce Better Citizens Than Catholic, Secular, and Home Schools?
Study finds alumni of Protestant schools out-volunteer other adults by wide margins.
school graduates are more likely to volunteer as adults (83 percent) than any of their peers–including graduates of Catholic (55 percent), public (48 percent), homeschool (23 percent
The Apologist Mom
Why Melissa Cain Travis thinks it's crucial for her to be a mother and an apologetics scholar.
So parents have to wake up to the fact that, no matter where you live, these topics are going to come up. They come up for kids in private school settings and homeschool settings, too.
An Unexpected Choice: Why We Traded the Public School for Homeschooling
The countercultural decision has redefined our family's notion of success.
My parents are still befuddled by our decision to homeschool their grandsons; this was never what they would have or could have chosen for me and my brother.
Our Top Posts of 2014: Mark Driscoll, Conscious Uncoupling, and More
Readers and writers pick the best of Her.meneutics.
headed article.” —Michelle Van Loon. The Normal, Drama-Free, Totally-Healthy Christian Homeschool Movement (Ruth Moon). “Ruth Moon… provides a
The One Thing to Tell Pregnant Moms: ‘Congratulations’
No family too big, no mom too young to hear our affirmation of life.
She also blogs about everything from menu planning, to going through miscarriage, to being a homeschool alumna and a public school mom. Photo by Andrew Seaman / Flickr.
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The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
Sorry, Pilgrims: Jamestown’s spiritual life is suddenly much more fascinating.
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