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How Indonesia’s 'Religious Harmony' Law Has Closed 1,000 Churches
Even churches with proper documentation are being denied building permits. Why?
How Indonesia's 'Religious Harmony' Law Has Closed 1,000 Churches. “This is our attempt to keep Indonesia a country for all. Indonesia is not a country based on any one religion.”.
Beyond Fight or Flight: $1 Million Reveals How Christians Cope with Persecution in 30 Countries
Under Caesar's Sword conference in Rome explores strategies in 100 beleaguered communities.
invisible as possible. In more stable nations, such as Pakistan or Indonesia, Christians are advocating for themselves politically and socially. “There are
Treasures on Earth: How Religion Is Redistributing the World’s Wealth
What economic and demographic data suggest about 2050.
“The other mega economies in 2050 are projected to include a country with a Hindu majority (India), a Muslim majority (Indonesia), and two with exceptionally high levels of religious
Indonesia Executes Drug Smuggler Whose Faith Inspired Hillsong’s Brian Houston
(UPDATED) Funeral for Andrew Chan, whom Sydney pastor communicated with 'almost every day,' involves his own eulogy.
Indonesia Executes Drug Smuggler Whose Faith Inspired Hillsong's Brian Houston. (UPDATED) Funeral for Andrew Chan, whom Sydney pastor communicated
Morning Roundup 6/23/15
Christians Observing Ramadan; Praying for ISIS; God and Charleston
studied Islam, we were familiar with this expression of piety, but learned much more during the years we lived in a Muslim country—the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia.
13 Million Flee Religion-Linked Conflicts Worldwide
Federal agency calls for US to resettle at least 100,000 refugees per year.
Blasphemy laws: “Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are among the countries with blasphemy laws that egregiously violate religious freedom and position the
Two Ways Christians Distort Islam (and Two Ways Muslims Distort Christianity)
An excerpt from "Christian. Muslim. Friend: Twelve Paths to Real Relationship."
A God who reveals his essence and who comes down to save us is hard for Muslims to fathom. Recently I was in a major dialogue with university students in Bandung, Indonesia.
Does Islam Encourage Violence More Than Other Religions?
New Pew survey examines who says yes and no.
their doing has nothing to do with Islam.” President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world, said in August that his country would “not
Subscriber Access Only Gleanings: January/February 2016
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our January/February issue).
This is the first major abortion case to come before the court since its 2007 decision to uphold the partial-birth abortion ban. Indonesia: 'Religious harmony' law shutters 1,000 churches.
A Prayer of Thanksgiving
Prayers of thanksgiving are an overflow of a renewed heart.
if you are an American on Thanksgiving. (The rest of you, enjoy your work day in England, Indonesia, and everyone else!). So, if (and as) you spend time
Morning Roundup 10/28/14
Christians and Ebola; A Tale of Two Churches; Islam's Problem
It has a following of 1.6 billion people. Places such as Indonesia and India have hundreds of millions of Muslims who don't fit these caricatures. That's
How the World's Top 10 Countries Search the Bible Differently
Are pastors preaching Paul too much and Old Testament too little? Leading Bible website analyzes top verses searched by millions worldwide.
Yet China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia, and Japan each search the Bible differently, according to a new study of 2013 visits to
New Poverty-Fighting Alliance Launches
World Relief, Germany-based PartnerAid combine to grow programs, donor base.
in nine countries in North Africa and Asia to fight chronic poverty and provide disaster relief: Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Yemen
Subscriber Access Only Kingdom Coders
A snapshot of Christian witness in the world (as it appeared in our December issue).
Viki Vaputra. INDONESIA: More than 800 tech-savvy Christians gathered this fall to take part in Code for the Kingdom's first global hackathon. Spread
Subscriber Access Only True Grit in the Face of Poverty
Economists are showing that hope makes a real difference.
Our research on child sponsorship bears this out. We gave 540 children living in the slums of Jakarta, Indonesia, a box of colored pencils and asked them to draw a self-portrait.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 407 ARTICLES
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The Lord Is My Shepherd or Predator?
The Lord Is My Shepherd or Predator?
Many people today find the famous psalm troubling. But we need it now more than ever.
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