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Eastern Mennonite University Delays Decision on Same-Sex Relationships
Meanwhile, current policy against same-sex relationships among faculty will not be enforced.
University, I recognize my responsibility as a member of the community to refrain from sexual relationships outside of marriage, sexual harassment and abuse, pornography, acts of
Act Like Men, part 3: Men Treat Women with Respect
Men acting like men do not exploit women. Men respect women.
Men—and from this point forward I refer to men as those acting like men, and the rest as childish boys—don't resort to pornography when they are unsatisfied and don't turn their
Britain's Bold Plan to Protect Kids from Porn Online
Following footsteps of Iceland and India, United Kingdom seeks restrictions on Internet pornography.
Following footsteps of Iceland and India, United Kingdom seeks restrictions on Internet pornography. Britain's Bold Plan to Protect Kids from Porn Online.
The Secret Women's Porn Problem
We may not talk much about women’s addiction to erotica, but it’s happening.
happening. Trillia Newbell, guest writer. Read as Single Page. It's difficult to find concrete numbers on women's pornography viewership. We shouldn
Expert on Child Spirituality Pleads Guilty To Possessing Child Porn
(UPDATED) Professor from Wheaton, Biola, Vanguard, and Toccoa Falls was known for his work on the spiritual formation of children.
who authored books on child development and spirituality, has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for possessing hundreds of images and videos of child pornography, reports the
Subjectivity Overload
The problem with sentimentality, porn, and emotion for emotion’s sake.
Catholic novelist and short story writer Flannery O'Connor offered a startling similarity between sentimentality and pornography. It is an indulgence like that offered by pornography.
Morning Roundup 10/14/13
Church Buildings; New Narcotic; Africa is Huge
the United States?". A growing body of research supports such an assertion as it relates to a new "narcotic": internet pornography. The National Survey
The Critics Roundup: “Gracepoint” and “Men, Women & Children”
A show and a movie about the evil lurking in every human heart.
to give up to gain it? Everything from pornography addiction, eating disorders, and marital infidelity is covered in the film. In spite of the heavy subject
Hot-N-Ready and Made With Love
Dinner’s about the act of serving, not what’s being served.
It can delay a child's exposure to harmful influences like pornography and premarital sex. It can foster family relationships and help a child perform better in school.
The Real Problem With Female Masturbation
Call it what it is: Ladies who lust.
Women are sometimes actually drawn to masturbation and pornography because they desire sexual pleasure. Rather than escaping emotional issues, they simply struggle with lust.
Morning Roundup 8/14/14
Brazil Culture Wars; Effects of Ebola; Leaders Receive Too Much Credit/Blame
Christian radio host: Ebola could end “atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion”—Sarah Gray. And, I'm wondering. Has anyone heard of Rick Wiles?
Why Pastors Should Preach About Body Image
Our obsession with appearance has theological ramifications for both women and men.
signify. · Body image, marriage, and pornography. consume. Pornography in particular and culture more generally gives men an impossible standard of beauty.
33 Under 33, Continued
Your recommendations for Christian millennials to watch.
As a biblical counselor, Mejia emphasizes on how sex addiction, pornography, and other forms of sexual immorality affect our spiritual lives and relationships.
Morning Roundup 8/6/14
Being a Bridge Builder; A Church for Exiles; Church Attendance
nation where the language of "choice" and "freedom" has been hijacked for infanticide, the deconstruction of marriage, and a seemingly limitless license to publish pornography is rather
A Christian Response to Trolling
It’s not always easy to "love thy hateful commenter as thyself."
said, "and especially to the staff, who are the only ones capable of removing the comments and are thus, by default, now required to view and interact with violent pornography and gore
Displaying 1 – 15 of 554 ARTICLES
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Abraham Kuyper Goes Pop
Abraham Kuyper Goes Pop
A brilliant new film series pictures how to live out our salvation.
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