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Iran Frees Pastor Saeed Abedini after Three Years in Prison
(UPDATED) Idaho pastor part of prisoner swap on Religious Freedom Day amid wife's Daniel-inspired fast.
The Southern Baptist Convention awarded Abedini the 2014 Richard Land Distinguished Service Award for his "exemplary service and faithfulness to the kingdom of God.".
First Day of Prayer Draws Debate in One of Africa's Christian Nations
President of Zambia seeks solution to economic problems. Christians debate whether motive matters.
and Jacob, he has heard our cry, has forgiven our sins, and will surely heal our land.”. Why are you calling for those prayers?” Richard Luonde said in an interview with the Zambian
Why a Post-Christian Nation Needs a President of Faith
Religion gives candidates an advantage in advocating for all.
and post-religious groups in America, Hecht argues that Sanders is the candidate we need because he can provide a seemingly unbiased perspective: “In a diverse land, imagine the
Subscriber Access Only Russell Moore Wants to Keep Christianity Weird
The public-policy leader for the largest US Protestant denomination isn’t worried over Christians’ loss of power. He says it might just be the best thing to happen to them.
Moore says the main difference between him and his predecessor— Richard Land, who led the ERLC for 25 years, when the Religious Right enjoyed significant influence in Washington
What We're Really Debating This Campaign Season
It's time to acknowledge America's ideals and failures.
wishing to engage these issues, among the most helpful recent resources are Richard Hughes's Christian it has a divine mission, that its actions are morally pure, that its land is sacred
3 Reasons Public Places (Including Schools) Should Be Open to Churches
The Supreme Court denied hearing the case involving New York City's right to keep religious services out of schools.
If this approach (which is now the law of the land in New York City) is replicated, churches who Father Richard John Neuhaus wrote against stripping religion from our institutions.
A Sane Approach to the Refugee Crisis
Islamophobia is not the answer--and neither is mass immigration.
Church volunteers do everything from welcoming the immigrants when they land to hosting them in their homes for a few days while their new apartment is set up.
Plane Crash Kills Myles Munroe, Bahamas' Best-Known Pastor
Samuel Rodriguez says ORU alum 'breathed, lived, and died expanding the kingdom of God.'
after it hit a crane in the shipyard as it was attempting to land near Freeport died, including Bahamas Faith Ministries International's senior vice president and pastor, Richard Pinder, and
What to Watch When There’s Nothing New to Watch
You’ve resolved to expand your film horizons. But where do you start?
In last year's documentary Hitchcock/Truffaut, Richard Linklater, Wes Anderson, and Martin Scorsese all Through it, I was prompted to check out Howard Hawks's Land of the Pharoahs
Ravi Zacharias Speaks, Fernando Ortega Sings … at the Mormon Tabernacle
(UPDATED) Famed apologist once made history as first evangelical leader in 100 years (since D. L. Moody) to address Latter-day Saints leaders. Now he’s the fifth big name in five months.
Southern Baptist leaders Richard Land and Albert Mohler, Assemblies of God leader George O. Wood, and former Fuller Seminary president Richard Mouw all made the trek to Utah in
Not the Christian Zionism You’re Thinking Of
Academics get behind an Israel that God will use for the good of all.
and the land of Israel. For example, when Jesus quotes Isaiah's prediction that the temple would become “a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17), he seems to concur, as Richard
The Top Five Reasons Your Church Could Land in Court
(UPDATED) Two categories of cases declined last year, but one has significantly risen.
Legal expert Richard Hammar compiled the rulings and analyzed which types are rising and falling for Most involve RLUIPA, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act.
Joel Hunter's Son Isaac Found Dead After Suicide
(UPDATED) Two Orlando-area megachurches ask for prayers for grieving family; Kay Warren, who recently lost her own son to suicide, reacts.
The suicide of a Georgia pastor recently drew headlines, leading Richard Land to tell the Christian Post, where he is executive editor, that "the position that suicide somehow would
Russell Moore Replaces Richard Land as Leader of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
(UPDATED) ERLC selects Southern Baptist dean as voice of nation's largest Protestant body on political issues.
Russell Moore Replaces Richard Land as Leader of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. (UPDATED) ERLC selects Southern Baptist dean as voice
Morning Roundup 1/28/14
The Faith of Presidents; NSA Program Illegal; Proselytizing Missionaries
Richard Nixon, for instance, kept Reverend Billy Graham close at hand and started regular, well white settlers in South Africa threatened to take over the natives' land, Mackenzie helped
Displaying 1 – 15 of 730 ARTICLES
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God's Place in Black History
God's Place in Black History
Looking to the past provides direction for the current fight for justice.
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