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James Dobson: Why Children Are a National Blessing
Under-population is the deeper global problem.
The Limited Reach of the Planned Parenthood Videos and What it Says about Us
New LifeWay Research survey reveals many haven't seen them
Subscriber Access Only When the Abortion Doctor I Protested Was Killed by a Sniper
The shaken conscience of a pro-life activist.
Supreme Court Weighs Why Abortion Clinics Are Closing at Record Rates
Tomorrow's Texas case is the pro-life movement's first return to the high court in a decade.
Subscriber Access Only Evangelicals Make March for Life More 'Catholic'
A snapshot of Christian witness in the world (as it appeared in our March issue).
I Know Why the Government Went after Pro-Life Investigative Journalists
For those determined to speak out according to our deeply held beliefs, the price tag is becoming increasingly steep.
How Pro-Life Activism Became Personal Again
After years of being ‘too busy’ to help, I found myself getting involved once more.
These 6 Books Give Me Hope for a Pro-Life Future
Leading pro-life advocate Charmaine Yoest chooses readings that affirm the value of life.
Evangelicals Join March for Life as Abortions Plummet in Pro-Choice States
America's abortion rate is now the lowest since the traditionally Catholic rally started in 1973.
What Can the #BlackLivesMatter and Pro-Life Movements Learn from Each Other?
Michelle Higgins, Al Mohler, John Perkins, and other evangelical leaders weigh in.
Subscriber Access Only A Message for China's Policy-Makers: Love Doesn't Stop at Two
Why its two-child policy is barely better than its one-child policy.
Responding to the MTV Report on Our Abortion Data: A Guest Post by Scott McConnell
Are most women who get abortions Christians?
Weekend Edition: December 4, 2015
Women, Abortion, and the Church, applying the armor of God, and more.
Loving Our Pro-Choice Neighbors in Word and Deed
What we say about abortion matters, even if we act peacefully.
The Imago Dei in the Colorado Springs Tragedy
Kelly Rosati, who leads Focus of the Family’s Life Issues, Speaks Up for ALL Life
Displaying 1 – 15 of 419 ARTICLES
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Top Story June 1, 2016
When It Comes to the Next President, We Need More Than Strength
When It Comes to the Next President, We Need More Than Strength
From Trump to Clinton, would-be leaders promise authority without vulnerability.
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