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Subscriber Access Only 'No Ultimatum' for Episcopalians, Says Anglican Head
Plus: IRS won't ding All Saints but says anti-war speech was illegal, Newsweek on wooing evangelical voters, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Subscriber Access Only Conservative Anglicans Create Rival Church
Top leader Duncan expects to see Episcopal Church 'displaced.'
Subscriber Access Only Christian Decline Stalls
Reports of U.K. church's death may be premature.
New Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby Inherits a Divided Anglican Communion
Evangelical leader says he'll re-examine his opposition to same-sex marriage.
Will 'Gracious Restraint' Make a Difference?
Anglicans urged to work out their problems with a new commitment to Christian charity.
Subscriber Access Only Intelligent Church Redesign
It's a sad but necessary reality that some denominational splits are justified.
Subscriber Access Only Conservative Episcopal Priest Removed from Church
Plus: two die from morning-after pill, reactions to John Roberts's nomination, rallying against Gaza pullout, and more articles from online sources around the world.
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Falling Apart
Controversial decisions at the recent General Convention have accelerated the break-up of the Episcopal Church.
Subscriber Access Only 'Federation' Charts New Frontier
Orthodox Anglicans take first step in creating their own U.S. church body.
Subscriber Access Only Big Win for Va.'s Breakaway Anglican Parishes in Property Fight
Judge rules that 1867 law on church divisions applies in battle with Episcopal Church, diocese.
Out of Africa: What AMIA's Exodus from Rwanda Portends for Global Christianity
Break underscores the difficulty of shifting denominational power across cultures and continents.
Women Bishops Blocked–Barely–by Lay Leaders Despite Clergy Support
Church of England unable to muster two-thirds vote despite support of Rowan Williams and Justin Welby.
Subscriber Access Only A Slow Exodus
Disaffected orthodox Episcopalians start new ministries.
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Stronger Action Needed, Say Global Anglican Leaders
The primates will add teeth to Windsor Report, conservatives predict, hope.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 165 ARTICLES
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My Immigration Status: Beloved
My Immigration Status: Beloved
In Christ I am more than the ‘crime’ I committed at age 5.
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