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Subscriber Access Only Obama's Social Contract
Abortion and the candidate's commitment to freedom and equality.
Evangelical Colleges Biola and Grace Sue Obama Administration Over Contraceptive Mandate
The California- and Indiana-based schools join Wheaton College, others in suing over health care law.
Christians Urge Obama to Keep Conscience Clause
Today is the last day for arguments supporting medical workers' right to refuse to provide care that violates their conscience.
Subscriber Access Only From Blessing to Burden
Candidates are scrutinized ever more closely for their spiritual associations.
Subscriber Access Only
Multiplying Fractions
How many evangelical votes are really in play?
Subscriber Access Only Inaugural Prayers of Hope and Tears
What John Piper, Charles Colson, Mark Driscoll, and others are saying about the Obama inauguration and its invocations.
Subscriber Access Only More Giving, Less Taxing
President Obama's tax plan will hurt the very people he's trying to help.
Obama Celebrates Gay Pride Month
This week's culture war flashpoints: Father's Day and Home Depot.
Santorum Wrong to Reignite 'Freedom of Worship' Controversy
Religious freedom rhetoric should not be a partisan tool.
Leading Rabbi Nominated as First Non-Christian Religious Freedom Ambassador
Obama nomination of David Saperstein will require strong Senate support.
Subscriber Access Only Black Power from the Pulpit
In wake of Obama's speech, author talks about The Decline of African American Theology.
Subscriber Access Only Who Backs Obama's Afghanistan Strategy
Like the rest of us, advocacy groups came back from the Thanksgiving holiday to find a long to-do list waiting for them, filled with issues at home and abroad.
Sudan Vote to Test Obama's Approach
As Sudan prepares to vote on an independence referendum, one of the President's point men is also an evangelical.
Q & A: Michele Bachmann on Cuts for Aid Relief, Obama's Faith and Credibility, and Francis Schaeffer
The Tea Party caucus chair talks to CT about recent military actions in Libya, why she opposes governmental steps to combat global warming, and her potential presidential candidacy.
Obama at the U.N.: A New Religion Doctrine
"Given the power of faith in our lives ... the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression; it is more speech," President says.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 121 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 27, 2014
The Wrong Kind of Christian
The Wrong Kind of Christian
I thought a winsome faith would win Christians a place at Vanderbilt’s table. I was wrong.
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