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Subscriber Access Only Obama's Social Contract
Abortion and the candidate's commitment to freedom and equality.
Evangelical Colleges Biola and Grace Sue Obama Administration Over Contraceptive Mandate
The California- and Indiana-based schools join Wheaton College, others in suing over health care law.
Christians Urge Obama to Keep Conscience Clause
Today is the last day for arguments supporting medical workers' right to refuse to provide care that violates their conscience.
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Presidential Clones
All three candidates have voted to fund embryonic stem-cell research.
Subscriber Access Only Jeremiah Wright, Evangelicals' Brother in Christ
Go ahead and disagree with Obama's pastor. But remember: He's family.
Subscriber Access Only Obama Expands Faith-Based Office
The President maintains Bush's hiring policy and shapes specific priorities for the office.
Why We Should Reexamine the Faith of Barack Obama
How Christians might think about the Gospel and the President.
I'm Not Julia: Why Obama's American Woman Doesn't Speak for Me
By the government's estimate, women are best when they live life alone. Not so fast.
Obama Pleads for a More Prayerful Washington
At National Prayer Breakfast, President urges Democrats and Republicans to be less partisan, more prayer-minded. Top faith aide, Josh Dubois, steps down.
Subscriber Access Only From Blessing to Burden
Candidates are scrutinized ever more closely for their spiritual associations.
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Multiplying Fractions
How many evangelical votes are really in play?
Subscriber Access Only Inaugural Prayers of Hope and Tears
What John Piper, Charles Colson, Mark Driscoll, and others are saying about the Obama inauguration and its invocations.
Subscriber Access Only More Giving, Less Taxing
President Obama's tax plan will hurt the very people he's trying to help.
Obama Celebrates Gay Pride Month
This week's culture war flashpoints: Father's Day and Home Depot.
Santorum Wrong to Reignite 'Freedom of Worship' Controversy
Religious freedom rhetoric should not be a partisan tool.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 122 ARTICLES
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Why ISIS Must Be Stopped
Why ISIS Must Be Stopped
But no special pleading on behalf of Christians is required.
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