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Subscriber Access Only The Unwritten Word of God: Bible Translation Goes Mouth to Mouth
New oral-only software eliminates the middleman.
Why Four Bible Translators Martyred in Middle East Won't Be The Last
Technology has made spreading Scripture faster and cheaper, but not safer.
Wycliffe Associates Leaves Bible Translation Alliance over ‘Son of God’ for Muslims
Debate over how to best convey the Trinity continues.
Two Ways Christians Distort Islam (and Two Ways Muslims Distort Christianity)
An excerpt from "Christian. Muslim. Friend: Twelve Paths to Real Relationship."
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Speedy MAST Bible Translation Hits a Bump
Wycliffe Associates’ new methodology can fly through a New Testament translation project in a matter of weeks. So why are other translators wary?
Accelerating Accuracy: The Bible Translation Challenge
A coalition of Bible agencies warns against overemphasizing speed.
Died: Bob Pierce's and Billy Graham's Bible Translator to India
Rochunga Pudaite went on from Wheaton College to found Bibles For The World.
Subscriber Access Only Microwave Bible?
A new method cuts Bible translation to 2 months. Is that too fast?
Subscriber Access Only No Iota in Vain: Martin Luther’s ‘Great and Worthy Undertaking’
The reformer translated the New Testament in ten weeks—and with strong convictions.
Want Better Politics? Read More Bible, Say Half of Americans
ABS study find only 1 in 7 read Good Book daily.
The Bible Cause's Ironic Move to Philadelphia
Inside the long conflict between the Philadelphia Bible Society and national Bible association.
New Iran Bible Debuts as 460 Prayer Vigils Seek To 'Save Saeed'
(UPDATED) Bad news for prominent pastor imprisoned in Iran comes amid good news for Persian Christians at large.
NIV Bible Publisher Picks Persecuted Church Advocate as CEO
Carl Moeller, formerly of Open Doors USA and Saddleback Church, turns his attention to Biblica.
Why Muslims Are Becoming the Best Evangelists
Missiologist Dave Garrison documents global surge in Muslims leading Muslims to Christ. He calls it, “Unprecedented.”
The Most Popular and Fastest Growing Bible Translation Isn't What You Think It Is
NIV vs. KJV: Surveys and searches suggest the translation that most Americans are reading is actually not the bookstore bestseller.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 167 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 31, 2016
Coming Out at Wheaton College
What It’s Like to Be Gay at Wheaton College
The evangelical university has received negative press on LGBT matters. My own experience paints a different picture.
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