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Subscriber Access Only The New Tyranny
Biotechnology threatens to turn humanity into raw material
Subscriber Access Only Are People The Problem?, Part 1—The Bet
(Some population experts predict apocalyptic scenarios. Others argue that human ingenuity can meet the challenge. Deciding who is right has as much to do with faith as with facts.
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Unintelligent Debate
It's time to cool the rhetoric in the Intelligent Design dispute.
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U.N.: No Cloning
An equally strong ban, however, is stalled in Congress.
Subscriber Access Only The Stem-Cell Conspiracy
The Washington Post muddles a major breakthrough in adult stem-cell research, while the U.K. marches blindly on.
Subscriber Access Only Trivializing the Transcendent
What can science really tell us about faith?
Subscriber Access Only The Prospects for 2006
Deeper into the (Christian?) biotech century.
Subscriber Access Only Biopolitics: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Plus: The latest from the Korean cloning scandal.
Subscriber Access Only Science and Law Haven't Changed on Stem Cells. Has Politics?
Plus: Prolifers rally and ... burn the Qur'an?! On having Ralph Reed to kick around, banning baths, and a bunch of links to a bunch of other stories.
Subscriber Access Only Considering 'Curing' Down Syndrome with Caution
Why we shouldn't be too quick to think disabilities need correcting.
Subscriber Access Only Stealing God's Stuff & Controlling Human Life
Christians must help bridge the growing gap between biotechnology and bioethics.
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'The Ultimate Stem Cell' Is Ethical, Too
Plus: Dove Award nominations, Episcopalians will have to elect a pro-gay Washington bishop, and other stories from around the world.
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Not Just A Clump Of Cells
What the Christmas story says about our bodies and our bioethics debates.
Subscriber Access Only Adamant on Adam
Resignation of prominent scholar Bruce Waltke underscores tension over evolution.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 149 ARTICLES
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Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
The reasons are rooted in history.
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