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Tempering Expectations for 'Ultimate Stem Cell'
Plus: Martin and Gracia Burnham have been held for nine months and counting. And it's worth freeing them, despite what some are saying.
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Is It All In Your Head?
"Newsweek's look at Neurotheology. Plus: God is an abortionist ads rejected, Dyan Cannon's faith and faith healing, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world."
Subscriber Access Only Are People The Problem?, Part 1—The Bet (b)
(Some population experts predict apocalyptic scenarios. Others argue that human ingenuity can meet the challenge. Deciding who is right has as much to do with faith as with facts.
Subscriber Access Only Verdict that Demands Evidence
It is Darwinists, not Christians, who are stonewalling the facts.
Subscriber Access Only The Pursuit of Enhancement
The latest from Brave New Britain.
Subscriber Access Only Living with the Darwin Fish
Why the discovery of yet another 'missing link' doesn't destroy my faith.
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California's Prop. 71 Stem-Cell 'Scam'
Supporters of cloning embryos for research have $11 million to convince state voters.
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Were the Darwinists Wrong?
National Geographic stacks the deck.
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An update on a Christian leader's struggle with lust.
Subscriber Access Only The State of the Human
President Bush sets out a vital agenda for ethics.
Subscriber Access Only Human Nature on Trial
Tomorrow's "godlike massively intelligent machines." Plus: Our nanotech future and some good news on stem cells that really work.
Subscriber Access Only Creation or Evolution? Yes!
Francis Collins issues a call to stand on the middle ground.
Subscriber Access Only Ignorance as Blessing
Foreknowledge: for God and not for us.
Subscriber Access Only My Top 5 Books on Life Ethics
Displaying 1 – 15 of 146 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 1, 2014
Behold Now 'The Behemoth'
Behold Now 'The Behemoth'
Introducing our new biweekly mix about a big God and his big world.
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