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Subscriber Access Only The 2013 Book Awards
Judges whittled 455 submissions from 68 publishers down to 10 winners and 9 notables.
Subscriber Access Only 2012 Christianity Today Book Awards
Judges whittled 390 submissions down to 12 winners.
The 2014 Christianity Today Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
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Meeting Darwin's Wager (Part III)
Subscriber Access Only Holistic Reach
There's more to mission than church planting, author argues.
Subscriber Access Only Does God Have Enemies?
The message of Obadiah.
Subscriber Access Only Meditating Like a Dog
Eugene Peterson on the discipline of spiritual reading.
Subscriber Access Only 2002 Christianity Today Book Awards
"Here are the books our judges—200 pastors, scholars, and church leaders—considered the worthiest this year."
Subscriber Access Only The Winter of Our Discontent
"A cantankerous old woman is never so annoying as when she is in some way related to you."
Subscriber Access Only 2005 Christianity Today Book Awards
From more than 300 nominations, these books represent the year's best.
Subscriber Access Only Have I Been Understood?
The Shadow of the Antichrist examines Nietzsche's animosity toward Christianity.
Subscriber Access Only 1996 Christianity Today Book Awards
Displaying 1 – 15 of 36 ARTICLES
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Bless This Tackle? Not a Prayer
Bless This Tackle? Not a Prayer
Christians’ misguided fight for football devotions isn’t working.
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