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Subscriber Access Only TULIP Blooming
Southern Baptist seminaries re-introduce Calvinism to a wary denomination.
Jonathan Edwards: Christian History Timeline - Passing the Torch
The claimers and reclaimers of Jonathan Edwards
Morning Roundup 07/17/13
Pope Francis; Church Staff Members; Islam 101; Calvinists & Charismatics
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Books: Why Calvin Was a Calvinist
Rediscovering the Geneva Reformer in his long-lost catechism.
Subscriber Access Only Man of His Time for All Times
W. Robert Godfrey paints popular portrait of Calvin as pilgrim and pastor.
Preaching Holiness to Reformed Theology Nuts
Can Kevin DeYoung's message reach people outside his particular Christian subculture?
Founders Conference Address
Morning Roundup 2/11/14
Religious Freedom and Foreign Policy; Sneering Calvinists; Religious Persecution
Morning Roundup 6/2/14
Female Made in Father's Image; Naming New Calvinists; AP Style Guide
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Family Feud
Roger Olson calls for a ceasefire in a long-running theological civil war.
As Baptists Prepare to Meet, Calvinism Debate Shifts to Heresy Accusation
Hundreds, including seminary presidents, have signed a statement on salvation criticized by both Reformed and Arminian theologians.
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Current Religious Thought: Abraham Kuyper: A Man for This Season
The surprisingly relevant advice of a Dutch statesman for engaging postmodern culture.
Subscriber Access Only Marilynne Robinson, Narrative Calvinist
John Calvin has given the Pulitzer Prize-winning author a way of seeing that imbues her novels with the grandeur of God.
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Books: The Moral Minority
What would Jesus do to influence culture?
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Free to Be Creatures Again
How predestination descended like a dove on two unsuspecting seminarians, and why they are so grateful.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 65 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 29, 2014
Where Are the Female Christian Rappers?
Where Are the Female Christian Rappers?
As more women top the charts, their Christian counterparts struggle to break through.
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