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Family Feud
Roger Olson calls for a ceasefire in a long-running theological civil war.
As Baptists Prepare to Meet, Calvinism Debate Shifts to Heresy Accusation
Hundreds, including seminary presidents, have signed a statement on salvation criticized by both Reformed and Arminian theologians.
Three Controversial Christian Colleges Learn Their Accreditation Fate
Southern Baptist schools recently made headlines for finances, presidential changes, and teacher turnover.
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Books: A Literary God
The novelist as lapsed Calvinist.
A Glossary of Terms
Subscriber Access Only Tiptoeing through TULIP
Layoff allegations reveal Calvinism tensions at Baptist seminary.
Poetry of the Penitent Heart
The groundbreaking writer Anne Vaughan Lock worshipped with her pen.
What Did Spurgeon Believe?
He insisted on thinking through his theology for himself—and often found himself out of step with his age.
Subscriber Access Only TULIP Blooming
Southern Baptist seminaries re-introduce Calvinism to a wary denomination.
Subscriber Access Only Man of the Bible
When it comes to careful exegesis and consistent theological systems, Calvin set the bar high.
The Calvinist on the Bestseller List
Marilynne Robinson’s rich, grace-filled prose strikes again.
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Current Religious Thought: Abraham Kuyper: A Man for This Season
The surprisingly relevant advice of a Dutch statesman for engaging postmodern culture.
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In offering their confessional book, Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson have made an important contribution to the ongoing discussion about Christians and politics ["Is the Religious Right Finished?" Sept. 6].
Subscriber Access Only Marilynne Robinson, Narrative Calvinist
John Calvin has given the Pulitzer Prize-winning author a way of seeing that imbues her novels with the grandeur of God.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 69 ARTICLES
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Jesus and 'Jingle Bell Rock'
Jesus and 'Jingle Bell Rock'
I’ve learned that there’s no dividing line between ‘American Christmas’ and ‘Christian Christmas.’
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