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Subscriber Access Only Final Solution, Part II
The Nazis planned to obliterate Christianity, too, according to newly published Nuremberg documents.
Subscriber Access Only A Protestant Bishop Speaks Out on the Stakes of Public Education
Why concerned parents should read the 17th-century Moravian educational reformer Jan Amos Comenius
Subscriber Access Only Will the Next Pope Be an African?
"Sixty-four years ago, the Roman Catholic Church consecrated its first black African bishop. Is it time now for the next step?"
Subscriber Access Only Rediscovering the Language Jesus Spoke
Millions of Americans have spent two hours listening to the characters in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ speaking in an exotic, unfamiliar tongue. Yet not all find Aramaic so alien.
Subscriber Access Only What Makes This Week Holy?
Jewish and Christian celebrations this week aren't just springtime rituals.
Subscriber Access Only Getting the Word Out
An exhibit at the Huntington Library shows how Bibles big and small gave power to the people
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L'Abri Turns 50
Francis Schaeffer's ministry is bigger than ever.
Subscriber Access Only Dorothy Sayers: "The Dogma Is the Drama"
An interview with Barbara Reynolds.
Subscriber Access Only Carpets, Wardrobes, and the Glory of the Real
A lesson on reality from fantasy author C.S. Lewis.
Subscriber Access Only Unholy Wars
Two books document the dangers of mixing church and state.
Subscriber Access Only The New Missions Generation
Two centuries after Haystack, college students remain excited about missions—but with fundamentally different assumptions.
Subscriber Access Only 'Dead Sea Scrolls on Stone'
Prof says first-century tablet tells of messiah who will die and rise.
Subscriber Access Only Marching Farmers, Homeless Slaves
How Christianity's Jewish roots point us to a different kind of Thanksgiving.
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Calvin: Man for the Mainline
Reformer's 500th birthday draws out diverse cast of admirers.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 600 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 25, 2014
Sorry 666: Churches Fear 990 More
Sorry 666: Churches Fear 990 More
How more ministries going digital could unwittingly aid atheists targeting church tax breaks.
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