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Subscriber Access Only Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity? The Gift of Science
Science, as we think of it today, came about because Reformers believed that God revealed himself in nature.
Subscriber Access Only The Cremation Question
Firm belief in resurrection hasn’t kept Christians from caring—and arguing—about what happens to the bodies of the dead.
Subscriber Access Only John Paul II's Canonization Cannon
Why and how this pope has made over 470 saints
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ARTICLE: Why They Helped the Jews
What we can learn from the Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust.
Subscriber Access Only Captive Christians
Views from inside Roman, English, and German prisons give a sense of how kidnapped missionaries might feel.
Subscriber Access Only The Day the Ransoming Began
A gripping new book details the first American missionary hostage crisis, over 100 years ago
Subscriber Access Only Where We Are and How We Got Here
50 years ago, evangelicals were a sideshow of American culture. Since then, it's been a long, strange trip. Here's a look at the influences that shaped the movement.
Subscriber Access Only Delighted by Doctrine
Historian Jaroslav Pelikan (1923-2006) thought theology was too important to be left to the theologians.
Subscriber Access Only Our Uniquely Undisciplined Moment
Formal accountability has been a core part of church life from its earliest days.
Subscriber Access Only The Middle East's Faithful Are Breathing Fine
A response to David Aikman.
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Teaching a Calvinist to Dance
In Pentecostal worship, my Reformed theology finds its groove.
Subscriber Access Only A Common Hope
Much of 'Calvinism' is simply Christianity
Subscriber Access Only Why Organic Church Is Not Exactly a Movement
If the driving force of any movement or phenomenon is not Jesus Christ, we are building castles in the air. A response to "Long Live the Organic Church."
Subscriber Access Only The Mind Under Grace
Why a heady dose of doctrine is crucial to spiritual formation.
Scholars Aim to Bust Archaeological Fantasies
Peer review can take years—but academic society says some claims can be dismissed in a few blog posts.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 602 ARTICLES
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America the Beautiful, America the Violent
America the Beautiful, America the Violent
Ferguson may be about race, but it is also about violence. And we should have something to say about both.
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