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Subscriber Access Only Christmas Countdown
When does the holiday season really start?
Subscriber Access Only Eyewitness to a Massacre
"The bloodbath that started on August 24, 1572, left thousands of corpses and dozens of disturbing questions"
Subscriber Access Only Coming to America
"Commentators who call proposed INS policies an unprecedented invasion of privacy forget what foreign visitors were asked 80 years ago, and why"
Subscriber Access Only Pharaoh's Firstborn, Proof of the Plagues?
The Discovery Channel's Rameses: Wrath of God or Man? seeks to determine if God really killed Pharaoh's oldest son.
Subscriber Access Only How the Late Carl Henry Helped Invent Evangelicalism
No one was more pivotal to the emerging movement than Carl F.H. Henry
Subscriber Access Only The Secrets of Spurgeon's Preaching
Why would thousands come to hear him speak?
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Mark Noll Leaving Wheaton for Notre Dame
Prominent evangelical historian and public intellectual to replace retiring George Marsden.
Subscriber Access Only Blessing the Church with its History
Douglas Sweeney argues for an evangelical movement that welcomes diversity and repents of its blind spots.
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Faith Like a Child
Children's spirituality has been getting increased academic attention, with implications for our churches.
Subscriber Access Only Looking Back
Claims to new Sodom locations are salted with controversy.
Subscriber Access Only Wonder-filled Travel
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Keeping Holy Ground Holy
A new survey suggests that seekers are not looking for user-friendly, mall-like buildings.
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The Health Care Debate, Early Church Style
Early Christians focused on of the sacredness of individuals, not demons, says historian Gary Ferngren.
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Calvin's Biggest Mistake
Why he assented to the execution of Michael Servetus.
Subscriber Access Only Why Johnny Can't Read the Bible
Most Americans—including Scripture-loving evangelicals—cannot name the disciples, the Ten Commandments, or the first book of the Bible. But that's not our biggest biblical illiteracy problem.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 600 ARTICLES
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You Need a More Ordinary Jesus
You Need a More Ordinary Jesus
We are united with a Christ who seems not to have done much of note for most of his life.
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