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Subscriber Access Only ARTICLE: Who Do Scholars Say That I Am?
Subscriber Access Only Big Church Revival
Christian gyms and shopping malls may be new, but full-service megachurches are positively medieval
Subscriber Access Only Hajj, Feasts, and Pilgrimage
Why Muslims, Jews, and Christians still yearn for their holy places.
Subscriber Access Only Can Anything Good Come Out of New England?
Evangelical revival in the land of the liberal Brahmins may not be as historically odd as we suppose
Subscriber Access Only The Bible Alone? Not for John Calvin!
When we seek answers to churchly and societal issues in the Bible alone, citing the Reformation principle of sola scriptura, we are actually contradicting the Reformers.
Subscriber Access Only For All the Saints
A new book reminds us to get our heads and hearts together, in the company of the cloud of witnesses.
Subscriber Access Only Phantom Saints
Juan Diego could soon join a long line of pious, exemplary, and quite possibly imaginary Catholic heroes
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The Shroud's Second Image
New evidence reopens debate about the controversial relic.
Subscriber Access Only Campus Ministry Cambridge Style
The roots of InterVarsity and other evangelical college clubs.
Subscriber Access Only What C. S. Lewis Sounded Like
One of his BBC talks and a few other recordings made available online.
Subscriber Access Only How We Worship
An ambitious new book takes us into the diverse world of Christian worship practices from the early church to today.
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What to Do with a Former Communist Informant
Should collaboration with persecutors be a bar to ministry? Poland's Catholics aren't the first to wonder.
Subscriber Access Only Saints Gone Wild
Saints Behaving Badly tells about what went on before saints' conversions.
Subscriber Access Only An Exclusive Interview with James Cameron
"I think you have the wrong guy!" he admits.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 600 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 31, 2014
No Such Thing as 'Other People's Problems'
No Such Thing as 'Other People's Problems'
How the church can help develop a 'we' culture for the next generation.
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